Son-in-law's Revenge

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Son-in-law's Revenge

By: Agatha Lily OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Matt's new identity would no longer be Matt Reeves, eldest son and heir of the Reeves clan, rather it would now be Matt Smith, orphan that lived alone in apartment 5-E, a public school student with an older sister that had to work abroad just to make ends meet. His family and friends were forbidden from helping him, they were not to extend any form of help until his poverty training was over. He was alone against the world; for now.


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7 chapters
After 5 years of marriage
It was pouring rain as a black sedan sped along the soggy streets of the Capital. Inside the car was Matt Reeves, the fifteen-year-old heir to the Reeves Corporation. He had just left home during a tearful farewell to his sister Loire, mother Figga, and father Lion when his impoverished training began. Every heir to the Reeves family knows that at the age of fifteen they will have to give up all the comforts they've ever known and move to a remote province with the bare minimum their family provides in order for them to survive. first few years. . The car stopped outside a dilapidated apartment complex. Matt took the key out of his pocket, four years' rent for apartment 5-E has been paid. Matt put his backpack in and sent the car and driver away. Due to the rain, the stairs to the 5th floor were slippery, Matt was very careful when climbing. Apartment 5-E is a small room, it can only fit a small bed, a kitchen area and a table. The room didn't even have a private bathroom, only a
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The rest of the trip
Jane waited for Matt for an hour, she could not reach him by phone. Although she didn't mind him working late, she knew he would get some advice from her mother when they got home. When she saw the car approaching, she breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry Jane, I'm busy with work and don't notice the time." Matt's sorry. "Don't apologize to mom, sorry later. You know how mom is." Jane sighed. "Why don't we go out to eat today? I got a promotion, so I treat!" Being promoted is an understatement for what happened to him today, but he has no plans to tell his wife or her family yet. As if forewarned, Jane's phone began to ring, it was her mother. "Let's celebrate your promotion, my cousin is engaged and her father invited us all out." Jane told Matt. He drove them home to pick up Jane's mother, Anne, and her father, Charles. "Who is Anna's fiancé, mother?" Jane will soon regret asking her mother. "His name is Cuban Joan, he's the son of a very wealthy businessman. They ow
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Too hard and too trying
"Jane! I'm so glad you could do it!" Anna saluted while hugging her fiancé's arm. "Of course we're here, Anna!" Anne answered before Jane could say anything. "I'd like to introduce you all to my fiance, Cuban Joan. His family owns a nationwide chain of drugstores!" Anna announced quite smugly. "What a successful young man." Jane's father praised. "Darling, Jane's husband, Matt, has been stuck at an assistant job for the past five years! He goes to the same university as us but it seems he can't find a decent job! Why don't you help him?" Anna said in a sweet tone to her fiancé. "Anything for my Anna." Cuban replied. To Matt, he said "Matt, what's your area of ​​interest? I'm sure I could talk to my dad about giving you a job!" "I'm fine, thanks." Matt said in a meek voice. "You have too much pride, Matt!" Anna scolded. "I'm fine with my job right now, Anna." Matt said again. "What about another company? I'm friends with 4 of the 5 princes! I can ask them to give yo
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End them
After a while, the father and son duo returned with a young man. That's Mark Laurence. They take him to see the family patriarch Scarlett and Anna. "Sir, this is my friend, Mr. Mark Laurence." Cuban proudly presents. Patriarch Scarlett once again rose to greet the important guest. "Mr. Laurence, it's an honor to have you as our guest tonight." Grandpa Scarlett greeted in a humble voice. "The Laurence family has been supportive of the Joan family for a long time and I simply saw fit to attend." Mark's voice cold. "Brother Laurence, this is my fiancé, Anna Scarlett." Cuban gives an introduction to Anna. Mark just nodded and didn't say anything else. Behind Edward Joan was worried. They told everyone that his son and Mark were good friends, but Mr. Laurence was rather cold towards the Scarlett family. "Mr. Laurence, I'd like to introduce you to a few others." Edward said, waiting for Mark's permission. Mark simply nodded and Edward called Anna's and his family over. "S
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Following him
The next day, Jane still refused to talk to her parents. Her mother for what she said and her father for what she said. Although Jane works at Damien's Inc., she still receives the salary as a regular employee. She did not expect her father to inherit any shares, and she herself did not expect to inherit any shares. Much of it will probably go to her oldest uncle, Fredrik, and his children. In the past, the Scarlett family had hoped that she would meet a man from a powerful family and marry him, with whom her greatest asset was her beauty. She was always favored by her grandfather in the hope that she would get married, but part of Jane refused to do this and this is exactly why she started dating Matt. He was a poor kid who graduated from a local public school, he was nobody in the eyes of the Scarlett family. She never really expected to love him at first, but the heart wants what the heart wants. "Honey, we're here." Matt claims to pull her out of her daydream. "You know
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Win the heart of this rich man
"Why, if it's not Mrs. Reeves, what about marrying a man who earns less than you?" Oak asked, mocking Jane. "It's been a while, Oak." Jane said, refusing to participate. "What are you doing here Jane? Your husband can't afford to take you out to eat here. I'm pretty sure your family wouldn't approve of you spending that much on a meal here." Oak continues to try to get a response from Jane. Jane however refuses to use her childish tactics. "If you have nothing good to say Oak, I'll go my way. Have a nice day." Jane immediately left the girls room and returned to their room. "There's an annoying fly here today." Jane commented to Matt. He raised an eyebrow in response. "I saw Oak De Jesus in the ladies' room just now." Jane complained. "You are a thousand times more beautiful and intelligent than her." Matt said, pinching her chin and kissing her lightly on the lips. He finds Jane adorable when she's mad or jealous. "It's almost time to go back to work, shouldn't we t
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Matt's 28th birthday has arrived
Jane looked at the card in her hand. She assumed it was only a few thousand because Matt's family was not well off. She smiled at the thought that her husbands were thinking of her before they passed away. She was going to check the money inside the card while waiting for Matt to come pick her up, unfortunately she was busy with work and had to work overtime. She noticed a message from Matt on her phone Are you almost done yet? Not yet. Why don't you go home first? She answered. Do you mind if I meet some friends tonight? Matt texted back. Sure. See you at home. Jane replied. She remembered that she would pass by an ATM to check the balance on her card after work. Matt immediately sent a message to his friends to meet him at his father's country club. He then asked Ian to have a driver come pick him up in the car his father had given him. All 5 men are members of the country club since it serves the social order. "A prince has returned." Mark teased when Matt approa
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