The Billionaire's Last Successor

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The Billionaire's Last Successor

By: J.G.DAWN OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Gabriel Lopez was always looked down on by his in-laws for being poor and unemployed. His wife Sara was the only one to ever get his heavy shoulder despite everyone else treating him like garbage. Suddenly, one day, his in-laws threatened him that if Sara didn’t divorce him, she would be evicted from the family property. Gaberial wanted to protect the marriage from his in-laws trapped but owned no way to accomplish that. When he was in the middle of the chaos, he was taken hostage and learned a big secret related to his biological parents and his real identity, which not only shocked him but transformed his entire existence forever. In one night, he went from being a loser to a powerful billionaire tycoon who only wished for two things in his new life - First, his secret revenge and Second, to protect his marriage in all manner.

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Chapter 1
"You! Son of bitch!" A sharp, crisp slap sound echoed around the kitchen as Gaberial was slapped by his mother-in-law, who is his foster mother as well."What a useless man are you!" She yelled with outrage at him, "Do you know how costly the dinner set you just broke?" With deep anxiety, Gaberial stared at his mother-in-law, Elisa Gil, "I-I'm so sorry. I just….""Oh, shut up! You shit!" Elisa Gil furtively scolded and interrupted his words while he, who was slapped across the face by her, lowered his gaze with embarrassment. He looked at the messing floor, covered with broken plate pieces everywhere. He gazed at them with dread and stressful eyes, ignoring the hurting, burning sensation from his bruised cheek. "You are not good at anything! I don't know what my daughter sees in you!" She gives him a disgusted look.However, Gaberial was used to being humiliated by her, so he still tried to ask for an apology, as it was his fault."I'm sorry, Mother." His breath hitched, "I was j
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Chapter 2
Gaberial thought to book a cab to return home, but when he checked his wallet, he found he had left a few dollars inside it. If he uses this wallet money to pay for a cab right now. He would be penniless until he got some small job which doesn't need education but physical work, as he would not ask for money from his wife. Sara gave him this money, which is now almost inclined to be empty. He feels embarrassed to take his wife's savings money for his own survival.This disarraying thought made him run his hand around his back neck with anxiety, feeling crushed his spirit.Discerning uselessness and believing his in-law's every word was accurate. He could not help but race his fingers over his hair with a struggling mind.He discerned he had started to lose all his confidence with every single passing day; he couldn't tolerate any longer rejection. With a heavy chest, he eventually muttered, "How long?" "How long do I need to suffer?" "Why was it becoming impossible for me to get
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Chapter 3
Seeing Gaberial's expression glazed due to confusion, the old man instantly ordered all the men to leave them alone. Getting his words, all of them bow to him, and then Gaberial last time, before walking out of their way to leave.Gaberial looked at their backs in a mixed manner, confused but curious to know why their behaviour suddenly turned from bully to gentleman. However, before he could go into depth of thought, he heard a gentle voice from the old man behind him, "Young Master." He turned and stared at the old man with a puzzled look. This is the third time he heard this 'Young Master'. The old man walks down towards him with a tender smile, and he notices his moist eyes as well. His emotional reaction and tone made him feel quizzical at this moment.He wanted to ask a few things and waited for the old man to get closer as he walked with a wooden stick before finally opening his mouth."I'm sorry, young master, for their rude behaviour." Seeing the old man apologised, he f
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Chapter 4
"Young Master, But why?" "Please take your birthright, your position as an heir and make a new powerful comeback as Lopez's family blood." "For your enemies to know, now you discovered your true identity, and their fortune comes to an end." Carlos's words made Gaberial gape at him with a deep gaze before explaining his point of view, "Listen, Carlos, I know….You have shown great loyalty to my parents, and you wanted to give me back all this wealth to get yourself feel finally free from this huge responsibility.""If you understand this, why are you rejecting your wealth and position like this? Why don't you want to come back?" Carlos's eyes fixed on his young Master to get his response, "Please answer my question."Gaberial shut his eyes and crossed his fingers to rest his forehead over it for a moment, and after taking a deep breath, he raised his head and met his eyes with the icier look.Carlos can see something changed inside Gaberial at this moment; he looked sharp with his e
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Chapter 5
"Gaberial, when you back?" Sara turned and was stunned to notice him standing at the balcony door. He saw her surprised expression and felt how lucky he was to have a kind wife like her. He strode towards her and wrapped his arms around her back to give her an intimate hug, "I'm sorry." He sighed deeply. She blinked and stared at him with confusion, "For what are you apologising to me?"He breathed deeply and rested his head on her neck, "I heard everything, Sara. I heard it." "What?" Her eyes enlarged. She nibbled her lips lightly in sadness."I'm sorry, love, you need to go through all those rude words from your family just because of me." Her eyes got tears, "It's not your fault, Gabby." Her hands wrapped around him tightly."Thank you for giving my life's best gift. Thank you for carrying this baby and fighting for it.""Gabby, this is our baby." She frowned."I know, my love." He kissed her neck, released her from his arms to look into her eyes, and smiled warmly, "I promise
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Chapter 6
"Babe, why you left?" Gaberial stared at Sara, who looked upset."Gabby, What if we lose?" Her lips trembled."Hey…" He held her hand, "We still don't know the result."His eyes looked at her in perseverance, and she could only sigh with a dejected heart, "I'm scared."He understood her struggle and hugged her, "Just be positive. The announcement still needs to be made to know if we won or lost." She shut her eyes and took a deep breath before staring at him and nodding in understanding. They were left with no choice anyway. "Let's go now; we need to see the result announcement." "I want to rest. You go and check." She asserted.He knew he couldn't make her force, so he nodded, "Alright."He returned to the living area alone, and when they watched him coming without their daughter, they smirked with mocked expressions, exchanging glances within them.Soon, the leading news started to show, for which Gil's Family and Gaberial were waiting. "Good Morning, I'm Joye from XX News Netwo
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Chapter 7
In The Bedroom"Where are you going?" Seeing Gaberial suddenly coming from the living area and getting ready in his office attire made Sara doubtfully stare in his direction with a questioning gaze."I need to go office. I can't miss that." He pushes the tie on the neckline while matching her sight from the mirror reflection. "What?" She frowned, "Then what about here?" Her eyes turned furious as she strode in his direction."I can't handle Mom-Dad alone, and we are still in the middle of chaos. Do you forget that?" She clenched her hands.He calmly turned and held her shoulders, "I know you are scared and need me beside you right now…""Then why?" She removed his hands while looking at him disappointedly, "Why are you prioritising this new job over us and our marriage?" "Sara…" He sighed, shutting his eyes. He wished to tell her the truth but helplessly just let go of that hard eagerness deep inside him.He opened his eyes slowly and firmly said, "This is not true, Love. You know
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