Chapter 6: Species Equality Contract

A wolf followed the scent of meat and walked closer to the stream, hoping now only to have something to fill its stomach. But when it got there, in front of it were two dragons making a fire to roast wild boar, it quietly turned its head, not knowing if it was scared because of the dragon's pressure or because of the strange sight it had just seen.

Harvey and Elias are now frowning, since when do they have to be here to do this job? They are known as the two effective arms of Marcus Drake, having fought with him through many encounters. Not to mention, they are considered war gods, and every species mentioned must be scared, but now they are on the bank of this stream, a fire, one sitting and watching so that the wild boar meat does not burn...

Returning to the frozen state of the three, Raymond looked at Harvey's excited eyes and gave him a dragon skin chill. Elias didn't say much and smacked Harvey on the head with his wings as a warning to stop that lustful act. Both bowed their heads to him.

“We are here to protect you on the orders of Marcus Drake, our king. Sorry for scaring you."

Raymond heard the mention of Marcus Drake, his guard was slightly relaxed, only for Elias, and the next one still scared him like he was facing a sly wolf, just waiting for him to turn away and then will attack.

"How can I believe you're Marcus Drake's men?"

Harvey and Elias looked at each other, as expected by Marcus Drake, Raymond was not an easy person to deal with. He has his own opinion, full of vigilance, and does not decide anything too quickly without certainty. But how did they believe, Marcus Drake gave the whole decision to the two of them, rather, he couldn't find the best solution, so he pushed it all over.

Raymond watched them ponder for half a day, then fell silent. He thought that there was nothing in himself that could be taken advantage of, and his rank was still far behind. Either just swinging their leg would kill him.

At this point, Harvey blurted out: "If only you were a human, we could make the species equality contract."

“What is the species equality contract?” Raymond wondered if it was like the contract made between him and Marcus Drake.

Elias nodded as if agreeing with Harvey, ready to explain: "Contracts between humans and monsters fall into two categories. With low-level monsters, humans would form a normal mounts contract. If one wanted to change, a person could easily cancel the contract without harming either party. Species equality contracts are used for monsters of higher intelligence or rank than humans and must use blood to cast. Only when the monster is killed does the contract disappear. If the master dies, the monster also dies.”

"Species equality contract..." Raymond unconsciously moved his lips, a light below his feet enveloping Elias and Harvey with strange symbols.

This made all three panic, especially Elias, whose mind was filled with suspicion: "What the hell is this? Is he a pagan?…”

To Harvey's horror, the barrier appeared so that no object could penetrate to break the fulfillment of this contract, or rather, the impending secrecy could not be leaked outside.

A gentle voice said, making the three of them dumbfounded: “Elias is as smart as I expected. In order for him to believe in us, as well as the two of you who wholeheartedly support the future dragon ambassador, I secretly added the rules when he and I signed the pact. As long as he thinks about the species equality contract with the two of you, the magic formation will immediately be executed. Hahaha…”

Marcus Drake has just finished speaking, the expressions of the two loyal guards have been full of black lines since then. Marcus Drake told them that he couldn’t think of a good plan, but behind the scene, he pushed the two of them inside without being able to refuse. Raymond gently distanced himself from them, he didn't want to bring Marcus Drake’s misfortune on himself.

Elias and Harvey let out a sigh, the matter had already reached this point, so they had to stab the javelin together: "You draw the blood, we make the species equality contract, only then can we fully believe together to protect you to become the future dragon ambassador."

“This can be very difficult, don't let your mind wander or you will be betrayed by the contract without success. Not to mention this time it's also done with the two of us, our rank is much higher than yours, so it might be a bit painful." Harvey was kind enough to give some advice. Raymond thought, then nodded, cut the soles of his front feet with his claws, and dripped the blood into the formation. When Harvey and Elias also finished, the formation was activated, an area of light flashed from the top of both of their heads and flew straight to merge into his body.

Raymond first felt the blood rush in his body, his body trembled uncontrollably, and he could only try to use all four legs to grip the ground so as not to collapse. In his whole body, two energies run through. Wherever they went, he felt like he was being burned by fire.

The Species Equality Contract is rarely used as it is only used for monsters of a higher rank than the receiver. Not only the consent from the beast, but the contract is also very difficult to succeed because of the suffering it brings to the receiver when having to suppress energy greater than himself. An unbearable beast, let alone Raymond signing a contract with both dragons for hundreds of years of cultivation and fighting alongside their king.

Raymond clenched his teeth, determined not to give up, trying to reconcile the two strong energies in his body. He's been through so many things, the excruciating pain of losing his legs, being burned to death in his previous life, repenting on the ring of fire in reincarnation, and this is just the first step towards the mission that awaits him. He couldn't give up easily.

The emerald stone in Raymond's body began to move, emitting a light that enveloped the two energies from Harvey and Elias and then absorbed them, then transformed into another source of energy that soothed his entire body, and at the same time broke through his current rank.

Elias watched in amazement as Raymond went from intense agony to successful contract execution when a blue light around him appeared. Harvey, besides its face full of excitement with what is going on, but one thing in common in both is implicitly acknowledging the strong will that comes from an outsider like him.

After the formation ended, Raymond fell to the ground helplessly, and the next second he felt like he was being placed on high. However, before fainting, he still did not forget to move his lips to warn: "The wild boar... I must absorb it... Pork..."

Harvey leaned close to his ear, and tried to listen to Raymond's words but was completely helpless. Seconds later, it still brought the wild boar to the riverside. Elias carried him on its back and flew behind, from now on, the two of them officially stood shoulder to shoulder on the path of becoming his dragon ambassador.

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