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Constantine was once the God of Mercenary, feared and revered by all who knew him, but an accident on the battlefield cost him his reputation and stripped him of his title. Now he is simply Constantine Easton, a low rank security guard and the estranged son of a billionaire father that didn't want him. He is a man who likes staying at the bottom and living his life without the struggles of being at the top, but what happens when the only way to protect all the beauties around him is climbing to the top? "You think you can take what is mine because you're stronger than me? You don't know who you're dealing with." If life throws a bullet his way, he'll pick it up and shoot the hell out of whoever dares get on his nerves. If he had touched the sky before, then he'll go past the stars now. "Only I will be king."

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  • Rex Magnus


    This book is really great. Why hadn't it become popular?

    2023-02-09 00:46:33
  • Aleem Kabirat


    This is a great read. Well thought and skillfully executed. I recommend this book. More updates please I really want to know how Constantine would end up

    2022-11-10 21:44:37
  • Mari Donofrio


    Ok. Half of the book was phenomenal. The other half not so much. And why does it say it’s complicated when it’s obvious it’s not. Feel ripped off

    2023-05-20 15:41:38
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202 chapters
Chapter 1: Peeping through the bathroom window
Constantine woke up with a yawn, his body cracking in places he didn't think could make that kind of sound as he stretched and his eyes brimming with an alertness that shouldn't have been present in the eyes of someone who had just woken up. The sun cast it's rays on the walls of his apartment and he could feel the heat those rays gave off. The sky was awake. The sun was awake. The world was awake because it was eight in the morning and it was time for his landlady to have her bath. Con smiled at the thought. This had become the highlight of his mornings for some reason. Well not for some reason, but for an obvious reason. His landlady was worth it. Everyone in the world would have to agree that it wasn't an easy task scaling the walls and roof of a two storey building. Coupled with the fact that he had to avoid being spotted by the hundreds of people that traversed the street below and he also had to prevent the unfortunate occurrence that would be him falling off the side of
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Chapter 2: Peeping through the bathroom window
The sound of gunshots was like a symphony in the air. A symphony of death and destruction. Enemy tanks released shot after shot and automatic rifles blasted bullets at soldiers who hadn't even been aware of the fact that they would be in this sort of situation. Their location had been compromised. Constantine felt like screaming his lungs out. He watched his fellow comrades take shots to the head, to the leg, to the stomach where the bullet sometimes grazed by and ripped their skin spilling the intestines out. Their screams echoed in his head and the mighty rumbling of the enemy's war machines were enough to inspire fear into any soldier. Constantine peeped through the hole of his small hideout and in a split second he had fired a bullet. An enemy armor tank went up in flames and shots followed. "I was the one who leaked out our location." Constantine's eyes flew wide at the sound of the voice he heard and sure enough when he turned to look around, Mark stood there, almost
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Chapter 3: Repaying the beautiful landlady.
Con could see that Aubrey was enraged.For one her face had turned red and her nostrils were flaring. She was trying to rein her anger in but it wasn't working.It seemed these two had an issue to sort out and it would be normal for a tenant to want to be out of the way in a situation like this, but Constantine didn't trust this John guy. He looked like the sort of person that would do something foolish because he thought he was entitled enough to do it. The bodyguards he had behind him too didn't make matters any easier."I need the boy back Aubrey.""That wasn't what we agreed on John. That was not what we agreed on."Aubrey could hear the pain in her own voice. There was anger there too. She let herself bask in that anger and find strength from it. Oddly the presence of someone else also made her feel a level of reassurance.When she and John had divorced, they had signed a legally binding contract stating that she would be responsible for the care and raising of their son. John ne
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Chapter 4: Repaying the beautiful landlady.
Constantine radiated an intense killing intent. His mouth had curved up into a sinister smile.Who the hell did this fool think he was?Constantine ignored the screams Aubrey's ex husband was letting out. He only tightened his grip on the hand he had captured.He would make sure that John wouldn't use his hand again.Con felt someone touching him softly and he turned to catch the panic in Aubrey's eyes. She didn't want him to hurt her dumb ex husband too much. Constantine let out a resigned sigh and threw John back.No one expected him to go flying into the wall!John hit the wall with a thud and he felt his spine let out a sound.What the hell!He raised his head to look at the insolent son of a bitch that had caught his hand and almost broken it. The look Constantine returned made him feel that chill go up his spine again.John looked to his body guards."Is it until he kills me that you'll do something. Attack him you fools!"Constantine only smiled as the six men approached him.
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Chapter 5: Oops the beauty throws herself on me
Constantine got to his place of work and released a sigh.Ever since his dismissal and subsequent departure from his mercenary crew, he had started working here. The main reason he had come to this town was because of a promise he had made to someone, a promise he intended to keep, so he worked here, as a security guard.Nurain Fashion corporation was one of the fastest rising and leading names in the fashion industry. of Glover city. They dealt in luxury pieces of fashion and jewelry. Each and every dress was pricey and worth the extravagant price. Some top female politicians chose Nurain as the go to brand for anything shopping and fashion related.The company had a value asset of over thirty billion dollars, and although that would seem like a very impressive and powerful status for any company to have achieved, in Glover city, it really wasn't much.The bustling metropolis that was Glover city had a lot of companies with impressive repertoires.Nurain was just one of those compan
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Chapter 6: Oops the beauty throws herself on me.
Con watched as Jane flushed at his words and tried to keep a blush from spreading to her cheeks. He also watched her fail and chuckled as she blushed furiously.Jane didn't know if to count herself lucky or simply die from the level of embarrasment she was feeling at the moment.She was laying on the body of the man she had been harboring a crush on. And at work no less.Jane stood up as quickly as she could, getting off Constantine like he was a platter of hot coals and she would get burnt if she lay on him too much.Con only grinned slightly as she stood up.Jane was a good person, of course he wouldn't let her fall down when he knew he could do something to prevent it.A manager of Nurain falling down in front of mere guards didn't feel like something that was supposed to happen, and apart from that, Jane always dressed daringly.Her outfits usually had a pattern to them, the same pattern that almost every working lady seemed to use when they were dressing up for work, just that Ja
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Chapter 7: "Are you deaf and dumb?"
After all the guards had been assigned their duties, they disbanded from the main hall of the ground floor and went to attend to their various tasks.For Con that task was patrolling the perimeter of the Nurain building. It was one of his favorite things to do.Nurain's headquarters building was a fairly massive one. All of the company's new products would be displayed here first before they made their appearances at the company's smaller retail stores. Con always had a lot to look at whenever he was on patrol.Since this fashion company mostly focused on female wear and especially beautiful females, they were quite known now in Glover city. There were always a lot of patrons around and Constantine always enjoyed watching the beauties as they shopped and had a nice time making themselves beautiful.He was a shameless man, so he really didn't have any qualms with loving beautiful ladies so much, anyone who judged him for it could as well choke on their judgment.This life was very diff
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Chapter 8: "Are you deaf and dumb?"
Adeline had gone red in the face.Nurain was a company that had a more than thirty billion dollar total value asset. It was one of the leading names in fashion and one of the fastest rising companies in the metropolitan area that was Glover city.Nurain had a lot of potential, it would one day be one of the most known fashion brands in the world and it was just a matter of time before they went international.And yet here someone was publicly offering her twenty million dollars for her company. Twenty measly million dollars?Constantine wanted to know who this man was. He knew he had seen the face somewhere before, maybe on a poster or simply on the street one day. Con had photographic memory so if his mind was telling him he had seen this guy before, then he definitely had, he just had to think well and pinpoint where.Con closed his eyes and let his mind do the rest of the work. The memory came back to him in a second.He had seen this guy in a bar. His name was Jake Caswell, the
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Chapter 9: Giving Mr Caswell something to think about.
Everyone present knew who Jake Caswell was.Almost everyone in Glover city had heard of the Caswell family. They had a blood relation to the current mayor of the city and they were not a family to be taken lightly. They were seen as an elite family, with connections all over the globe and in all places.They didn't rule Glover city by any means, but they could do some things and no one would stop them.That was the reason why Adeline had felt a bit scared when Jake had told her she had no one backing her up before. That was true.She didn't have anyone backing her and she didn't have anyone looking out for her. She only had herself and her workers. Her brother was no more and neither was any other member of her family.Her brother had given her all their parents left for them and had gone off to join a mercenary group. The news of his death had been brought to her barely half a year ago and she was still trying to cope with that loss. This company and its employees had stuck with her
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Chapter 10: "I'll find a way to fix it."
Jake and his men rushed their fallen comrade to the hospital. The small crowd was dispersed and Adeline was currently pacing the length of her office.That guard!Why did he have to do that?Of all the things for him to do he had to injure one of Jake's men so heavily.Constantine simply watched her as she paced back and forth. It seemed she had forgotten that he was even in the room, or that she had summoned him here almost immediately after Jake Caswell and his men left.Con wasn't complaining though.Adeline Firoan was a stunning woman to watch. She moved like liquid silk, exuding her femininity with each and every step she took and making him more and more entranced with every sway of her hips as she continued pacing.Adeline suddenly felt someone's hot gaze on her, like the rays of a scorching sun. She looked to see the guard staring at her boldly, without any shame or remorse at the sort of look he had in his eyes.What a shameless man.'"Hey didn't anyone tell you it's rude
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