After the bloody second elimination, it is finally time for the final round. Thomas is now face to face against this scrawny man with black hair. He may not look like it, but this man is strong as hell. He came from the most difficult bracket where people with over 5 million bounties on their heads, but he won without even breaking a sweat and without even getting hurt at all. That's how strong he is.

"And now, for the final match! Thomas Griffin versus Jeff Tew!" the crowd went wild.

But then, the mayor made a revelation. It turns out that Jeff is the one who built the galleon ship with his men as he is a talented shipwright, hence he participated in this battle in order to reclaim his own ship as he will not just give it away to some pirates without fighting for it. The mayor then signaled the start of the battle, and for a change, Thomas went on to charge first. However, when he reached the middle part of the ring and was just preparing for a punch, he was met there by Jeff, and si
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