#13. Trust is dynamic
Elrond turned over to his side, his face filled with tears, facing the wall while the druid talked to him to some extent about what they might encounter should they keep in this wing of the forest.

"I didn't think anyone in their right state of mind would say something as silly as this."

"You're too young to understand, why don't you go to sleep while I keep watch of the night." The druid gazed down at Aurora and back to Elrond something contemplative in his voice.

Elrond scoffed at the druid. "I'm no child, I shouldn't be forced to remind you of that every day should I?"

The druid chuckled. "So young to understand the weight of the burden right." He turned to his side, his hand rubbed the face of the ground and he stopped a stick in his hand and started to give it a deep look. It was something he couldn't pace together, a magic wand? Or was it something that has to do with the roots that dig into the place they had their head laid? "Here, you will be ready for this th
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