I Try To Become Best

“Tch… this is becoming a pain! I have to cause all the creatures that have caused this to die…” Gladio mustered up enough energy to turn many monsters to ashes, it was a pity that monsters were just starting to appear right now.

People experience a panic.

The three high-ranking officials were very surprised by what happened, through the vision glass they saw it.

"That's bad, it's already started the invasion of the Demon God, he mobilized many monsters to do this heinous thing!"

"What about Shirona? Has she done her job?”

“Of course, she is currently with Joven to make a move! They will definitely put in their best efforts!”

"I hope so..."

Those who were exposed to the crystal radiation became less strong, they became lethargic and preferred not to move.

Alicia tried to keep herself focused. “I mustn't trouble Master Gladio...” She took an energy-boosting pill that was able to make the sluggish feeling go away. "Uh... I see, the right ingredients to deal with this are supplements that
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