#14. There is something out there

"How many days until we get to the river?" He asked the druid that morning. "At this pace, she wouldn't be able to move and if she does it will take her days, I let my words be brief yesterday."

The druid was ignorant he just gave a curt nod. "Aurora here had fought against several wars and her body is trained." He sighed. "She will make it."

Aurora gave him a hard state her like were crust and crispy like a fried egg. Elrond quirks his brow as the druid shrugs while tucking his bag.

"Tell me." The druid said as he drew his sword out of his scabbard. "Why would we wait and delay here, the night was deadly here, I kept your watch so that I can remind you of how deadly it looks to be out here."

Elrond stubbornly dabbed the knife from his hand and rubbed it against the bark of a leaf.

"I can't believe you're this heartless."

"I should have left you out here to die when all you did is nothing but chastise me. I'm a good old man grown weary of this world and it
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