Son In-law Revenge

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Son In-law Revenge

By: Didi Writes OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Jake is the poorest suitor his love, Amanda has ever had but despite her parents disapproval of the union, she still gets married to her. Jake tries to make enough money to take care of her but the constant nagging and evil plots by his mother in-law lead him to jail. He comes out of jail to find out that he is the richest man his love, Amanda has ever met. This joy comes with sadness when he realizes that his wife is holding a secret that can break him.

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  • OscarAzalea


    Loving the book.

    2022-08-26 14:50:26
  • Jose Belem


    This book went from being good to read to all over the place....smh

    2023-08-04 07:25:24
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297 chapters
Unbreak My Heart
Jake moved through the crowd in a haste. He was running late for one of his afternoon classes and nature wasn't smiling at him because he forgot his textbook. He hurriedly stopped a taxi, gave the driver the address of his home and they zoomed off. The taxi man who was oblivious to Jake's plight tried to engage him in small talks, Jake wasn't having any of it. He completely ignored the man, all his focus was on getting the notebook and getting to school on time. He did not even allow the man to park properly in front of his one-room apartment before he threw his fee at him and ran into the house ignoring the greetings from the mailman. Jake rushed up the stairs leading to his room. He was completely ignoring the greetings of all of his neighbours. He was a very popular guy. The whole neighbourhood could vouch for his good character and lovely ways. He reached his apartment door just in time to see that it was locked. He tried opening the door again wondering why it was locked. Jake
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The Business
Susan wasted no time in throwing her few clothes in a hand bag."Babe, maybe you should calm down." The lover tried to get her to relax."You don't understand babe. I can't stand that guy. He is totally useless. I want to leave right now.""Why didn't you tell me all this time that you considered me as totally useless?" The look on Jake's face would have melted a heart of stone but unfortunately Susan's heart was made of diamond. "Did you ever give me the chance?" Susan's lover moved aside, allowing her and Jake to sort out their issues.Jake did not answer her question, instead he turned towards her lover and yelled."What the hell are you still doing in my house?" The man turned and looked at him. It was the first time that Jake had spoken directly at him and he could feel his pain in his voice. He decided that it would be best to give them some privacy. With that thought in mind, he advanced to grab Susan's shoulder. She turned to look at him and he said."I'll be waiting for you
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The Heart of the Matter
"Can I use the restroom?" Jake tried his best to sound brave but his voice came out like a tiny squeak. The chairman and his men looked at him as if he had gone nuts."Young man, the next time you are leaving this room is after we must have told you exactly where you are going to sell these drugs. So sit tight cause my men are coming to take you to a party.""A party?" Jake asked confused."Yeah darling, a party." The man said and smiled. Breathe Jake. Just breathe, you will get yourself out of this one way or another.Jake tried to console himself and he was close to succeeding when the door flung open and a few rough looking men came in. "Is this him?" They pointed at him, Jake heard Marion voice and he turned to look at him."Yes, he is the one. I know he doesn't look much but he is really eager to start the business.""Okay. If you say so. Stand up, let's go!" The order was barked at Jake but his legs could not move. He was busy calculating the number of years he would spend in
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Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold
"Babe, look at this." Susan turned her face to her boyfriend, Lex face and handed her phone to him. "It's a video of Jake and he is almost trending.""So why are you interested? What? Do you want him back now?" "No of course not." Susan said with a sigh. "Just take a look it." Lex finally collected the phone from her and looked at the content. He couldn't believe his eyes. Jake's friend actually played a prank on him."I feel so much pity for the guy. He has been through a lot and I think it's all because of me. Maybe I should call him to apologize, I did speak rather rudely to him when he found out." Susan said in a sober voice."You have got to be kidding me. Look, if you want the idiot back just say so, stop beating around the bush. And while you are going back to him, do well to remember that he can't give you all that I can." Lex stood up from the bed and walked to the door. "And don't come back when you leave." That was the last thing he said before he banged the door shut.Sus
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The Sweet Truth
"I'm sorry, who are you?" Jake stuttered as he spoke."Don't be afraid Mr. Jake. My name is Sebastian Stanley and I'm a lawyer. In fact, I am your family's lawyer.""My family?""Yes.""See now I know that you playing with me because my family doesn't want me, they threw me away when I was little....""After the death of your aunt. Yes I know all that." He still had that smile on his face and this unnerved Jake the more."Did Marion set you up to this?" That guy had it out for him and Jake was still struggling to understand why."No, but it is because of his video that I've been able to locate you. Can we go somewhere private to talk?""Even if I wanted to man, I can't. I'm in jail for selling drugs.""Not anymore. I sorted out your bail. You are free to go." Just the a police man came to him and removed the handcuffs from his hand."See? You're free to go. Now can we go somewhere quite." Jake didn't know who the strange man was but he had a feeling that he was going to love him. "Le
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Meet Bethany
Amanda looked out of the car window, completely ignoring the man that was sending seductively signals her way. She was not ready to engage in any sort of conversation with anyone. All she wanted was to meet with her girls and prepare to go for the party that promised to be the biggest of the month.The man pulled up at her friend, Bethany's house and she wasted no time in paying the man and leaving his car. She knew by his body signals that he wanted to engage her in a conversation but he wasn't going to have any of it."Amanda!" Bethany screamed as she opened the door to her best friend. She had seen her come in from the window. She was excited to see her but not so excited to not notice that she was using an Uber."Girl, what happened to your car?" "My idiotic father took it from me. Told me that I had to learn some manner before it would be given back to me." She said as she barged into the house and Bethany closed the door behind her."Are you serious?" Bethany asked as she follo
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They Collide
Amanda woke up to a beer bottle on her stomach. The sun had found a way into the parlour which was beginning to smell like alcohol. Amanda managed to lift her hand as she looked across the room, she saw Bethany and Jane lying on the sofa opposite hers. Standing up, she hit Bethany on the hit to wake her up."Girl, what the hell?""You are a bad older sister. How could you get hammered with your little sisters in the house?" Bethany rubbed her eyes with her hand and she could finally see the sight of Amanda staring back at her made her want to throw up. "Will you stop looking at me like that? You got hammered too!" "And that's because you didn't stop me at all," Amanda said as she crossed over to the kitchen. Bethany watched her as she fixed a cup of coffee for both of them. "I'm going to check on my siblings." "Oh now you want to be a good big sister," Amanda taunted her as she opened the cabinet that she knew they stored the drugs, removed an aspirin and swallowed it."They are f
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"Excuse me ma but that is not a way to talk to someone. I was just telling you not to throw up here." "And what will happen if I do." There was nothing that Amanda hated more than people telling her what she could and could not do. Especially strangers. "Well, you will have to clean it up yourself." Jake was still fazed at how such a beautiful lady could have such a bad character. "And isn't that why you are here? To clean up after people's mess?" "I will have you know that I am a fashion designer in this fine establishment.""Oh honey, if you call this," she motioned her hand around the building, "a fine establishment, then you are yet to see the world."Jake's face had gotten red. He knew that the building wasn't state-of-the-art but he never expected that it could be pointed out to him in such a vile manner. "And what are you doing here? Since you obviously have so much class than everyone in here, why have her majesty found her way into the suburbs?" "Oh, believe me, left fo
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The Conditions
The cab driver dropped Amanda outside her home and she reluctantly got out of the car. The gate door was open, much to her pleasure because now she could avoid small talks with the gateman. But unfortunately, her mother had already sighted her coming back and couldn't wait to eat her alive. "Amanda Cash, where are you coming from?" Amanda sighed as she saw her mother rushing down the small stairs that led to their lawn with an angry look on her face. "Mom, I spent the night at Bethany's place." "And that young girl is the type of thing you run by me and your father first before you do.""Why? Mom, it's Bethany. Not a stranger.""I don't care if it's your aunty. You do not leave this house without telling us where you went and not caring so much as to pick up your calls. Do you understand?" "Yes, mom," Amanda said as she hung her head low. "Now, your father is very much upset with you. Mostly because he wanted to tell you something last night but you were nowhere to be found. So
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Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold
Amanda slammed the door to her room as she jumped on her bed and cried. She cried till she was sure that her eyes were swollen shut but still she cried. She could hear someone creep into her room and she didn't need any soothsayer to tell her who it was."Honey, I know it sounds bad but it's totally accomplishable," her mother said gently. Amanda scoffed and finally removed her head from her pillow. "Seriously mom? Where am I supposed to find a husband in the next two months? Dad is just doing this because he wants me to come work for him at that stupid company and I will not. I will never do it, mom.""Listen, I will have you know that that stupid company is what is paying for your bills and funding this rich lifestyle of yours. So if you were to learn how it works, it won't be a bad idea." Amanda couldn't believe the words coming out of her mother's lips, she was used to the woman being lukewarm about working like she was. After all, she was a full-time housewife who had gotten lu
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