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By: nadine leesa OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Ameera was an indigo girl. She can saw at whatever times and placed mostly at the night. And Amran knows about her and her ability so he wanted Ameera to help him to investigate about his death.

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    I love this story! Keep writing author...️

    2023-08-08 10:01:45
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The CEMETERY became quieter as the visitors began to leave. But there were only a few people who were still bowed down, staring at the grave in the distance. And this, including a girl surrounded by flowers in a white scarf. Ameera Husna was still sitting holding the tombstone. Sometimes the tears that still flow down the cheeks are wiped away. While staring at the gravestone, she heard a whisper. Ameera kept looking up. Empty and the area is increasingly devoid of visitors. It is possible that those who stayed earlier have now returned to their respective places. It turned out that Ameera was the only one left. She bent down again and this time he plucked the grass from the edge of the brickwork angrily. The soft whisper repeated again this time right in the ear canal. She wiped her watery eyes with fingers before looking up. It was difficult for her to interpret. "Mommy?" Ameera asked in a feeling of doubt that was getting stronger in her chest. While the funeral was done in fron
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AT FIRST, only hands were groping under the car but the difficulty began to be felt, finally Ameera Husna decided to slide her body a little inside so that she could see where the keys were. Indeed, his nose at that moment already smelled a bad smell but he just ignored it, in his interpretation the smell came from the garbage disposal site that was there before reaching the cemetery. CCarried by the wind Ameera was silent for a moment from complaining to herself because she still failed to get the key even though it was visible, the key was further away because of her hand's push. 'What cloth is this?' She muttered. Once again she tried to hold the soft fabric. Suddenly the feeling becomes unpleasant when the finger touches something. The more she groped, the more her eyes froze. The mouth that was busy talking is now silent. 'Oh God, what is this, God?' asked her restless heart. Ameera began to wonder whether she wanted to turn her face to see what it was or continue to crawl out
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AFTER closing the door. The two of them walked slowly along the dark and deserted hallway to the elevator. The built-in air conditioner made both of them ruffle their feathers. Somehow, Ameera Husna's eyes quickly looked up. Squinting, Ameera seemed to see something. And something was staring at her from the corridor of the next building. Ameera stared for a long time. The heart seemed to want to jump out when Ameera caught the movement that was happening. It flew and headed towards the two of them. Ting! The elevator doors open. Ameera and Hakeem stepped in and the elevator doors closed again. Ameera breathed a sigh of relief as Hakeem watched. Hakeem has actually known about Ameera's 'abilities' for a long time, only he kept it a secret. Hakeem can also see but he is not as strong as Ameera only sometimes like before. Hakeem was sure that the girl saw something again. "Did you see anything to Ameera?" Hakeem's question raised Ameera's face which was looking down. Ameera Husna i
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AMEERA HUSNA gulped her saliva too. Who is not afraid to look into the same eyes, also looking but in a sharp state. "Since when Ameera?" "What do you mean, ustaz?" "You haven't seen all this for a long time... but since these few days, you've seen it again, right?" And the question widened the eyes of the three of them. Ustaz Adi already knows even though Husny has not yet told the details. Ameera Husna nodded. Husny and his wife are pounding more and more. Ustaz Adi also nodded before his lips moved as if reading something. "Maybe there is 'someone' who needs your help, Ameera Husna," explained Ustaz Adi again. "I know, you know who I'm talking about... because you're the only one who can see it besides me right now..." Husny and Suraya looked at each other. Suraya felt that she was still being watched after she closed the window. She held her husband's arm tighter. Plus she is pregnant. Ustaz Adi who also has the ability to see the natural creatures next to him stare for a lo
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A few hours up the highway... ARMAN'S singing was also silent when the cd player he installed stopped spinning. Arman pressed the 'on' button but it still didn't sound. "Maybe on the highway?" he asked alone in the car. Lazy to press. Arman continued his drive while whistling. The highway he was traveling on was now getting quieter from other vehicles and even rows of palm trees to the left and right. The sky is getting cloudy, maybe it wants to rain. Arman sped up his drive a little more. If possible, he wants to reach the village before dusk. He is now in Ipoh and will be heading to Jalan Manjung. Follow the Highway closer than the old road that takes hours. "Allahuakbar!" Arman screamed with his hands in confusion, moving the steering wheel from facing forward, turning to the right. Arman saw something speeding past. Arman didn't realize that on the right side of the path there was only a forest and a field made of zinc. He just turned the steering wheel to avoid a collision.
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"HUH? Yes. Yes." The engine was turned on, the fuel was pressed hard and speed off without saying goodbye to the young police officer. "Huh... it's a girl's name...," mumbled the young officer while shaking his head and waving back the green light he was holding, signaling the way to another car. Slip in and out…"ASSALAMUALAIKUM…" She greeted as the door opened wide. And now she already at her home after long way. Felt the wall for the light switch. Pap! Bright but quite quiet. His brother's house was only occupied by him when he was out working. Close the door again after removing the heat deck cover. While locking the door, the back of her neck felt someone's breath. The palm quickly held the cold neck before turning away. Empty. Ameera Husna shook her head because she was too emotional. At the same time, the 'someone' has also entered the house safely. Late night... 'I don't know why didn't sleep well...' Mumbled. Satisfied, he turned his body right and left but her eyes
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ADDY'S BROTHER and Remy's brother are silent and not scolded. Especially Addy's brother, when the coffin that kept the dead body of late Arman was pulled out. Just pull it out of the box. The blanket was lowered by the mortuary keeper. Sister Elly immediately cried when she saw the condition of the deceased. Yes, he was the only one that the young man in the shadow form seemed to be really sad about his departure. While others do not! "It's scary too, seeing what I look like myself." Arman said from behind Addy's brother, making the man rub his neck. Arman noticed the behavior as soon as he moved closer to the woman named Elly. It's really horrible. The face is definitely not like a person anymore. Eyeballs come out of sockets. The skin is gone, only the red and crushed flesh. Maybe because of being dragged. In fact, there are still pieces of crushed meat that cannot be collected. The stomach was distended, the intestinal cord had to be plugged back up by the hospital. The effect
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"HAH! Er... there's nothing, sister. I'm ok. Yes, I'm ok... I'll go first, sister..." Ameera Husna said smiling. Elly greeted the smile before stepping forward. While the couple's brother-in-law and Rania violated this girl, there was absolutely no apology. Elly could only complain to herself. Want to speak out how when her husband is also the same. Arman heard everything before he just turned his head back to see if Ameera Husna was far away or not. Ameera Husna stopped for a moment and then slowly, she tried to turn her back. Heart rate is fast as if just after running a track race. "God!" She shouted when she saw that the man had already turned his head and was staring intently in her direction without wanting to wait any longer, Ameera Husna immediately ran as if she wanted to fly. Arman's head is still turned back. He was still staring at Ameera Husna who was getting further away. Snorting, his head now turned forward again as usual. Arman followed in the footsteps of his si
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AND actually the man saw something following Ameera Husna, not a woman but a man with a bloody shirt! "Thank you... aik...? Where did the man go? How fast is he going?" Ameera Husna's question is strange. Her fur is getting more and more red. She had to leave quickly before anything happened. Ameera Husna walked as fast as her mouth chanted. Trembling all over the body with a sense of self is still being followed. When Ameera Husna moved away. The man reappeared. Slowly the bald man, penetrated the door of the building marked with a crematorium. More and more disappearing..."HELP me. Help me, Ameera…" A whisper hit the earpiece. Mellow tone. Sad and creepy when heard in a quiet and lonely atmosphere. The work that keeps piling up doesn't finish it. Up until that moment, Ameera Husna was still being disturbed by a soft voice asking for help without knowing the source from where or who. 'Who are you really? Why are you still bothering me? Why do you never get tired of bothering me?
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AND those words made Ameera Husna spontaneously open her hands from covering her face without her realizing it. Resist the gaze of the invisible creature. "What do you mean, huh? When will I bring you?" "Remember that night… the night there was a roadblock. And your car…" Ameera Husna continued to widen her eyes. Then she remembered something. Self-control. Her head is getting bigger and bigger. The left hand felt the table looking for the bag because inside there was a small Al Quran. "Ja… ja… at mom… mom… are you… are you from there?" Ameera Husna trembled as she asked. She didn't even pay attention to the ringing of the smartphone. The bag fell because the left hand that had managed to hold the corner was pushed to the end of the table and fell behind the chair. "I'm Arman… the horrible body you're looking at… and stuck in plastic..." Ameera Husna turned her face again. It's scary when you think about it for a long time. The fact is that the original face of the young man with
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