DUNGEON CONQUEROR SYSTEM: I transmigrated into a Mosquito

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DUNGEON CONQUEROR SYSTEM: I transmigrated into a Mosquito

By: Prince Clover OngoingSystem

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Isaac, a 33 years old virgin, was living life watching anime and playing the dungeon-based game. When suddenly, a client reached out for him to gather information. As a publicly renowned, most dangerous man for his ability to gather information, he had to do his job begrudgingly even though he wanted to finish watching the last episode of his favorite anime. However, he still died at the hands of his client, who was not even aware of who he was. He did not regret what she had done, for Isaac only wished one thing before he died. Another life where he will live his life to the fullest in a world of fantasy. Inadvertently, his wish was granted by a system. However, he became a Mosquito? Come and let's join Isaac's Journey as a mosquito while he conquers even the world's largest, most dangerous dungeon!

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    The mosquito is a good idea.

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88 chapters
A kiss of death
Isaac March was a person with average height and down-graded looks. His messy, disheveled curly hair explained when he had time to wash and clean himself. His pair of eye-glass, which reflected images from the object he was busying from, was round and big. Isaac was currently trying to finish collecting the information he was gathering through Dark web before he would send it to his client, and he could finally entertain himself afterward. His pair of hands were moving faster than anyone could comprehend as the clicking sounds emitted from his keyboard echoed in the quiet, tranquil apartment. Eventually, a finger collided with a keycap as it was the final movement before his pair of hands halted. Slowly, he moved his right hand and reached out on his mouse before moving slightly, clicking the right click while smiling in glee afterward. ‘Finally! I can now continue watching the last episode of the Great Remaru!’ He exclaimed in his thoughts as his mind wandered to the last episode
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‘Did I hear someone talking about host this and that besides my ear?But I see no one, though.Is this hallucination where usually occurs before dying?Ah right! Before I died I watched the last episode of the Great Remaru Tempest, and before playing the game, I met the client….Yeah, Yeah I remembered. There’s no point dwelling on unpleasant memories…But where am I?Oh yeah! I remembered someone talking about a soul traveling to the netherworld, but he was trying to prevent it.Is he perhaps talking about me?Pft! It’s such a joke, right? Well, after all. How could anyone achieve such supernatural things? I don’t even know if the netherworld does really exist!But… But… He talked about granting the host’s desire… If ever he was really talking about me, and he could reincarnate me in the world I wanted, just like what he mentioned… I-I will…Anyway, let’s try to determine who this person was talking to besides my ear. Earlier, there was only me and Angela, and there was no one having
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[The host questioned the system’s existence. My name is Dungeon Conqueror System, and I will accompany the host in conquering the dungeon.][The question has been answered. Waiting for the host to answer the previous question the system asks.]Now, Isaac was happier than everybody else. Not only does he confirm he had a backing similar to the Great Sage, the system he has had a mission for him to conquer dungeons. How could he not feel exhilaration from this? As though he even admitted he was transmigrated in the game he loved to play.“Ah! Of course, it’s a yes!”[Confirmed. Unique skills, Analysis, and Digestion have been acquired. Requesting for the host to activate skills, Analysis, to discover more from the blood you consumed. Yes/No.][Yes!][Analyzing the blood contents…][Analysis complete. This is what has been found…Common Skill, Charge.][Does the host want to digest the skill and learned it by activating the Digestion skill? Yes/No]“Although, it is only a common skill. I
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Wild boar tusk
“It’s now time to find another beast to kill.” Isaac sneered. “Let’s grind!” For some reason, Isaac felt he has a limb on his back. He tried to move it but seemed it could only move in a single direction, which was pretty simple. They also moved at the same time, and Isaac felt confused about its usefulness. It did not long after Isaac was struck with a sudden realization, and the previous exhilaration he felt descended to his being once more. “Could it be?” Isaac's two big round eyes shone with countless lenses. “A-wings? I have wings? I have wings!” Isaac then ordered the limbs on his back to flap, and it indeed moved! Isaac felt he moved forward slightly, which confirmed his guesses. He shrieked in happiness. “So that’s why!” Isaac remembered when he was battling the wild boar tusk earlier. He thought the limb on his back was the limb below his body, the legs. After all, he uses it to maneuver around, and he doesn’t have much time to ponder over it, for his mind was completel
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Wild boar tusk (1)
“System, can you calculate the success probability of killing the beast combine with charge and my other skill targeting its beating heart?”Isaac decided to ask the system without much thought. He didn’t think that depending on the system might be considered biased. Isaac didn’t feel guilty about it. Some might think having a system, while others don’t, was a cheat, but it didn’t mean he wouldn’t make use of the blessings he received, right?It was like you were asking a child, birthed by a noble parent, to stop depending on them. It was ridiculous, to say the least. It wasn’t his fault he was born with an astonishing background. The same situation applies to Isaac; the system chooses him, so he should make use of it.[Analyzing is in the process…] [Analysis complete. Data has been gathered.The wild boar tusk had an enormous body, and it was disadvantaged against little creature….]Isaac continued to listen regarding the system’s thoughts and didn’t hasten to direct
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I'm a mosquito?
“Activate the chain skill.”Isaac hovered before the other wild boar tusk, peacefully eating the grass scattered in the ground of the dungeon. Their stomach was enormous that even an hour of eating grass couldn’t satisfy them. Thankfully, the grass was almost common at every place, since the current place was home to the beast.[You have activated the Chain skills, Charge > Mosquito bite.]Currently, there was no thread, which showed the path for Isaac to take earlier. Isaac kept his vision to the beating heart of the wild boar tusk, feeling nervous for the first time. However, with the aid of the chain skill, all Isaac needed to do was to keep his consciousness awake, making sure the mosquito bite would activate once he pierced the heart.The performance ended splendidly without a hitch. The wild boar tusk died, landing on the ground without understanding what had happened. As expected, the carcass was devoid of blood, for it was absorbed entirely by Isaac, who immediately digested i
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Encounter with a goblin
[Creature: GoblinDescription: A low-level type of monster, who was known for its grotesque appearance, greenish skin, and vicious, cunning, and sadistic.Note: Once you see them, check twice if they died, or they can grab you along with them on the journey to hell.]Of course, Isaac knew the hell of them. They are low-level, but they were the most hated monster in the early level of the game. Newbies always fall from their tricks, like playing dead, and embarrassingly Isaac was one of them. The System probably trying to warn him out of sincerity, but Isaac felt it was for him to remember the humiliation the goblin brought on him.Isaac even remembered many NPC’s issuing missions regarding the goblin. The most tragic of them all was a father issuing a mission for an adventurer to save his daughter, who was abducted by the goblin. The father and the child only wanted to have their joyous moments by spending their time on a picnic, but due to his ignorant. He didn’t know they were near
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Illusionary dungeon wall
“I have acquired a skill just like that?” When he came to his senses, the goblin finally stopped before a wall. Isaac was surprised to see a shape and outline of a dungeon wall before the goblin. “It seems the goblin reach a dead end.” Isaac pondered as he immediately got frantic when he saw the goblin’s little circle shape turning to face him. He immediately decided to take action not to be seen by it. “System, activate charge skill!” [You have activated the skill, Charge.] As the goblin turned its head hastily due to its panic, Isaac didn’t notice his thoughts working faster than before. He called for the system to activate his skill in 0.0005 seconds, causing the system to respond in the same way. Halfway through the goblin’s turning its head, the skill has been activated. However, Isaac knew he had messed up. Due to his thoughts moving faster than reality, his mind and body failed to react in a single moment. However, thanks to Isaac’s quick reactions, he managed to point
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The small goblin
The small goblin entered the village, and he saw his kin having their leisurely life. Some children were swinging their swords diligently, while others were playing with their same age. Most of the kids were doing mischievous things to the Elder, for which they would be scolded afterward.Meanwhile, the adult and married ones were gossiping with nonsense news, clearly, they were women. And while Men were talking about how great their dragon was, which subdued their partners in bed.The small goblin passes through them, and his panicking face does not escape the other goblin’s eyes. They couldn’t help but ponder what he was panicking about, and once they saw the direction he was heading. They couldn’t help but be affected as well. After all, the small goblin was heading to the Chief’s abode location.The small goblins were clearly heading there to report for something. The small goblins were also kind of famous in the village. He was known for venturing outside, scavenging even little
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Mosquito bite piercing the sky!
An hour earlier, the two guard’s voices sounded inside the hut. However, the village chief was conversing with someone, so it took an hour for the village chief to be completely annoyed about the guards and decided to shut them up.In addition, the inside of the hut was considerably vast. After all, instead of calling it a chief’s hut, it would be more suited to call it the headquarters. The chief would sometimes gather people inside to converse in an important conversation. While he would let other people work inside the hut to supervise their progress.Similar to now, the village chief was conversing with the most important person in the village. The village chief was talking about the person’s progress regarding his progression of magic, but he was disappointed to receive the report. He couldn’t hasten him, though, for he doesn’t have power enough to act like it.The village chief was respectful, and each of his tones was polite and formal. Therefore, when he received disappointing
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