"Sorry, son. But Dad has got to go. Be strong and brave, I love you." Says this man as he then boarded a boat and left this little child alone.

For some reason, Thomas can still remember what happened that day clearly. And it pisses him off, especially when his father dared to say that he loves him after what he's done. His father is a menace, a no-good piece of shit. As he was continuously cursing his father, Thomas hit his head on a plank and that woke him up. Thomas shook his head as he looked around him. He is now in a small prison cell and is tied up in a rope. The place was all wobbly and felt like riding waves. And that was enough for Thomas to determine that he has been kidnapped by these pirates and he was knocked out when he tried to resist. Normal people would lose hope and just accept their fate, but not Thomas. He is still confident that he would get out of the grasps of these nasty pirates and will go home. But first, he needs to get out of here and get onto shore. While
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