"Is the prisoner ready for transport?" asked a muscular and blond man wearing a soldier camouflage fatigue and then a white and gold cape that says,


"Yes, captain, sir. The prisoner is ready for transport tonight at t in the evening." Angelique replied.

"Good, now, make us something to eat, we are starving as our food storage got emptied." Says this man that wears the same fatigue and has long black hair.

"Hurry up, you damn siblings! Be useful!" bellowed the man with ginger hair.

The siblings just nodded and went to their ship. As they passed through the marines, one of them suddenly spanked Angelique's butt and the other one groped her breasts. Thankfully, they let go immediately as they were too hungry to let their horniness get the best of them. When the siblings reached their ship's kitchen, Angelique couldn't help but cry. She has suffered enough, and even though they have already transferred units, these things still happen. Samuel doesn't know what to do either
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