Chapter 3: The Great Myth world

The Great Myth world is made up of three main sets. The central part is the Great Myth continent shielded by the holy river. Legend has it that the holy river was created by the blessings of the gods for The Sanctum's self-sacrifice to build the continent. Therefore, water was taken here as a reward for people from all occupations who accomplished great feats. The mainland was heavily guarded to protect the royal family inside and the commoners.

Not far from the holy river is the next part which is considered as four territories, distinguished as East, West, South, and North, symbolizing the ramparts surrounding the mainland as forming a line separating the human world from the outside. The territories under the rule of the lords all had different powers. Each region represents four main types of occupations: tanker, main damage, support damage, and health pump. When the children are ten years old and above, they can develop their spiritual power due to career predestined. They will be taught and distributed to territories for intensive training for an annual honor.

All four professions have to go through seven stages, respectively from high to low, from First Stage to Seven Stages in order: Subordinate, Standard, Mounts, Great, Mystic, Sanctum, and Saint.

Each stage has ten levels, which means that they have to go through ten levels to progress. Spiritual energy also corresponds to each level of each stage.

Ten levels of Subordinate correspond to spiritual energy:

20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 180, 200, 220

Standard's ten ranks correspond to spiritual power:

221-300, 380, 460, 540, 620, 700, 780, 860, 940, 1000

The ten ranks of Mounts correspond to spiritual energy:

1000-1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000

The ten ranks of Great correspond to spiritual energy:

2001-2100, 2200, 2300, 2400, 2500, 2600, 2700, 2800, 2900, 3000

Ten levels of Mystic correspond to spiritual energy:

3001-4200, 4400, 4600, 4800, 5000, 5200, 5400, 5600, 5800, 6000

The ten levels of Sanctum correspond to spiritual energy:

6001-6400, 6800, 7200, 7600, 8000, 8400, 8800, 9200, 9600, 10000

The rank of Saints corresponds to spiritual power:

10000 or more

Every year, each territory will select at least ten of the most talented people to send to the mainland, to form elite teams to set foot in the forbidden forest. However, here, we don't talk much about the human world or The Sanctum, the thing in the forbidden forest is what we need to care about.

The Forbidden Forest is the end and is also home to animals and dangerous beasts. Evil beasts are listed as dangerous because of mutations after cultivation. They were betrayed and swallowed up by magic and lost their mind. They were larger than usual, extremely violent, and able to neatly handle an army of twenty men. However, those creatures were nothing compared to creatures of a warning level.

The level of warning belongs to the dragons that have been around for thousands of years. Dragons live deep in the forbidden forest. They rarely appear, but those who see them do not return with their lives. Dragons can single-handedly swallow entire villages up to more than a thousand people. The news alerted them where they appeared, The Sanctum immediately sent the warriors to evacuate the people to a safe area. The danger that pervaded the forbidden forest made everyone tremble when it was mentioned to those in search of food.

At this time, deep in the forbidden forest, the animals became strangely out of control. Their eyes were red, and their mouth was filled with snarling sounds and fluid oozing out. They ravaged the surrounding area as if searching for something. Within seconds, all of them were mesmerized and headed in one direction toward the ancient cave.

The cave's door was blocked by a layer of rock as if sealing the contents inside could not get out. But the beasts didn't care about that, they couldn't wait to move the rock to see the space inside.

As the cave door was about to be torn down, a roar rang out, causing the nearby trees to shake. Two black figures jumped down, one in front of the cave entrance, the other on the roof of the cave. The shock caused the monsters to wake up a lot, looking at the two creatures in front of them, the uncontrollable power had just now disappeared.

They all ran away, hoping not to turn their heads to look at the two dragons who were holding their heads high. Waiting for the surroundings to quiet down, one of them hummed softly, and Elias looked up at Harvey, still wary.

“Didn't you agree to jump down here, why did you roll up there?”

Elias let out a scream that made Harvey squirm, and gently jumped down next to Elias, using one of his wings to wave to create a cool breeze for his friend.

“I lost my balance, so I didn't watch the right angle to jump down. I'll take you to replenish your blood. Do not get mad!”

Elias raised an eyebrow, temporarily compromising but still using his tail to smack Harvey on the head as a warning. At this time, the flow of air in the cave caused both of them to stop playing and focus on other serious problems. Harvey involuntarily backed away behind Elias. Elias was so used to this scene, from the early days of fighting side by side, Harvey was only good at the scenes where he cursed each other with his mouth, then supported from afar, also known as sneak attacks.

Harvey was chilled by the air in the cave coming out:

"I didn't expect it to emit a scent of spiritual energy that lured so many monsters, fortunately, you and I have dealt with a bunch of evil beasts before, or else we can't stop them now."

Elias had a deep look on his face, his eyes still focused on what lay still in the cave:

“No wonder, it has existed for thousands of years, older than the two of us, so it accumulates the quintessence of heaven and earth, plus has the spiritual power of the dragon king in its body. What kind of thing doesn't want that power? That's why the dragon king ordered the two of us to guard here day and night.”

To prevent the scent from escaping, Harvey once again used his spiritual power to re-install the cave door, counting over and over again. Don't know how many times he repaired the cave door, but each time, Elias saw another different pattern on it.

Not caring about the dragon behind who was happily carving on the cave entrance, Elias decided to create a five-layer barrier around the cave to prevent the scent from coming out and also prevent the animals and beasts from coming inside. Near the deadline, The thing that was present in that cave every day released energy that broke the barrier.

Harvey and Elias checked everything one last time and then turned to leave, it is a fact that even dragons can hardly resist that scent when there is a ghost in them. The two of them were raised by the dragon king from a young age and placed next to him as the most trusted bodyguard. They remained loyal, and hard-hearted in the face of enchantment. No matter what happened, they still single-mindedly completed the task. Seconds later Harvey and Elias left, then a flash of light in the cave heralded a new beginning.

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