Skill Enhancement: I Reincarnated To The Dragon Ambassador
Skill Enhancement: I Reincarnated To The Dragon Ambassador
Author: Salted Egg Shumai
Chapter 1: The beginning

After the barrier was broken, Frederick crashed into the huge tree trunk. His whole body was a mixture of flesh and blood, different from the clean love he had always had, but it didn't lessen the madness in those eyes. Still trying to brush off the dust from the tree trunk clinging to the lapel of his shirt as boldly as possible, he looked up at the group of people setting up a formation as if just waiting to rush in if he showed any signs of resistance.

The Sanctum Warrior hero always put on a majestic posture pointing his weapon at Frederick, next to him was the Mystic Shaman who continuously healed and strengthened him.

Eric brought the tip of his sword close to Frederick's neck, and said sternly, "On behalf of the mainland, this time I will destroy you, infidel."

Frederick looked at the man who was hailed as the ‘Sanctum Warrior hero' and scoffed, but that smile was half of what he meant for himself. He also once received respect and love from the people on the mainland. A whole life lived in glory and finally lost his life at their hands.

Frederick put on a bored look: "Do what you want to do quickly, you are talking too much."

Eric looked at Frederick's arrogance with great hatred, a sword slashing to an end the glorious life of a former Saint Mage. From afar, a roar resounded, shaking the whole forest and making people panic.

Eric immediately called on his teammates to arrange the formations again. The Mystic Shaman created a barrier like a giant shield, and the Mystic Hunter and the Mystic Assassin hid in the tree waiting for the signal, all of them were prepared just to wait for the final battle.

A huge golden dragon landed with a strong body on the ground, creating a tremor that made everyone's legs tremble, but on the contrary, they held the weapons in their hands more firmly. For humans, dragons are the most feared enemy. They destroyed the villages, and the Sanctum army made countless people lose their lives under those claws and fangs. This time, Saint Mage Frederick was also on the evil side, making the whole continent angry.

After the resounding victory, the Sanctum awarded the Sanctum Warrior hero, on the other hand, it also expanded the territory, making the entire people happy. The bodies of Saint Mage Frederick and the golden dragon are hung in front of the explorer building with all their organs removed to show the public…'

Raymond lost his soul to the last line, his face was calm and scrolled down to read the comments praising the Sanctum Warrior hero. He took a sip of water and started typing.

“I have been following this series since the first days of the author's debut, I can't help but commend your writing style. As for the content, I quite disagree. As a wild biologist, I feel that humans have arbitrarily invaded the territory of dragons.”

Raymond paused, deleted the 'wild biologist' paragraph, and changed it to another sentence: “I read about wildlife behavior. Illegal encroachment is a defensive behavior in many animals, and they will immediately attack anyone who tries to enter their private space.”

Raymond thought for a moment and then continued typing: “Frederick is seen as a villain, in fact, a person who follows the right path of protecting the ecosystem. However, he was unfortunately still suppressed and slandered by a stronger force. Towards the end, we can clearly see that they expand their territory on the land of dragons just as we destroy forests to build buildings and factories. The person who should be praised becomes a sinner. The person who is considered a hero is just a puppet in the eyes of the Sanctum. A story that clearly states the reality of the situation. Congratulations to the author on completing this series.”

Raymond posted his comment and slowly rolled his wheelchair over to the refrigerator. On the computer, an email with the graduation thesis was suddenly sent from the student he was instructing. Once again rolling the wheelchair back to the computer position, his face turned serious compared to when he was immersed in each sentence of the novel.

The room fell into silence, only the sound of the keyboard tapping could be heard. On the walls were certificates of merit and certification for wildlife biologists, but not a single family photo. Raymond's identity since childhood was an orphan, raised by nuns. The nuns saved money to take care of him every meal, supporting him to go to school like everyone else.

Until high school, because there was not enough money to continue, the orphanage was removed by the government, and people also gradually lost each other. Raymond went to school and also worked part-time from high school to university, trying little by little because of his passion to experience the life of being in contact with animals. In the end, he succeeded in becoming the person with the highest exit score in the field of wildlife biology in the country. He traveled around, learned a lot from his seniors, and also earned their love and respect.

However, God was unjust once again, cutting off the life path of a young man full of ambition. While accompanying a survey team and experimenting with behavior during the mating period of lions, Raymond encountered illegal hunters who were being chased by lions for trespassing on their territory and touching their fellows. Originally, with years of experience, he was able to suppress the ferocity of the familiar lions here, but one of the hunters took the opportunity to take revenge and opened fire on them.

Because to save them, Raymond drove the car to lead the lion to another place, eventually crashing into a cliff. The rock fell and crushed his legs. The other hunters were confiscated and detained until the trial date, but thanks to the bail of the forces behind them, they were allowed to move freely. Lions also have a peaceful community again. But what about his legs, who will give them back?

For a young man who was still full of enthusiasm, this had such a strong psychological effect that Raymond locked himself in his room for a year. With the encouragement of close friends, professors, and colleagues, he was also able to lift his spirits and become a facilitator of experiments and remote research. Now, he is also invited to work as a teacher in the department of animal psychiatry at his old university. This was a great honor he received from his respected professor. But only he knew, he had become taciturn, more self-contained, and gradually forgot his life purpose.

Recently, Raymond was lured into the fiction fandom, and not only that but was also nominated as the reader of the most thoughtful story. People search for his comments, because he often has broad thoughts, going against the feelings of the majority, causing the online community to reflect on the series they have read.

After finishing editing the graduate thesis for students, Raymond once again opened the last page of the story. Unexpectedly, less than an hour later, his comment was responded to by hundreds of people. Everyone seems to regret when one talented man like Frederick suffered such a tragedy. More surprisingly, the author also responded with short content.

“If it were you, how would you handle this case to please both races?”

Raymond thought for a second, just as he was about to type, the screen went off, and the room fell into darkness. He forgot today there was a notice of a power outage from ten o'clock at night until tomorrow morning. After checking the door of the room, he tried to climb onto the bed with his hands. Not long after, he fell into a good night's sleep.

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