The Untamed Son-in-Law

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The Untamed Son-in-Law

By: Mela Writes OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Once an heir to riches, he now became a lowly son-in-law in New York City. Losing his job and discovering his wife's infidelity crushed his life. Alexander found himself in a desperate situation. He had been maltreated and bullied. However, his system activated, and he seemed to be making plans for his revenge. Can Jason harness this power to make his tormentors pay, or will it consume him in its own twisted game?

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Chapter one
“Alexander! Where are you? Enough of this hide-and-seek game. It's time for dinner. Alexander!”"Mom! Dad! I'm here,” little Alexander called out, his tone shaking. Alexander’s parents walked to the backyard, and to their greatest surprise, a gun was pointed at their crying little boy’s head.The men covered their faces with masks, and despite their actions, they didn't come to play. They forced Mr. and Mrs. Hunter into their sitting room.The hunters kneeled, pleading for the men in black to spare their lives. “Here’s the Almighty President of the Hunter’s Empire, the richest man in the country. No! No!! They sarcastically said, "In the world."However, all the hunters did was cry and beg for their lives.“The President of the Hunters Empire begged. That's interesting and fun to watch. It was indeed an honour to have you kneel before me and beg. But the fun part is that you will be killed,” one of the killers stated.“Please kill me and spare my family; they are innocent. I’ll do a
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Chapter two
Jason rolled his fist in rage, he felt like punching Zoey so hard but he knew that'd be the end of him if he tried it.Mrs. Kim walked to him and she slapped him hard."The nerve you have! How dare you glare at my daughter like that? huh!" She barked.Jason placed a hand on his cheek, and then he bowed his head, fighting off the tears that were threatening to fall."I'm sorry," He apologized. Mrs. Kim scoffed."I want to see you in the kitchen now!" Mrs. Kim ordered before leaving.They all went downstairs to the kitchen, but Jason was the only one looking nervous and unhappy. "Jason, I’ll punish you but first, go get me acup of coffee, I will be in the sitting room."Zoey wasn't happy she wanted her mother to punish me immediately as it was the only thing that gave her joy. "Mom, why don't you punish this fool now?" Zoey half shouted, but Mr Kim eyed her and she shut up at once.A Few minutes later…Jason brought the cup of hot coffee to Mrs Kim, he stretched out his hands, giving
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Chapter three
Mrs Kim sneered."I'm sure he wouldn't die from something like this, I understand you Zoey, but you don't have to worry. I know what I'm doing, it was a harsh punishment, I was just trying to teach that fool a lesson. Everything about him irks me. If I remember all the money we wasted on him I get more angry. He should be reminded always about where he belongs,”Zoey shrugged her shoulders, and said, "I trust you, Mom, I know you wouldn't do that.”Mrs. Kim smiled at her daughter’s words and inquired. "Is Jason still in the sitting room?""He’s probably in his room sulking like a baby," Zoey answered and laughed."What is he doing in his room by this time, go and tell him to make himself useful. Or else he would receive more punishment from me. His punishment isn't over yet, there's a lot to be done around the house, I want the whole house sparkling,” Mr. Kim warned."Alright, mommy,"Zoey walked to her mom and hugged her then she walked away. Zoey walked down to the basement, his sma
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Chapter four
"You know that you would be punished, for helping me of course and you still want to help me, knowing it'll get you in trouble if Mrs Kim finds out.""Well I don't care about them, I'm not in support of how they treat you, Jason, you're a nice man and you deserve good treatment .""Just take this like a friend helping a friend in need," she remarked. Jason shrugged."I still think you should just leave it, I can handle it, I don't want you to get into trouble because of me on your first day here.""Just let me worry about myself," Tonia replied.She picked up the mop stick and began to mop the already-cleaned room.Jason was relieved but he looked at Tonia in disbelief, admiring how much of a good heart she had. He just hoped she wouldn't get into any trouble for helping him."Take my luggage inside, before Mrs. Kim sees it. You know how dramatic she can be." Tonia said, shaking him out of his thoughts."Okay," Jason said, smiling. Then he took her bags and headed to her room.By th
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Chapter five
"Please, stop, Tonia," Jason pleaded, he was already feeling bad. Tonia came to have a short break from school stress now she's met with this because of him. "What are you still doing here? Just get thefuck outta here now!" Mrs. Kim barked."Auntie, I had respected you enough, please don't raise your voice at me. I’ll leave this prison of a house but I have to see my uncle first,” Tonia said."Look around, do you see any trace of your uncle?" Mrs. Kim asked and Tonia shook her head."Well, I'm glad you know, your uncle is not here so you don't have any right to be here either," Zoey said with no sense of arrogance."Please forgive her!!" Zoey pleaded."You fool, if I hear your voice again, I will shut myself, do you think we are done with you?" Zoey asked angrily."Auntie, I came to discuss important things with my uncle. If I leave now, I might not get the chance to see him again, this is very important to me. I can't afford to miss this opportunity." Tonia said."Are you begging y
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Chapter six
Jason got to his space and quickly headed for his bed. He was seriously hungry a while ago but due to what had happened, he had completely lost his appetite. How could he be comfortable when Tonia was kicked out of there because of him? Jason had regretted allowing Tonia to help him. But at the same time, happy to see someone stand up for him, someone who cares for him. Jason tried to sleep to forget his pain and the deep pain he felt. Finally, he fell into a restless sleep. He tosses left and right on his bed, sweating profusely until he jolts up from sleep. The incident that had happened made it so difficult for him to sleep. His mind kept going wide with thinking. He closed his eyes and prayed for his life to change. Jason was tired and fine with the way he lived. He imagined himself surrounded by wealth and dealing with wicked people. In his thoughts, he fought for the weak and punished those who caused people pain including the Garrison family. Jason was in his thoughts when t
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Chapter seven
Zoey eyed him in disgust and hissed before she left.Jason sighed deeply, everything about Zoey is always toxic. He just wished that whosoever was coming wouldn't be as mean and wicked as Zoey. "I just hope this important guest doesn't behave like Zoey and Mrs Kim. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to survive it." Jason muttered.When Jason was done cleaning, he was surprised to hear Zoey instructing him to go and have his breakfast at the kitchen island. It hadn't happened before and Jason prayed for such opportunities to come by. The visitor…..Zoey finished her breakfast and quickly freshened up. She wore baggy black joggers and a white crop top. She packed her head in a loose ponytail. She applied a little wet lips and she was good to go. Zoey waved to her mother who was still eating her breakfast, goodbye. In the next few seconds, we heard the sound of a car driving off the compound.At the airport, Zoey packed her car. She came down and walked hastily to the waiting area. She kep
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Chapter eight
"Welcome back to my house Ella, how was your flight?" Mrs. Kim asked, smiling profusely. "My flight wasn't stressful at all. And I’ve missed you so much Mrs. Kim, how have you been?" Ella said and slightly pulled away from the embrace but still holding her hands."Same here Ella." Mrs. Kim answered.It was an obvious lie. The Garrison family never cared for anyone. They're too selfish to care. All they wanted was just to make money from anyone who could give it out to them. Zoey just stood with folded hands watching her mother and her friend catch up. and while Jason also stood there watching them.As they finished talking, it was just like they instructed them to look at Jason. And they three shouted at once. “What are you doing there? Standing like a lost puppy,” “Don't you know where to keep the luggage? Fool!” Jason quickly carried the luggage down to Zoey’s room. He didn't know if he should Ella unpack but he didn't want anyone accusing him. Back in the living room…..Mrs. K
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Chapter nine
“Was I dreaming? Food, cook? Rest? How? Jason thought. He was totally confused. As he was looking around, trying to understand what was going on, Zoey urged him."You should rest, you can have the rest of the day to yourself." They both women helped Jason up and took him to his space. After a few minutes, Jason reached his room. He heard a knock on his door and told the person to come in.It was the cook, Kelvin, with Jason’s food. Kelvin kept the food. Jason said, “Thanks, Kelvin.” Kelvin glanced at him with so much pity, he knew all that he had endured in the hands of the Garrison family. Jason had hurt himself from the fall, and he didn't think Mrs. Kim cared a lot. Now sending Kelvin to give him food was a total shocker for him.Before leaving, Kelvin paused. Jason asked what had happened and why people who despised him were being kind suddenly. He was surprised and wanted to know what happened.Kelvin explained, "Well, Jason, you had an accident, Mrs. Kim pushed you down the st
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Chapter ten
Mr. Garrison narrowed his eyes skeptically. "Work? Are you still working at the hotel? And Since when do you work late?"Jason shifted uncomfortably. "It just happened, sir. They needed extra help tonight."Mr. Garrison crossed his arms. "Hmm, we'll see about that. But don't make it a habit. I won't tolerate laziness."Jason nodded quickly. "Yes, sir, I understand. It won't happen again."Mr. Garrison grunted and waved him off. "Freshen up and come downstairs, I have something to discuss with you."Jason hurriedly retreated to his room, relieved to have avoided insults. Jason took time in his room, in fact, he forgot. He was extremely tired and needed a good rest.As he was tossing on his bed, trying to get some sleep. He heard his name. Jason! Jason!!.. Quickly he got up, knowing fully well who the voice belonged to. Jason rushed to the living room. As soon as Jason got there, Mr. Garrison was already grumbling."What is wrong with this boy? Jason! What is keeping you waiting? I wa
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