Chapter 24 (part 3)

Every single element of the radius his senses could map out is a vision he could discern despite how it looks like, a line graph curving around corners, angles, and varied motions. Trust couldn’t tell if this vision of his mind was being serious or not, since it was happening and he has no time to be flabbergasted, the only thought in his head was to see the unusual line within this map-like-graph.

Humans look like monotone walking mannequins, shaded by grey and solid to the sight, but the rest of the details look like lines. Intersecting buildings with moving vehicles, animals, and humans like mannequins, there is another element that moves within this domain. It’s not the air or the earth that neither becomes represented by lines or whatnot, but an absolute quantity of dots within coming from under.

He couldn’t bother to see what those because the moment he noticed those dots and the quantity scattered around them; he finds himself looking at his ha

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