#9. Seeking light in the gloom

    "Don't you ever take her on such dangerous expeditions again?" He cautioned.


    Elrond finds all these things amazing. "Though you never lack, there is a schism between you and Cain, she betrothed."


    "Don't you bring that up?" He forced the word out of his mouth. "I'm showing my concern towards her and nothing more, so don't fucking meddle."


    "Concern didn't look like that. You must be a loser to give her up." The man balled his hand to his side.


     with the confidence, he wore within the walls of Cirdanoth towered, stood by Commander Nikolai's side. "I would be so delighted to watch you perish, Elves!"


    The commander, Nikolai bends down and tries to pull the stick up. His eyes closed his mind open to the forces he had to summon. His eyes glint, the flame silver, he lifts the stock but then it slumps down hitting the floor. His first landed on his lap, anger rippling through the vein on the back of his neck.


    "There you are, I thought that you would be in the wall of the Ayeleid, what are you doing coming from there." Aurora rushed towards the commander Joshua stood by the side, he moved forwards, and along his oath stood a broad shoulder, his beard clean-shaven, it was the druid.


    "You look far younger than when we came." Elrond was the silence between them.


    "You should keep your distance until we're out of here human."


    Elrond rolled his rolled. "You are no different from them." He stormed out of his presence and Elrond glanced at the group of people flocking to the room.


    "Be ready, we won't have to stay here far longer than we have."


    "Why, here is good. You haven't tested to see for yourself whether your assumption is right or not."


    "I'm a druid and if there is something that led me to you, it's your pure heart."


    "Well, I doubt that. Humans are filth in your eyes, your words won't make any different impact. Is that why you used me as a vessel to contain your whatever symbols knowing that I will die to it sooner or later."


   There was a spark, the druid knows that Elrond was not clueless. He sighed.  "Unless you're cringing and trying to deny what you did back there, in the cottage. Boy, you have a long way but we have to make our plea for legion."


    The druid fridges his shoulder and strides to the double door and tanks it open. "I want to know the truth and not when you keep everything on the sharpest edge!''


    Still pondering, his mind a whirlpool of thought darted to his right. Almost like there was a mind link between him and the princess, their faces collided.


    "Wine please." He collected a flute from the start and sipped it.


    "You don't fear the Elves do you?"


    "Not the type to hold back from a glare."


    The lady chuckled and ran back when the double form of the gall yanked open and they announced the king.


    He walked side by side with his hand man and his daughter."


    Elrond trailed almost mimicking their footsteps, his eyes fixed on the princess.


    She pulled her cloak made of the first fabric, the ones appealing to his eyes, rare in all aspects.


    Her gown was of the first silk, made with wealth everything he saw ravishingly around.


     He squinted his eyes and couldn't find her by her father's side.


    "Let's leave here, you and I know we have a far more adventurous life out there."


    The druid paced closer to the commander and the second lord, "you and I know the reason I'm here." He whispered and the man rubbed his scuff, his eyes the colour of honey rare of the high elves, his race was of the wild elves and had the best knowledge of everything trailing about.


    "Old friend, I didn't expect you to be here pleasing king Veturius."


    "I'm here seeking a legion. There are more forces at play."


    Their eyes looked up and heard the king summoning Cain the Aurthur. 


    "Pathetic for his daughter but he's brilliant to form an alliance with the Ayeleid clan because of their pure blood." He raises his glass to a toast


    Light summoners are known as the lion of the night. As they slowly and carefully placed the marble on each other, the sound was getting closer, the echoes between the three carved doors of the cave couldn't help them in finding where the sound was coming from.


    "I think we have to be fast, otherwise we would be caught." The princess said as fast as she could.


    "You're troubled, are you scared of being dragged back and forced on the aisle with your betrothed."


    "It's an archaic carving made of a true Elven sword," Aurora said, she hated talks that regarded Cain and her marriage. "I will keep working on it unless we have time but I do have news, I could tell from the sound below our feet that they're near."


    "What does that mean? I doubt we will have time. I don't have magic. You could have told me this side of it." And left her? Aurora was desperate.


    "Well you're right, but they're many ways to get through it if we're lucky enough before them."


    "Even the way you talk of demands we cut the ration again."


    "They will come but only if they think this is the route we will take. You go there while I burrow and rearrange the rocks into the hole you make a scraping sound with this.'' She pulled out a knife from under her skirt. Elrond's eyes were ridden and wanted to laugh but a smirk is best worn now that they were being followed. "That will buy us time."


    "Time for what?"


    "Unless you want to die you won't be asking," Aurora said. "What's my play here, I thought you were volunteering." She walked ahead of him and he sighed. His hand grabbed onto the knife, a kind so rare that his sight had never beheld before.


    "Pure gold and brass." He muttered unsheathing it and putting the scabbard by his side of the tunic.


    "Are you ready to answer it?" He looked over. "Going to ignore me, right?"


    "Apparently anything. Just focus, your sound should be louder." Elrond had a lot to deal with but considered her words.


    Aurora raised her force, she lifted the brick with her powers slowly. The scrapping was sure to work as planned as it lured the soldiers towards the side they best thought the sound was coming from.


    "Shall I have them wait until they can't see me?"


    "Hurry now before I close the remaining space." She shouted after him.


    A face snapped and Elrond swore to God he was fiercer than the wolf he had killed. And behind the man were soldiers, he sure was screwed.


    Elrond lingered a moment unsure of what to do. Aurora was still busy closing the portal one by one.


    "Caught him! The human boy is here!" He yelled at his other companion going to the right where the echo was much louder and rushed to Elrond's path.


    His leg wobbled and he was dumbfounded, how could he be so stupid to stand there?


    "Elrond!" He turned to face Aurora, she stood behind the spot. His back was hot. His emotion was veiled so she reached out to him with her magic, sensing him.


    "Now!" Something twinged within, low in his body a sly voice in his head, telling him he should follow her voice. Elrond leapt through the space and an arrow fired through the side, the light went off and it struck Aurora through her back, and a yelp escaped her mouth.


    Elrond grabbed her and pulled her towards him. He heard a soft step seeing a soft fair handheld to the arrow still pulled ready to strike at the second release. Aurora catches a glimpse of skin curved and golden and tempering to the sway of her hips. She piled her hair on top of her head and her expression is preternaturally calm.



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