Rush Hour

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Rush Hour

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Upon awakening his eyes, all of a sudden all the people important in his life were gone. He had no idea how he had led to the railing and how his fate had changed. Until he discovered that someone was controlling his life.

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12 chapters
“Zrox! Zrox, wake up right there!” My mother repeatedly shouted and knocked on my door while I was still lying on the bed and forcing the pillow to cover my face. “Zrox! What else are you doing there in your bed, and aren't you ready yet to” she stopped speaking when she entered the room and examined the scattered belongings inside. “Can this still be called a room? Isn't it a warehouse or a garbage dump?” She added as she picked up one by one my belongings scattered on the floor while covering her nose. “Hey, I know you can hear me, so get up there, and can you take a shower? When was the last time you took a shower? Do you even wash your face in the morning? Maybe when you wake up in the morning this computer of yours is the first one you were using, am I right?” She told to me as she forcefully woke me up and shook my shoulder. “Get up there, Zrox, and eat almost as much food at the right time. You always forget that because you'll be playing there on your computer for the whole d
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Username "ZDK"
“Zrox, what's wrong with you, and why do you look like that? Why are you just standing there? The enemies are going to kill us!” My teammates said as if we were in the game of survival game. Almost from morning to night and until the next morning, I was still sitting in front of my computer and still playing pc games. I haven’t slept yet, I feel like my eyes are slowly falling into drowsiness and my whole body is weakening. Until I fell to the floor, and I didn't realize I had fallen asleep while I was in the middle of playing. So, our clan was defeated, and my teammates were angry with me. When I woke up, I just found myself in a public place. “Where am I?” The first came into my mind. I looked all around me and noticed that it was as if I had just been stranded in this place. There are many buildings, spaceships are flying and there are robots that resemble humans. “What kind of place is this? Am I in the future? Or maybe I'm already in heaven? So, am I dead? But how and why did I
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Don't Trust Anyone
“Are you player Zdk? I'm player Red because I like the color red.” He said to me as I sat to one side and was still stunned. He sat down next to me and handed me a soda can. “I was like that on my first day here. I was almost screaming and running somewhere just to get out of this place, but there was no door out of here.” He added, and I looked at him while he was drinking the soda can. “Why?” The word I just uttered made him wonder. “What do you mean?” He inquired. “Why are we here? How did we end up in this place? And who are they? What kind of place is this?” I asked him, at the same time he frowned and scratched the back of his head. “Wait a minute, can you just ask me one by one questions? I'm still confused about this place, I don't know how I ended up here, too. Don't you remember anything before you came here?” He said, so I bowed and thought about the last thing that happened to me before I went to this mysterious place. All I can remember is when I fell in my gaming cha
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New Friends
I discovered that Demon is at level forty-four while Lily is at level twenty, Cloud is at level twenty-five, Sexy is at level thirty and Alpha is at level thirty-four. I'm the only one at a low level with them, so I'm safe to be with them. Furthermore, I also found out some rules about the game. When you have the same label, you can kill each other. But when your opponent is one level higher than you, he has the right to kill you, but you can't kill him because his level is higher than yours. If you are at a high level, you can kill those below you by only one level to increase your rank. But when at level forty and above like Demon, they can kill at any level as long as their score is lower. And the only ones who can kill them are those with higher levels compared to them such as those at levels fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty to one hundred. But ever since I landed in this game, I have only known Demon with a high score. But at these times I heard that there was an even higher level t
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At Level Three
“Just please, let me be my master, okay? I'll do everything you want me to do. Do you want me to always prepare breakfast for you in the morning? Or do you want me to clean your things and clothes every day? Just tell me what you want me to do for you, and I'll do that regardless of what.” I stared at Demon until we got out of the elevator, I followed him, but he just avoided me. “Jesus, what happened here?” We were just stunned when we heard what Cloud said, and we turned to the first floor where many dead were scattered on the floor, and everywhere I looked there were corpses with burnt bodies to be seen. Therefore, I suddenly felt pain in my stomach and I just vomited in the trash. “This will be done by the No Mercy group, and they are the only ones who can do it. As the days go by, their group gets worse. More and more people are being killed, and who knows if one of us suddenly disappears because of them.” Cloud said as they looked seriously at the corpses on the floor, while I
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The Battle is about to begin
“Wow! This one, Zdk. Try this, it looks like the color blue suits you.” We are currently shopping for hats on the sidewalk. As we were choosing hats there we were suddenly distracted by a woman’s voice as she called out to Demon. “Demon! My darling!” She shouted as she now ran towards Demon. I looked at Demon, and he suddenly turned his back on her while covering his face with one hand. “Who is she?” I asked Lily. “Ahh… she? Her username is Apple. She was Demon's die heart fan and his ultimate stalker.” She replied, so I nodded my head. That's why she was like that and why Demon avoided her. But why does he dislike Apple? She is beautiful, and her hero outfit is just suited for her, like a little red riding hood. “Wait a minute, who is this cute guy? Is he your new friend?” She said as she stopped in front of me and brought her face close to mine. “Hi, I'm Apple. How about you, what's your username?” She added as she held out one hand to me and had a cute smile on her lips. I was
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The Deal
“That's enough!” We all looked in Winter's direction once she approached where Demon and King were. I was about to stop her, but suddenly Lily grabbed my arm and threatened not to interfere with them. “I've been looking for you for a while. You're just here. Don't say that he still follows you wherever you go?” King smiled as he stared directly at Demon. I noticed that Demon was clenched in his fist and his sword was burning again in fury. King also seemed to notice that, so he raised his battle ax once he pointed it at Demon's neck, which surprised us all. “Just try to move if you want to be beheaded.” When he threatens him, Demon gets even angrier with him. “I said, stop! I don't want any trouble here, King. So, can we just leave?” Winter said angrily to him, so he turned his attention to her while lowering his battle ax and holding Winter tightly in the face. “If you don't want trouble, then what are you doing here? And why are you with that traitor? Are you trying my patience, h
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Five days before the battle
“Wow! What kind of place is this?” I was almost awed by what I was seeing, and it was as if everything were just a dream. “This is FT Paradise where the players often build up their bodies and this is also where Alpha often comes, so if you want to gain his trust you must first learn yourself lifting heavy types of equipment,” Lily whispered to me, which made me turn to where Alpha was, where as soon as we arrived, he immediately lifted the barbells. “Wait a minute, you didn't expect me to lift barbells like he was holding, did you?” I replied at the same time they looked at me. “Do you know why only small weapons come out of you? That's because your immune system is low. You need to build your body to be able to hold heavy weapons and control a sword.” Sexy said to me as they went to their respective places except for Demon who was still staring at me. I pointed to myself with a look of astonishment on my face, while he nodded his head. “This is your first training. Don't be nervo
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Zdk's POV
“Wait, what's going on here? Am I just squinting at what I'm seeing now?” I heard Cloud say when he caught up with Alpha and me while he was teaching me to lift gym equipment more easily. “Looks like you'll finish your first training in just a week.” Demon said when I suddenly lifted the barbell with a weight of 45 lbs (20 kgs.) It is almost equal to the weight lifted by Olympian weightlifters. Their eyes widened when they saw what I did, even though I couldn't believe that I was able to lift such a heavy thing. I could barely carry a bag of rice before, but now it's almost like a piece of paper. I couldn't feel the weight of it, and it was as if it suddenly did magic in my hand. “I think he can finish the first training in just one day,” Sexy said as she grinned. I even tried to lift some equipment there to make sure it wasn't all just a dream or an illusion. But regardless of what heavy things I carry, it's just like a piece of paper to me. I don't know how I did it or how I lifted
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Help Me!
“What happened to you two?” Sexy was curious about me and Lily when she noticed that we were both quiet and not paying attention. We were currently eating breakfast at a coffee shop while I was with Sexy, Lily, Demon, and Cloud. Only Alpha was not here because at this time he prioritizes exercising and values ​​his muscles more. I simply glanced at Lily because I remembered what happened between us last night, and it looks like she was still mad at me. What should I do to make her forgive me? I whispered in my mind when I suddenly turned my gaze to Sexy where she caught me staring at Lily. Because of that, I immediately looked away from her and looked down at my plate. I don't know, I was suddenly nervous, so I accidentally dropped the spoon and Sexy simply smirked. I suddenly felt clumsy, and I couldn't understand why I was so nervous in front of all of them. Furthermore, I was about to pick up the spoon I dropped, but by chance, Lily also picked it up, so what happened was that
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