"I will still not forget the scar your fucking father left me!" yelled the captain as he swung his flaming sword at Thomas who blocked it with his own new sword.

"Well, guess what? I also hate my father! And if you could excuse us, we are going on a journey, so get out of the way!" Thomas replied with a yell.

Newton just grinned as he puts extra weight on his sword as Thomas is getting pushed back. William right now is also fighting some navy sailors that is preventing him from preparing their voyage by attaching the helm to its designated place. And he must admit that holding off a lot of sailors is being quite annoying and difficult itself. As the two are now struggling, a gang of people suddenly helped them. They all climbed up the ship and beat the hell out of the sailors on it. And when Thomas looked around, it was Jeff on the ship with his men in his shipwright job,

"Hurry up!" Jeff ordered Thomas.

And it seems as it was if he is about to join the crew. Jeff and the others are n
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