Chapter 7: Absorbing a wild boar's heart pill

A hungry stomach woke Raymond up, consuming energy and leaving his body with no strength left. His eyelids slowly opened as a voice said: "He's awake."

Raymond was startled when there were two big faces close to him, he involuntarily backed away but tripped over a rock and almost fell, fortunately,  Harvey used his tail to catch it. A sound came from his stomach, and the three of them fell into silence for a moment.

Elias saw that this was also a good opportunity, threw the wild boar out, and began to teach Raymond the first lesson, how to absorb energy from other objects: "Come here, I will show you how to receive spiritual energy. "

Raymond enthusiastically approached Elias, eyes longing for what he had wondered since the first time he arrived. Elias now looked like a strict teacher that made him suppress his excitement, calm his mind, and close his eyes.

“The first thing to want to become stronger is to know how to absorb spiritual energy from other objects. It was fortunate for you that this beast was only in the eighth stage, and you had not yet entered the first level of Toddler Dragon. You could die under its claws at any time. And now focus on looking inward, you will see a round glowing pearl floating around, it represents the central spiritual source of each person, called the mind pill."

Raymond followed Elias's instructions to open the spiritual path in his body, when his subconscious went inside, he saw something shiny and bright, looking closely, it was the stone he got in the fire from the reincarnation, but definitely not round. A rough, convex triangular jewel was floating. Frowning slightly, should he say this, the next words interrupted his train of thought.

“Found it already? Spiritual power is a combination of the sensitivity and energy of an object. The more sensitive to the surrounding energy, the easier it is to manipulate and control spiritual energy. The color of each heart pill also represents the main source of spiritual energy. Red for fire, white for wind, yellow for earth, and blue for water. What color is your energy?"

Raymond looked at the triangular knit heart that was emitting a turquoise light, so he did have the energy of water. Speaking out what was in his heart, he didn't notice that Harvey and Elias were a little surprised and returned to their original state. The questions of the two of them were kept hidden, in exchange for figuring out how to help him bring out his full power in his head.

“Okay, next use your spiritual power to probe and find the monster's heart pill. Everyone's heart pill is in a different place, spiritual energy will react the closer to it..."

Raymond obeyed Elias and used his spiritual power to penetrate the wild boar, along its veins, into the depths of the path. Spiritual energy at this moment is like a rope with many ends pulled in all directions, suddenly one end vibrates, and following the trace, he discovered the heart pill appeared with a soft golden light. But when he wanted to touch it, an outer barrier reacted making him wince in confusion.

“Each object's heart pill has a protective barrier, even if they die, the barrier will remain intact. If you want to have a mind, you have to break it.” Elias looked at Raymond's expression knowing that he had found the heart pill and the last layer of the barrier. It wants to see how long it takes you to break it, the heart dan is easy to find, but hard to get.

Harvey closed its eyes and thought it was sleeping, but it still paid attention to every move on this side. It was only used to fighting, and theories like this should still be taught by Elias. If it touches this thing, it will sometimes be beaten in the head by its brothers.

Raymond did not lose his temper after being repelled by the barrier a few times. He seems to be playing with it right now. Every object is made up of atoms, just need to find a discrete position, and it can be easily broken. He grinned and found it, the spiritual energy quickly rushed forward, broke through the barrier layer, and wrapped tightly around the heart pill to pull it out.

The boar's heart pill followed the path of force and entered Raymond's body, a few seconds later it was swallowed up by his heart pill. A blue board appeared in front of his eyes, and the words "swallowing skill" lit up making him dumbfounded. Opening his eyes again, the two faces from before were still close to see his expression which made his heart jump.

Harvey wagged his tail with an appreciative look: “You broke the barrier faster than I expected, but still not as good as me. Hahaha…”

Seeing Harvey's narcissism, the other two took the initiative to stay away. The rumbling of his stomach awakened Raymond's hunger. He looked up slowly at Elias and Harvey. The thought of wanting to eat grilled pork automatically appeared in both of their minds like an order.

“Go wash the blood on your body. This is for us to deal with.”

Raymond looked shyly at the two of them but was chased away, so he quickly went to the stream bank. At this time, he saw himself as a small puppy with turquoise fur, and blood on his mouth and chest, making the scene strange. On top is now the number five hundred, so it's always been his misunderstanding. The number he saw was the current spiritual power of each species. Washed and washed away the fishy smell, he returned to the old place and was quite surprised to see that the two of them were ready.

While Elias urged on the fire, Harvey still tried to control the airflow from its mouth to keep the fire from going out. Raymond could feel that the two of them had been together for a long time, so they were so comfortable talking. He stepped closer, and Harvey quickly cut a piece of meat for him to taste. Although the taste wasn't as seasoned as his world, it still gave off a juicy taste. After that day, every monster in the forest witnessed the moments when the two tall dragons who were once tall now had to take care of a small creature.

Raymond watched as Harvey cut a piece and gave it to Elias, whispering in admiration of their friendship. He turned to Elias and asked: "What do you mean when you said I haven't reached the first level of Toddler Dragon?"

Elias looked at Raymond in surprise, but remembering the previous species equality contract, he understood, then explained in detail the ranks of the dragon world. The dragon world is not like the human world, here it is only divided into three stages in order: Toddler Dragon, Junior Dragon, and Senior Dragon.

The three stages also have ten levels of progress at the same time and correspond to the number of spiritual energies.

Ten levels of Toddler Dragon correspond to spiritual energy:

500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000

The ten levels of Junior Dragon correspond to spiritual power:

5001-5500, 6000, 6500, 7000, 7500, 8000, 8500, 9000, 9500, 10000

Senior Dragon corresponding spiritual power:

10000 or more

The spiritual energy in the dragon precept was originally always stronger than other species because it took hundreds of years of cultivation to break the shell when it was still in the egg. The eggs absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, are infused with spiritual energy by other Junior Dragons, and build a tight protective barrier so that future generations can be born safely.

A Toddler Dragon of one level of spiritual energy was able to oppose a level ten monster or perhaps a level three Standard Warrior or another class. Raymond thought that the difference was so big and wondered, how in the heroic story of the Sanctum Warrior hero could easily kill the Saints Mage and Marcus Drake. Is there a secret behind it?

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