Unparalleled Demon System: Tales of the Lost Demon

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Unparalleled Demon System: Tales of the Lost Demon

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Reincarnation is sometimes a good thing, but it's a different story when you talk about how it happened. Most religious theories demonstrate that as long as a person acquires a lot of karmic value, they will be able to reincarnate, whereas others believe that reincarnation occurs immediately after death. But it was a different and strange story for Roland. He is a gamer and was beta testing a new MMO videogame when a strange notification appeared on his screen. He thought it was one of those useless ads and tried to cancel it, but the ad refused to leave so he clicked accept. After answering the strange question, a countdown began and a vortex appeared. He was reincarnated, or rather, he was forcibly transported to a new world full of mystery and, of course, exciting magical adventure and he was able to unlock. THE Ultimate system "I own the right to the cover"

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  • Skye Hale


    Pretty exciting so far

    2023-08-15 07:14:26
  • AtengAmnesia


    I recommend this if you want a system novel ...

    2023-02-24 10:08:21
  • Gilbert Cain


    I absolutely love your writing style. Please keep it up outstanding stories. In my opinion you’re that good and I’m willing to spend my paychecks to read your stories and I’m not even joking.

    2023-06-16 06:40:48
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173 chapters
Weirdest Reincarnation
"What kind of player are you, you can't even dodge that flame ball, do you think you'll be able to survive in this game as a newcomer?" An enraged voice could be heard from a small room filled with videogames and VR helmets for a variety of games.Roland sat across from a large screen monitor, holding his game pad as he controlled his in-game character to take the loot of a party member who died from an inferior flame ball used by a level 4 player.Roland is a popular professional gamer; his knowledge of games and gameplay have made him the best in his country, and he is currently beta testing a new game called "Mage Adventure."It's a video game with a lot of magic spells and martial arts techniques to learn and use. It's based on the novel "Evil Warlock," which has been remade as a game with amazing graphics and good features.Roland has reached level 37 after two weeks of playing the MMO videogame; he is currently in a 5v5 battle with beta testers from another country; the winner of
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System awakening
It is a world of cultivation, a world where one can achieve enlightenment through the efficient accumulation of essence; this enlightenment can give them both evolution in their senses and an increase in strength; at the pinnacle of it all, cultivators can shatter mountains with a single punch and the breeze from their mouth alone can divide oceans.This power was supposed to be wielded by Gods and Devils, the two bodies that comprise the world's law, which always oppose each other, the law of evil opposing the law of holiness, and the law of darkness opposing the law of light.It was a saying that the light always defeated the darkness, but in this world, that logic does not apply because the darkness can defeat the light if they have enough strength, and the light can do the same.There are beings in this world other than humans who can use this mysterious essence to their advantage and strength increase just like humans...A body lay in a place filled with the strong iron scent o
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Demon core
Mo Shen stared at the system as it activated before his eyes, and he immediately felt some sort of mutual bond with it.This system was similar to those he had seen in VR games, but for some reason it was very different.[You have one unread message]He knew how to run all of this stuff as a gamer, so he first clicked the [X] button at the top left of the window, and he was redirected to the main screen where he could see his stat, which was kind of useless in his feed of view.[Depraved demon system] -Host name: Mo Shen -System level: 0 -Cultivation: None -Martial arts: N/A-Body: 0.3-Vitality: 0.2-Essense: 0.0STR: 0.1 : AGI: 0.1 END: 0.1 : STA: 0.2 [Mail ¹][Inventory⚠︎] He clicked on the mail tab and was redirected to the window displaying his mail, where he saw the notification of the welcome pack's arrival.He noticed three gift boxes appearing a system panel in midair after confirming it. The first one opened, and it was a 7-star pill called the resurrection pill.Aft
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Qi realms
It had been four hours since he began making his way out of where he was, and his body was becoming tired with each passing minute, so he began plucking fruits from nearby trees.After he had finished his meal, a system prompt was sent to him.[Vitality increased by 0.1, total vitality is 0] .4]"Hey system, could you please provide me with a map to get out of this place easily?" Mo Shen nodded.[No, you cannot have a map at this time.]The system's response, Mo Shen shook his head, then began walking out of the forest on instinct.He saw a beautiful young lady dressed in a pink gown that reached her knee three hours later.Her hair matched her gown, her movement was graceful as she picked the fruits from the ground, and her curves were good, even better than some celebrities on the planet.He could tell she was beautiful even without seeing her face.Mo Shen decided to approach her; by the way, she appeared to be a local, implying that she knows how to get out of here.If she was onl
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They successfully exited the forest, and Li Yun was very kind and friendly, inviting him to her house to rest.He was stranded, broke, and most importantly, weak, so providing him with a place to stay and food to eat was one of the best gifts he could have received.They were greeted warmly when they arrived at her home, where she lived with her parents and siblings.Mo Shen was given new clothes and food, as well as a room in the house to stay in for as long as he pleased.Her parents were kind and easygoing, just like her, but he couldn't say the same for her sibling.A guy her age gave Mo Shen the cold shoulder throughout dinner, and when it was time to sleep, he followed him to his room. "Don't approach my sister or I'll break your leg." Li Yan warmed him with a furious expression on his face, and the strong pressure he emitted was enough to keep him out of his way.Mo Shen shot the door after he left, and his eyes flashed with a sharp glint."I'm too frail to live in this world.
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As a sibling
Li Yun sighed in displeasure at her brother and told him to shut up. To Mo Shen's surprise, Li Yan shut his mouth without complaining and threatened Mo Shen by moving his thumb around his neck."What he said is correct, but you don't have to dwell on it too much. I'll give you three chances; if you can land a single punch on me, you win." She spoke in a calm tone."One punch, three chances. You seriously underestimate me." Mo Shen yelled as he charged at her with everything he had.'Landing a punch is simple.' He exclaimed in his heart as his palm shot through the air, aiming for her brow.Nonetheless, just a few inches from her head, her body shifted to the opposite side, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground.The speed with which she evaded that attack still astounds him; just now, he didn't even see her legs move; all he saw after her forehead was grass on the ground."You concentrate too much on your hands; one chance is gone, but you still have two.""Damn, I jus
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Mo Shen's room in the Li household.Mo Shen was lying on the bed with a calm expression on his face that quickly changed to one of fear.He began to sweat and his body shivered.Mo Shen could be seen in his dream, in cultivation language known as mental domain, in a large field filled with broken weapons and skeletons.The cloud in this location was dark and foreboding, the wind sounded like the wail of the dead, and the air was dense with a strong stench.Mo Shen felt very scared inside this place; everything was very dark, and the sight of dead bodies was something he feared the most in his life.He was so afraid of dead bodies that he didn't even attend his father's funeral.At this point, he was in the midst of thousands of them, and the only way out was to walk through this path; at the end of this section is a very bright light like that of the sun that shone down on them, and he knew that was the only way out of this damn place.Despite the fact that walking through corpse in t
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Demons are predator
The book was too powerful for someone like Mo Shen to take, but if he leaves it here, it will remain there for eternity without being touched by anyone, including himself.It's similar to having a dream; the likelihood of having that same dream multiple times in one lifetime is only about 0.005.In the dream world, Mo Shen's hands began to peel off, so he infused more strength into his hand and dragged the book with all his might.After a while, the book began to lift off the ground, and after more than two minutes, he succeeded in raising the book.The book gave off a blinding glow as soon as it was lifted off the ground, and the glow was so strong that it gave off a strong push force.Fortunately, it did not push him back; instead, the book began to merge with his body.His eyes closed in the dream world as the book was swallowed into his body, and his eyes opened in the real world.His body was so weak that he slowly opened his eyes to see the worried expressions on the Li family m
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Forbidden ritual
Two weeks have passed since he began training in the demon core evolution technique level one, and after two weeks of cultivating with the scripture, he has made significant improvements, particularly in his perception and strength.He had a routine in which he meditated at night and sparred with Li Yun in the afternoon, which allowed him to balance his body and adapt to close combat as well as magic.Qi essence is the cultivation world's mana; it evolves the body and grants the user the ability to use mysterious techniques.Mo Shen has been able to take the hit of Li Yun's level one strength punch and only take two steps back, but his attack is still a work in progress.Mo Shen and the Li family were enjoying a finely prepared soup outside the house, surrounded by the faint glow of the moon and the songs of birds flying across the sky."You'll be experiencing your first breakthrough in a day or two; I'd advise you to cherish your exercise routine in order to withstand the pain of bre
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Heroic death
The elders inside the formation were so terrified that they used the voice transmission orb to contact the sect leader, who is the strongest, and ask him to come help them."Don't be foolish, if it was possible to communicate with others outside, do you think I would be standing here doing nothing?" said Elder Gui, catching a glimpse of the transmission orb."Does.. does that mean!""Yes, no one inside can communicate with anyone outside, and those outside cannot communicate with anyone inside. However, if they have reached the Qi Lord realm, they will have a chance to stop; unfortunately, no one in the entire nation has reached that realm."The elders' faces darkened; no one wanted to lay down their lives for something so stupid."He was praised so much that he returned home with a sealed demon core; now one of us must lay down our lives so that this does not turn chaotic; how useless? It would have been preferable if he hadn't made any moves at all." One of the older people snorted.
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