Ultimate Revenge Of The Belittled Tycoon

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Ultimate Revenge Of The Belittled Tycoon

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“Shut up, you moronic criminal!” His mother-in-law screamed. “How could you disgrace my family by stealing a common wallet? I want you to understand that this is the last time you will ever step your thieving foot in my house. Your marriage to my daughter is over! Onwards, you no longer belong to this family…” Abandoned by his birth parents at the age of five, forced to take care of his sick brother all alone and later kicked out by his in-laws for a crime he did not commit, Alexander Easton has gotten his fair share of abuse, insults and humiliation. His life takes a dramatic turn when members of “The Conglomerate of Billionaires” approach him with news that he’s their long lost Chief Master. Months later, Alex returns to exact a fiery revenge on all who ever dared to ridicule him. Starting with his in-laws and former boss, no one will escape his wrath…

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  • blessingoyadan9


    The first chapter has me hooked.... Good Job Author...️.

    2023-12-23 15:36:14
  • Blaq


    Hey, everyone. Daily updates will begin today. Check in daily to read the mesmerizing story of a young man who grows from zero to riches!!!

    2023-12-21 11:52:21
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54 chapters
“Thief! Everyone, I’ve finally caught the thief. I caught him red handed!”The once quiet hallways of Hunter & Sons Technology Ltd. erupted into a frenzy of whispers as all the workers gathered in the lounge, each struggling to see the reason for the screaming.In the centre of the room, Miss Susan, the assistant secretary, held Alexander Easton, the secretary, by his collar, fuming like a snake in heat.“I didn’t do anything.” Alex stated boldly. “Let go of me. I’m innocent. I did not steal from you.”Susan held on tighter, her voice growing louder and louder by the minute.“If you’re not guilty, explain why I found it in your bag. I suspected you from the very beginning. You’re a thief, Alex. You’re a shameless thief!”Alex’s heart nearly beat off his chest as more than half of his colleagues whipped out their phones and began to record the humiliating scene.Before long, the head manger was alerted and he immediately rushed to the lounge. When he arrived at the scene, his eyes wide
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Alex was a twenty five year old orphan. Although his parents were probably still alive and well somewhere, he chose to call himself an orphan because those same parents had abandoned him and his little brother to fend for themselves the day after his fifteenth birthday.He still remembered that day like it was yesterday. He still remembered coming home from high school to meet an empty house and a letter addressed to him where his parents explained that they were too young to spend the rest of their lives taking care of two useless children. Worse still, Jayden, his brother who was just seven years old then, was diagnosed with brain cancer a year later. With no parents in sight, Alex had to grow up pretty quickly and take multiple jobs so he could pay his brother’s expensive hospital bills.But sometimes, no matter how hard he tried, things got so tough that he could barely afford to feed. It was during one of those dark times that he met his girlfriend turned wife, Melissa Baron
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Alex staggered against a nearby wall as horrible flashes from the video tormented him.Melissa…and Derek? How? When? Why? When he finally calmed down long enough to analyse the situation, pure, raw anger burned through his veins. He balled his fingers into fists and took a deep breath.“This cannot be happening.” He muttered to himself, already burning with jealousy. Everyone in New York City knew that he and Melissa were married. Although they’d tried to keep it hush-hush, the news of their marriage had been all over the news because of the high status of Melissa’s family in the city.What was Derek’s excuse for kissing another man’s wife? Enraged, Alex started the journey back to the Baron mansion without pausing to give his decision a thought.Half an hour later, hungry and exhausted, he finally arrived. When he caught his breath, he noticed that the mansion’s grounds seemed to be teeming with people. On a closer inspection, he discovered that they all seemed to be offloading p
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“Alex! Alex, are you okay?”Alex finally snapped out of his daze when his brother tapped him on the arm. Jayden’s brows were furrowed as he stared at his brother worriedly.“Are you okay?”Alex nodded, trying to force a smile.“Yes, sure. I’m absolutely fine.” He lied through his teeth. “I got you something.” He stretched the doughnut towards Jayden whose eyes lit up at the sight of it.“Woah! A doughnut?” The pure happiness in Jayden’s eyes was worth the hunger that was currently biting through Alex’s stomach. He smiled warmly.“Yup. It’s a doughnut. Take it.”Jayden took the doughnut but just as he was about to bite into it, his brother’s stomach growled loudly, immediately dampening the happy moment.Jayden’s face fell and Alex lowered his head in embarrassment.“Alex, have you had something to eat today?”“Yes, of course.” He lied. “Please don’t mind my stomach. I’m probably reacting to something I ate earlier.”“What did you eat?” Jayden deadpanned and Alex was momentarily thr
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THAT EVENINGAlex was furious. Throughout the day, he’s pondered over the recent happenings in his life and came to the conclusion that the Baron family had no right to treat him like trash. He was their son-in-law after all. He and Melissa were legally married. At least, if they were going to dispose of him, they owed him a reasonable explanation.He stared at his reflection in the mirror, satisfied with his outfit. Alex had always been a gorgeous man. With bright blue eyes, midnight dark hair and a jawline like an Adonis, he was every woman’s dream man… minus the cash in his bank account.He sported a charcoal suit, pristine white shirt and shiny black shoes which he’d borrowed from a highschool friend. His brain screamed at him not to go on with this plan but his mind was resolute. Tonight, the Barons were going to answer his questions whether they liked it or not.Tonight, he will crash an engagement party.***Melissa and Derek’s engagement party was slated to begin by eight P
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The entire hall was silent and tense as Alex stared at the papers in Melissa’s hands.“Melissa, let’s go somewhere and talk about this. You cannot be serious.”Before she could answer, Hunter walked forward, grabbed the paper from her hands and threw them on Alex, the ultimate humiliation. Gasps of surprise swept through the crowd.“Didn’t you hear her the first time?” He growled angrily. “A good-for-nothing bastard like you does not deserve to be married to a princess like Melissa. She deserves someone who can provide for all her needs. She deserves a man she can confidently show her off in public and you obviously do not fit into that description. It would be better for everyone if you just scram and never show your pathetic face here again.”Alex tried hard to control his anger. He swore that he tried. But it didn’t work.Two seconds later, he swung his fist in blind rage, connecting with Derek’s cheek and sending him crashing to the floor.The hall erupted into a flurry of screa
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A young man dressed in chauffeurs’ uniform appeared and held open the door to a luxury 2022 Cullinan Rolls Royce.“Please step into your car, young master. We have to leave.”Alex shook his head.“Is this some kind of set up? I don’t believe you. I don’t believe any of you.”“Hold on, young master.” Jack said, pulling out his phone. “I will prove to you that we’re not joking around.”Alex watched curiously as Jack tapped away at his phone. Exactly ten seconds later, something beeped in his pocket.Surprised, he pulled out his phone and stared at the screen.“Wh-what?” He stuttered, unable to believe his eyes. “What is this?”“I just sent you the sum of fifty million dollars, young master.” Jack confirmed without blinking an eye. Alex was stupefied. His fingers were literally trembling at that moment.“Why? Why me?” Jack shrugged.“Because it’s your money, young master. I assure you that this is merely the tip of the iceberg. You’re worth much more than that. Now, please, will you ju
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The room went eerily silent as Matthew got ready to speak.“The Conglomerate of Billionaires was founded by a man named Alexander Stephan.” He paused and Alex held his breath, his stomach strangely tightening with anticipation.“Alexander Stephan is your late grandfather, Alex. You’re his first grandson and only heir.”For the next five seconds, Alex froze, not sure he’d heard right.“What did you say?” Matthew nodded.“You heard me, sir. Master Alexander specifically wrote in his will that you should be named after him. You’re his direct descendant.”“How is this even possible? My parents are Mr. and Mrs. Easton. They never talked about my grandfather but I just assumed he was dead.”Matthew slowly got to his feet and paced towards the floor-to-ceiling windows.“I’m sorry, young master, but Mr. and Mrs. Easton are not your parents. Your real parents were kidnapped more than twenty years ago by members of the Italian mafia. They’ve not been found ever since. Ten years ago, the case
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Alex was literally vibrating with rage at that moment but he decided to control himself. He tightened his fingers into fists and took a step backwards.“Yes, you’re absolutely right. I was the son-in-law whom the Barons rejected… but not anymore. Like I’ve already told you, I’m the leader of the Conglomerate whom you’re expecting and I’m here to pick a vehicle.”The lady scoffed.“I cannot believe you still have the audacity to stand there and speak to me. Last I checked, you were thrown into jail for assault. Did you steal the money which you used to bail yourself out?”Alex opened his mouth to respond but Jack cut in from the door;“No, he didn’t steal the money. How can the young master steal money that already belongs to him?”The lady and the man both watched, mouth agape with surprise, as Jack walked to Alex’ side and bowed deeply.“I sincerely apologize for this nuisance, young master. Have you been harmed in any way?”Alex shook his head.“What are their names?”“Miss Shantel
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The room was thick with silence and regret as it slowly dawned on Shantel, Caleb and Johnson that they’d just disrespected their boss.Johnson was the first to react. He fell at Alex’s feet rather dramatically and tried to hold on to his legs. “I’m so sorry, sir. Please forgive me. I didn’t know you were the boss. Forgive me, sir.”Realising that begging might be the only way out, Shantel joined him. Despite her too-tight skirt, she also managed to land on the floor right beside Johnson.“Yes, sir. We’re sorry. Extremely so. Please don’t fire us. I need this job. Please, sir.”Alex’s lips curved in a smug smile as he looked straight into Caleb’s eyes. Caleb was beginning to grow uncomfortable. His collar suddenly felt too tight and he was visibly squirming.“What are you waiting for, Caleb?” Alex asked, his voice exuding calm authority. “Last I checked, you disrespected me as well. Won’t you join them?”Caleb’s eyes widened with horror.“Surely, you do not expect me to fall at your f
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