Apocalypse Unbound

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Apocalypse Unbound

By: DoubleHush OngoingSystem

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On an ordinary day, a wave of dark energy blasted through the entire the world, bringing it into an apocalypse of unimaginable proportions. Amid the chaos, Grey, an introverted accountant, is thrust into a world filled with zombies, mutated beast and outer worldly creatures He awakens the system and uses it's power to level up. Using his strategic mind and his determination to survive, he thrives in this chaotic world, now filled with dangers, rising consistently in strength and defying the odds. His unique abilities eventually become humanity's lifeline and a threat to outer worldly forces. Forces that breed fear and chaos but Grey brazenly hunts them down all in the name of levelling up!


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Chapter 1: Apocalypse
Vruummmm!A vibratory sound rang in Grey's head and his eyes shot wide open. He immediately sat up and looked around, wondering where the weird noise came from. “That certainly wasn't normal.”Grey muttered and brushed his bedsheet aside. He rolled out of his bed and walked towards the window to look out. The morning was just beginning, so barely anyone was outside. Grey glanced at the wall clock and saw it was 6:00 am, and decided it was time to prepare for work.He stretched his arm which revealed his slim body toned with solid muscles, that showed he worked out a lot. Grey took his bath, got dressed, had a small meal, and headed to work. As he got out his apartment, he noticed a man slowly hitting himself on the door of a shop. It was one of his noisy neighbors who was always drunk and had a wife who constantly nagged at him for not taking care of the kids.‘Well at least they knew who their parents were’Grey would mutter. Unlike them, he was an orphan, who didn't know who hi
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Chapter 2: Elevator
Chapter 2: Elevator“What the hell, it's real!”Jace exclaimed in a panicked voice, finally realizing what was happening.Wendy shambled forward, blood drooling from her mangled lips.Grey grabbed his chair and climbed the table, before leaping over to Jace side and hitting the chair on Greta's face, which sending her backwards. She charged once again, but Grey used the chair to push her backward.He slammed the chair in her face, her body fell to the ground. Grey then began to ram the chair down continuously. With a final hit, Grey heard a crunch, which came from the zombies' skull. Wendy was dead. He had killed her.“No,” Grey shook his head. “Not her, it.”Wendy was nothing human, in fact, she was more dead than alive. More zombies were approaching them with the rest of them hunting down the human among them.Wendy wasn't the only one infected. About 70% of them had turned into zombies, and they were all biting at chewing at those unturned.Jace was shocked by this, but Grey gri
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Chapter 3: Live Wire
Chapter 3: Live WireGrey cursed as the zombies swarmed towards Jace. “Grey, don't worry about me…leave” Jace yelled as he ran back into the office.Grey saw this and began to worry they were still zombies back there, Jace was going to get pincered.Grey wanted to move to aid him, but the zombies were unrelenting. Even worse, more of them were attracted by the noise.*Punch**Kick**Shove*Grey hit fast and fierce, but the zombie didn't feel anything and kept crawling back with more intensity. It just wasn't enough to overcome the zombie tenacity. Grey was disadvantaged, he had to be careful as a single bite might be enough to turn him into one of them. If only he had a weapon. But he was in an accounting firm, where the hell was he going to find one.Grey then remembered there should be a fire axe right beside the fire extinguisher for emergencies. Grey ran towards it and a zombie followed. He hurriedly got rid of the glass cover, grabbed the fire axe and swung it down the head
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Chapter 4: Awaken
Chapter 4: Awaken“What the heck does this mean?”Grey muttered in a confused manner, as he stared at the floating screen in front of him.He reached out his hand to touch the words, but found that his hand and arm went past the words, not even touching them. He didn't understand what was going on, so he figured he might as well-read the words on the floating screen.[Congratulations, you have awakened the system.]- You have been rewarded with 10 free stat points.[Daily Quest Now Available][You have killed a zombie.][Level Up!] - All stats increased by 1 - You have been rewarded with 2 free stats points - Loot: 5 gold coin “Stats? Level up? Loot? Quest”Grey muttered, that sounded like terms from video games. Grey pursed his lips in thought as he wondered if what he was seeing was real, or if he had hit his head and this was a dream. Heck, the whole zombie apocalypse could be a whole big dream. But then Grey remembered the ferocity of the zombies, the pain he felt when it b
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Chapter 5: Hard Decisions
Chapter 5: Hard DecisionsBeing able to manipulate his mana was the key to unlocking other skills under [Electric manipulation].He check his panel and saw a new skill was added under electric weaponry.[Abilities: ]1. Devour: Cosume the abilities of those you defeat. Requirement: Physical Touch.2. Electricity ManipulationSkills Unlocked:[Electric Weaponry:] Charges melee weapons with lightning, enhancing their damage. Requirement: Melee Weapon - Lightning Slice (Unlocked) - Lightning Stab (Unlocked)The way he directed his mana to use [Lightning Stab] was more different from when he used [Lightning Slice]. This had enabled him to unlock the new skill.Though the difference was minute, Grey was able to sense the change.Grey wondered what would happen if he could fully manipulate his mana. He would be able to activate new skills by being creative with his mana flow. Grey grinned joyously, he had so many ideas but for now, he wanted to level up and increase his mana pool. He f
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Chapter 6: Essence?
Chapter 6: Essence?Meanwhile, in a luxury hotel on the same street as Grey office. A group of men fought with the zombies.They used weapons like bats, steel pipes, and knives to fight the zombies. Each one of them showed considerable strength. But one of them stood that, he blitzed among the zombies with unnatural speed and then sheathed his katana.Plop!Plop!Plop!The head of the zombies fell off their bodies, and they dropped succeeding.This man was the second in command of one of the biggest gangsters in the city. His name was Draco.With the zombie dealt with, a charismatic man in a white suit walked toward the hallway.“Boss”“Boss”The men hurriedly made a path and greeted with a bow, even the swift swordsman was no exception.The man took out a cigarette and lit it up without any external fire.He has quite bulky, and his face was covered with a beard. This was Bunta, the boss of the Alleyway Kings. A savvy urban gang, adept at evasion and ruthless in crime.“So what did
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Chapter 7: Too Strong
Chapter 7: Too Strong“System Disabled?” Grey read the penalty and reread it again. He refused to believe what he was seeing."This must be a joke right…right?!” Grey asked in a shaky, disbelieving voice. He was going to have to fight that. Grey turned towards it and noticed the zombie was staring at him.Grrr!The juggernaut had sensed his presence, and it turned its sights on him. It rose to its feet, revealing its full body. It was a hulking ball of muscles. It regarded him with almost human eyes and insatiable hunger.Ice shivered down his spine.Grey knew he was f*cked...yep, the system had f*cked him up.He should have known better than to approach what he didn't understand.Why did he think he had a chance against it?Whoosh!A fist flew towards Grey's head, and he was barely only able to react at the last moment, dodging the blowBoom!The juggernaut fist smashed into the wall and Grey leaped away from it.It was fast, more agile than the speed of the regular zombie, he has
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