R.E.D Red Everlasting Dragon

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R.E.D Red Everlasting Dragon

By: Djisamsoe OngoingUrban/Realistic

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When a house exploded, everyone thought that it was just negligence. But when the police found out that there was a married couple in it who had died, the commissioner of police panicked unknowingly. Coupled with the little girl whose where abouts were unknown, the entire ranks of the police and army began to tremble in fear. Because, he's finally back! The person who could make major officials tremble and a country on emergency alert had returned. He's back for revenge! Take revenge on the perpetrators who killed his parents, and kidnapped his sister. "I don't care who or what, since you dared to kill my parents and kidnap my sister, I will make sure that this world will not be safe for you anymore." "Even if the name of the Red Everlasting Dragon shakes the world again, I swear I will find and destroy you!" Like a wild beast, when he has unleashed his anger, no one can stop or hinder him. Coming from east to west, everyone knows him as R.E.D. A 27 year old young man who could make a country fearful. There he was, the King of the Underworld with the Dragon Tattoo on his body. Red Everlasting Dragon.

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49 chapters
"Gosh... this is really tiring."Arinda, a beautiful woman with short hair in a police uniform suddenly complains in her office.At night, the woman who was only 23 years old and was already a first-rate police inspector felt helpless as she went through all the reports in front of her."Not finished with unresolved cases, this is another very troublesome case."Picking up the report files on the table, Arinda frowned and muttered, "A house exploded suddenly during the day when everyone was still active but not a single piece of evidence was left behind. there are no eyewitnesses, and there are only reports of a husband and wife who died, and a little girl who went missing.""The incident took place in a densely populated city, but no one noticed, this is really unusual!"Arinda's brows creased even more as she continued to read, and finally just sighed helplessly. "These people are really skilled. Who can do these kinds of things so perfectly?"Taking a deep breath, Arinda, who felt
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Arinda's eyes widened, she was so surprised and wanted to scream. But his chest felt tight and her could only open his mouth wide without the slightest sound coming out."Aaah!!"Whether time had passed, along with cold sweat dripping from his forehead, the sound of screams finally came out.scream.If at this time there was someone, or Arinda's subordinates who saw her screaming in fear like a little girl, anyone would definitely suspect.Because all this time, Arinda was known as an official who was firm and fearless of anything.But today, her screamed with his eyes and mouth wide open and cold sweat continuously dripping down his forehead.Actually Arinda's reaction was not too exaggerated, because from where she stood, she saw that there was a policeman lying on the floor unconscious."Unlucky!"Realizing that it was a police officer lying on the floor of the police station, Arinda immediately ran to approach him.However, just when her he had just left the office and saw that th
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"What?!"“What did the Goddess just say?!”"Did the Goddess just address that tramp as Master?"Everyone was shocked and couldn't believe it.I was so shocked that some even slapped their own cheeks."Plak!""Ouch...it hurts! This isn't a dream!""Impossible! this is absolutely impossible!""My goddess... The goddess Bell that I've worshiped and admired calls him sir?""This... this... is this Hell?"....Ignoring all the shock around her, Bella's expression was still respectful and she gently glanced slightly at the tramp beside her, and opened her lips, "Master, do you need---""I need to clean up." A light and indifferent voice sounded."Cleaning up?" Bella was surprised and immediately raised her head.But the woman didn't have time to be surprised and had to quickly chase the man she called "master" into the hotel.Like a maid, Bella showed the anonymous man the way, and didn't make a sound.Arabella Bella, an artist who has been admired by many people and worshiped as a goddess,
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Red Everlasting Dragon
As if he had just seen a ghost, Commissioner Burhan's facial expression looked very frightened, and beads of cold sweat were seen falling from his forehead.Not speaking, Commissar Burhan's mouth seemed to mutter silently several times, and his temples were constantly twitching.That expression that seemed so exaggerated to Arinda naturally made her frown in surprise, and wonder.For Arinda, Commissioner Burhan is no stranger, and she knows him very well.Ever since Arinda could remember, her uncle had never once made this kind of fearful expression.Even if it was a serial killer ruthlessly killing dozens of people, an angry expression was what commissar Burhan would emit, and not fear.But, why is he now expressing so exaggeratedly?R.E.D, what's that? Why did Commissar Burhan, who previously looked very angry, suddenly become frightened when he heard that?R.ED, is that a terrible fit?Arinda's heart itched, and she could no longer help but ask, "Uncle, is something wrong?"Arinda
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"Are you moving again?"If there were other people at this time and saw Rendy asking for a tattoo on his chest, they would probably think Rendy was a madman.But if you look closely, it will look normal.Because right now, the Dragon in Rendy's chest seemed to respond to his question.He open mouth closed again, and he red eyes seemed to stare straight into Rendy's eyes."Uh?"With a strange, dominant aura from that gaze, Rendy suddenly felt his body heat up.But that's not much.Just when Rendy felt his body burning, he felt something squirm in his chest. And when he saw what happened, Rendy's long eyebrows furrowed."Aarrgh!!"A very loud scream suddenly sounded, and made Bella who was in the living room surprised.The woman immediately stood up and ran towards the room.Hearing the sound of running water in the bathroom, Bella didn't think long and immediately opened it.But, her found the door closed from the inside, and could only knock on it."Master... Are you right?"There was
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Unimportant state
The man is not someone else, he is commissioner Burhan.The man Arinda called uncle, and the one who was immediately frightened when he found out that it was Rendy who was causing trouble at the police station.He had not come alone, but had come with three youths, and still looked inexperienced.It could be known when the three of them looked confused and wondered when they heard their boss, Commissioner Burhan said very politely to Rendy.Considering Commissioner Burhan's status, normal people shouldn't have the ability to make him respectful.But this man can? Who he really is?The three of them were curious, and with their great curiosity, they secretly investigated Rendy who was sitting in a chair.But, the three of them didn't find anything out of the ordinary other than a young man who was almost the same age as, and just a young man in a plain t-shirt and jeans.If anything, it was his long hair that stood out, as well as that handsome face with an indifferent expression.At f
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For the first time from start to finish, Rendy suddenly raised his eyebrows, and was taken aback by the commissioner's reaction.But the shock was only momentary, and he regained his composure saying, "I just wanted him to come here tomorrow morning. If not, you know what?"Commissar Burhan's old body seemed to be shaking uncontrollably, and his expression was very unwilling."Master, she... She is young and ignorant. She is my niece and only daughter, I really beg Master to let her go.""I'm really sorry on his behalfif he angers Master, my life can be used instead.""boom!"The sound of the gun rang out and made the four people on the floor stiffen.Especially for the three young men behind commissioner Burhan, they felt very scared and couldn't help but look at their superiors while holding their breath.The three of them were very nervous, panicked and afraid, closely watching Commissar Burhan's kneeling body which would soon bleed, and fell limp.But they seemed to worry too much
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God?Julia's eyes and mouth widened.Standing frozen in front of the door, her was very surprised and couldn't believe what Bella was saying.God, isn't that an existence beyond Human imagination? Turning the clouds and creating rain, is that tramp able to do it?No? Impossible!Bella has got to be kidding! There was no way the tramp just now was such a person. This must be just an accident.Or maybe this is because Bella has been tricked by the man and finally takes advantage of her status.Correct! He must have done something to Bella.However, Julia had known Bella for a long time, and knew very well that her friend was not a fool to be taken advantage of.She wasn't a trusting woman either, moreover it was a man. In fact, Bella also never once glanced at a really good and well-established man.But now, when Bella was so adamant and said something that would make no sense only to an unknown man, something must be going on.No.As a friend and as a friend, Julia would not let Bella
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Bella blushed
"What you guys think is right." Commissioner Burhan nodded, and looked at the three young men in front of him for a while.After watching the three young men almost peeing in their pants for a long time, Commissioner Burhan continued, "He came back to find out who killed his parents and sister.""He's back for revenge, and you guys should know toohe is the only human in this country who has special permission to kill whoever he wants to kill.""Even if it's me, he's free to do it. Even if he kills the entire police station, this kind of big case will just evaporate.""You can think for yourself, how can a person with that kind of power when acting and furious looking for the killer of his family.""Glek..."Again and again, after the commissioner had finished speaking, three successive gulp sounds resounded from the three of them.At this moment, the three young police officers, who only held the rank of second level inspector, a rank lower than Arinda's, could only feel fear and goos
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Aggressive arinda
Morning.Just when it was still dark, Rendy, who intended to go to the bathroom, immediately fell silent after opening the bedroom door.Looking at the bedroom that had changed since the last time he saw it, Rendy felt a little surprised, and shook his head."Making various kinds of candles that she somehow got before going to sleep, does this woman really have this kind of hobby?"Rendy, who was carrying a jar filled with powder like spices, shook his head again when he saw Bella sleeping in bed.Placing the jar he was carrying on the bedroom table, Rendy took the blanket that was already on the floor, and covered Bella's body.Ease seeing Bella's sleeping face, Rendy muttered again, "Didn't I say a long time ago that this was impossible?"Randy looked a little helpless and walked into the bathroom to clean himself.Meanwhile outside the hotel building, a police vehicle with a woman inside had stopped and parked there.Arinda, who is currently in the car, and alone looks repeatedly b
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