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By: Lord Sompa Churchill OngoingUrban/Realistic

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After a group of men tortured his family and set his house on fire, Alfie, being the only survivor decides to seek revenge. Luckily for him, he was already recruited in the army just before the disaster. He becomes traumatized and cold-blooded due to the effects of the merciless loss of his family who includes; his parents, siblings and cousin. He becomes so fierce and even his companions were scared of his anger. After three (3) years in the army, he generates into the famous Dragon General and therefore comes back to end the lives of whoever was involved in the murder of his family. Not forgetting his Claribel, who saved him when he was running away from the bad men whiles he was hiding in the forest. Unfortunately, Claribel is being captured and molested by the famous Frederic of the Great Five Family. He tried to rape her and when she tried to defend herself, Frederic purposely arranged an accident for her. She survived, but she was left paralyzed for the rest of her life. To totally destroy her, Frederic arranged a forced marriage for her among the wretched in their society. In all this, Claribel’s family ceased to defend her or even help her out of her predicament for whatever reason. With two tasks ahead of him: saving Claribel and ending the lives of his family’s murderers, Alfie sets off to complete his missions.

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  • Tracy Binfoh


    I have learnt so far in this story is be to vigilant even around your friends. I can't wait for the chapter where he would get hold of those that killed his family.

    2023-04-18 00:19:08
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1999 - OSU“Alfie run, they’re coming. Don’t let them see you!!” his mum exclaimed.“But I can’t leave you mum, they’ve already killed dad. If I leave, they will kill you too! and small sister and baby Rona!” Alfie shouted back to his mother. He couldn’t bare leaving his mother to perish under the mercy of these men, whoever they were and for whatever reason why they were raiding his family. They had already shot his father and set his house on fire. Now they were after his mother, and he was pretty sure they would come after him next.Fortunately for him, they had no idea his little sisters were hiding in the kids’ room upstairs. So if only he could make it to them, he would lock the door and stay with them there, hope and pray they won’t be found by the men and the fire will not burn them to ashes. He wiped his tears and got ready to move. He stumbled over his dead cousin, Richie; who was stabbed by one of the men. He clenched his fist at the sight and continued his mission unt
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CHAPTER 2“Let her go”. Coming from a man who thinks he can just barge in his mansion and interfere in his business. This moment was his, everyone was at his beck and call. He was controlling this enormous crowd. He was the only source of authority in this hall and even Claribel’s family could not stand against him for molesting their daughter. Why then would a strange man have the audacity to command him? Does he not know him? Have he not heard of Frederic of the Great Five Family? Does he not know he can make his life miserable within a twinkle of an eye? Who even gave him the permission to enter the this mansion?“I said let her go!” the man growled again. Frederic was astonished as to how this man had the nerve to talk to him like that. “Who are you and how dare you talk to me in that manner?” he decided to question him. For the past thirty(30) years of his life, he had been the centre of authority in every place he found himself. His father, the most powerful man in their c
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The weather was very sunny today. The rainy season was over and the harmattan was lingering in the air. It will be Christmas soon. The sun was so bright and everything seem to come alive. The grass surrounding the environment was so green and animals, including the birds, insects and the mammals all seem to match the energy of the sun. White, fluffy clouds drifted across the clear, blue sky, whiles the sun kept on casting a radiant shine. Everything seem to be still and at peace, everything seem to be alive.The atmosphere looked like it had a connection with Claribel’s life. As she looked through the glass windows of Alfie’s great villa, she realised how the weather had been in tune with her life. During her dark days, when she was being tortured by Frederic, the weather always seemed to be gloomy, it was always dark and rainy. She remembered how the sky was cloudy and dark when Frederic nearly married her to a pauper; that she prayed fervently that there would be a very heavy d
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Danger was setting in. He had to act fast. It was clear that Dragon General purposely came for him, to end his rule, to end him.It was not as if he could not handle that soldier. He had dealt with people stronger, powerful and energetic than he is. Everyone was afraid of him, everyone cowered when it came to him, he had every authority and power he needed to proceed in destroying Dragon General ; but his father.His problem at the moment was his father. His father had always supported him when it came to his evil deeds. In fact, he was his only motivation. When it came to killing and torture, his father had destroyed and murdered many people than he, Frederic had even done. His father had a heart of ice and showed no mercy to anyone who crossed his path. Even in his old age now, he had accomplices who continued doing his dirty works for him. He was a Mafia, and Mafias never fold.So for his father to actually tell him to stop dealing with a man who disgraced his entire dignity an
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The plan was to first eliminate the guards at the main gate of the villa, extract the keys to the CCTV room, poison the wild dogs and move straight to the CCTV compartment to disconnect the installation. If they were lucky to meet no other guard, some of them would climb the building via a rope already provided for them to Alfie’s room. Whoever gets the chance to do so takes him unaware, battles with him and kill him. For now, Claribel was not in the picture, the moment Alfie is gone she will be easier to capture.The pressure and the silence in the van was so heavy that one could literally hear a pin drop. Everyone was lost in his own dilemma of thoughts. Everybody’s fate was going to be decided tonight. It was a do or die situation and the probability of getting the wrong side of the coin was very high. The only thing that kept their hopes up was the fact that they felt they had a plan and Alfie was unaware of their coming so they will catch him off guard without his weapons; n
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“Hello cousin. Look who has bitten more than he can chew” Patrick said with a furious smile Fredric who was facing the other side of the office turned to look at who just spoke and to his surprise it was his cousin Patrick. Patrick and Fredric had known each other for years. Patrick used to live at the Great Five family house when he lost his father. Frederic’s father was Patrick’s brother. Patrick’s side weren’t as rich as Fredric’s. “Oh laala…..see who I have here in my office” Fredric replied as he take a pen on his table and tapping it on his forehead. “ You have grown so fast than I thought. I heard you are out a long time but you never came home to say hello or have dinner with us. That’s nice that’s nice. The army group has taken very good care of you. Infact you’re looking good I would love to see you in your uniform one day which am sure would be so soon.” Fredric complimented “ Thanks cousin. You don’t look so bad either you have grown so well too. How is business and
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Chapter 7
“Baaaaaaaby…….. Where have you been? I have been trying to reach you but your line has been off” a disappointed tone questionedPatrick and Fredric turned to see who just came in. To their surprise it was a beauty angel whose beauty cannot be compared to any. It was indeed their old classmate from high school.“ What are you doing here Vee?” Fredric asked Vee was Fredric’s ex girlfriend. During their high school days,she was one of the beautiful girls in school. Anytime they ranked the beautiful girls in the school she was always placed at the first place. Her dressing and actions was full of wealth. Vee was much into Patrick but was so scared to tell him how she feels. Being so close to Fredrick she told him how she loves Patrick and how she was willing to take care of his needs.Vee’s father was a prominent man in the country. His only daughter was Vee who he has promised to give everything to when she needs it. When Vee told her feelings to Fredric he got pissed of and dissed
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“Whaa….aaat!” Fredrick screamed in shockPatrick and Vee looked at each other wondering what was going on.“ What could it be?” Patrick wondered “Is everything okay Fredie?_” Vee questioned Fredrick ignored her question because he his attention was on the call he has received.“When and how? Where are you now? Text me the location I will join you as soon as possible.” Fredrick said and hanged up the call.Hurriedly he packed his stuffs and walked to Vee who was still staring at him to say something “And where do you think you are going to? I came all the way here to meet you and you are leaving me here just like that what……”Fredric interrupted“ Look Vee I don’t have time for this Will catch up with you later for now I need to attend to something important. You know your way out leave when you want to.Also don’t wait for me I might not come back.”“ Are you being serious Freddie?” Before Vee could realize Fredric had left the scene to attend to the one who called.Vee felt emb
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“Please help me…” the voice cried outPatrick stood silent on the phone because he knew people could scam him or could be on of Fredric’s plane against his boss. Waiting for a while before talking he asked “Who are you?” Patrick asked Before he could ask the next question the other party hanged up.The voice of the person kept ranging in his head.He kept pondering over it “ Who could it be?” he asked but there was no answer to his question“Could it be his boss or Claribel” he wondered He hurriedly went inside his car and drove off speedily. If anyone had cross his path the person would have been a dead meat or disable.In the car he tried calling his boss to but was not going through. Claribel has no phone which he can call her through to find out what was going on.“Has Fredric and his gang attacked the house again “Patrick was asleep when Fredric and his gang attacked the house so he didn’t hear anything that happened. Dragon informed him the next day which made him so angr
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“I had the same call earlier..” Said Dragon“Really?” Patrick exclaimed in shockThey both sat quietly for a while without saying anything“Who could be doing this?” They both asked the same time Alfie heard someone call his name. He went out and saw it was Claribel he went back to Patrick“Patrick, I will join you later. Need to attend to something important.”“Okay boss.” Patrick repliedImmediately Alfie left, Patrick took his phone to make an important call“ Hello Boss….”“”Sup? What information do you have for me?” the other party asked “There is something I want to tell”“Go straight to the lint and stop wasting my time.” The party replied“Earlier today I had a call from an unknown number who was crying for my help. I have tried calling back the number but is not going through am kind of worried that’s why I decided to call you.The worst is the same number called Alfie.”“Really?” Mr. Ninson asked“Yes Boss.”“Is up to you to find out who is behind this as soon as possible.
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