Silver's Touchdown

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Silver's Touchdown

By: SimplyBee OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Silver is a talented football player who has grown up with a deep sense of rejection and abandonment by his father. Despite having seen his father play football since he was a child, he has never approached him due to his mother's instructions. When Silver is admitted to Columbia University, New York, he is suddenly thrust into a world where he must face his father head-on, as he is the head coach of the university's football team. Silver also meets his half-brother, Lennon, and a group of friends known as "the crew." As he navigates this new chapter in his life, Silver discovers a new aspect of love and family that his mother had kept hidden from him. However, he finds himself struggling to keep the truth about his family hidden from everyone, and he must decide whether to come clean and risk losing everything he has gained or to keep the truth buried and continue living with the weight of his secrets.

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1. Silver's POV
(7 years old)“ There he goes again!”, A man sitting close to him shouted as he cheered the team he was supporting.Player Number 54, Jacob Shepherd threw the ball so high, with a certain type of strength that stronger animals posses, that it flew straight into the waiting hands of player number 15. How that player could catch the ball and still hold on to it while running was amazing. The player wearing the Number 15 jersey ran very fast like a cheetah and within seconds, he scored another touchdown for their team, earning them an extra four points. They were playing a game away from home and as expected of the Vikings team, they dominated and conquered every single game they played, that was why they were the greatest of all times, the real MVPs, the six times world Superbowl champions. The team was on a winning streak and was sure to break down any obstacle blocking their path.Silver didn’t know when it had started but he had loved the game of football for as long as he could re
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2. Silver's POV
So his name was Lennon, he thought. He watched the Lennon boy turn towards the boy who was approaching and sighed, making an effort to stand up on his feet.The boy turned to glare at him, “ you’re going to stay there on the floor or what?”, the boy called Lennon spat, referring to Silver.It was then that Silver realized that he was still sitting on the floor. He made to stand up on his feet but slipped and fell down again. “ahh…”, he cried out in pain, this time, feeling that he might have bruised his wrist.“ Are you okay” , someone asked in a soft voice, perhaps belonging to a girl.Silver shook his head and opened his mouth to respond but then noticed that the question was not for him but the boy called Lennon because the person who had asked the question was not looking at him but the Lennon boy.Lennon shrugged, “ nothing I can’t survive from. I think I sprained my ankle. Jeez, not again!”, he grimaced hopping on one leg.‘ Hello… I’m still here, on the floor. Anybody cares t
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3. Lennon's POV
7 years oldLennon knew that he was in trouble the Moment he entered the dressing room and saw his father staring at him. Only God knew what Danny must have told his father. Out there in the field, his father was the greatest of all times, Jacob Shepherd, six times Superbowl champion and other titles that he bagged. But when he left the field, he was just like every other father, strict, caring and affectionate when you listened to him.His father was talking to uncle Michael when he entered the room, “ It was an easy win here…I wonder if they were scared of playing against us or something”, Uncle Michael muttered, throwing his stuffs inside his bag. Yeah, Lennon noted that it was an easy win. He had been watching the game with uncle Chase and Danny at the VIP area in the stadium and noticed many flaws in their strategies that made them lose the match. Most of all, they were scared of playing against the Vikings.Lennon looked around the room, he saw many of his father’s teammates pa
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4. Silver's POV
He was silver, yet he had been born with a plastic spoon, the irony. His name looked too rich coming from a poor scrawny kid.He turned to look at his mother who was focused on the road and gripping the steering wheel. He prayed that she would be calm before they got home.“ Take your eyes off me…”, his mother reprimanded, catching him staring at her.Silver turned back to look at the looming structure that they were leaving behind, one thing was sure, his father was in that building and he wished the man had sort him out or even spared him a glance.By the time they got home, it was almost evening and his mother was becoming agitated. He knew when she was in one of her moods, so he stayed quiet and did nothing so as not to upset her. “ Clean up your room!” , she told him immediately they entered the house.His room was already tidy, he wanted to tell her but thought it wise to shut up and do as she had asked. He was not a disorganized kid. at an early age, he knew how to take care
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5. Silver's POV
His mother loved him and that was all that mattered, nothing else, he mused. Smiling at the social worker, he said, “ there’s nothing going on here ma’am. I’m fine with my mother, really…”.Ms. Anselm sighed, nodding her head, “ I understand Silver…well, I’m pleased to inform you that this will be the last visit from me… from henceforth, you don’t need me to come check up regularly, you’ll be fully under the guardianship of your mother. I hope you made the right choice”, she said.He felt like crying.Even as Silver laid on the bed, forcing himself to go to sleep, he could only think about how he had let himself suffer by concealing the truth from the social worker. His mother loved him, she had told him earlier.She loved him and love covered a multitude of sins right?, his teacher had said so. But why did it feel like he had just let go of the lifeline he was holding on to.A single tear fell from his eye and he wiped it off from his face. He had chosen love and that was okay, becau
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6. Lennon's POV
Lennon laid his head on his father’s shoulder. So long as he was with his father, his hero, he was okay and would bear whatever he was going to face at the hospital. Well that was until his uncle Chase called the only person he was really truly scared of, Liam’s mommy, his aunt Brianna.“ I’ll call Brianna and tell her that you guys are coming in”, uncle Chase offered.“ I want to go with them to the hospital daddy, I want to see aunty Bree”, Danny insisted.“ oh, oh!”, Lennon thought. “ not aunt Bree…”He hugged his father tightly as the man maneuver through the crowd of reporters waiting at the entrance for the football players. This was not the first time Lennon was seeing reporters and flashes of camera attacking his father, Infact, he had seen it Majorly all his seven years of existence, so he wasn’t shocked again and used to seeing them. This time though, he buried his head in the crook of his father’s neck.His father smelt like he just came out of the showers, which he just di
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7. Lennon's POV
Lennon looked at Danny sitting on the other side of his father, the boy was already sleeping. His eye lashes closed against each other.His father kissed his head, “ sleep Lennon, I’ll wake you when we get to the hospital…”, his father told him.Lennon sighed, his eyes already felt heavy though, so he closed his eyes and allowed sleep engulf him.The next time he woke up, he was in his father’s arms. He looked around, noticing that his father was already walking down the hallway of the hospital. He sighed, he had been sleeping and had not noticed that they had gotten to the hospital, it was already evening outside.“ you’re awake?...”, his father noted.Lennon hummed, allowing his father to readjust him so he was no longer carrying him bridal style. He looked over his father’s shoulders expecting to see Danny, but it was just the nurses and doctors in the hospital.His father must have sensed what was happening because he answered his unasked question.“ Your uncle Chase, went home wi
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8. Lennon's POV
(16 years old)“ one two south west!”, Asher called, as he threw the ball into the waiting hands of Danny who almost missed the catch but still gripped the ball running before the right tackle could intercept the ball. He wasn’t as fast as he used to be, he was tired and any minute now, he would start acting up. Lennon was grateful that he was not the one throwing the ball right now.Though football in middle school was a bit on the easy side, well football in high school was a bit competitive and tough, challenging even and he was wondering every time why he wanted to play ball in the first place.Considering they were playing ball under the hot morning sun before classes. Because they had messed up in their last game, coach had declared early morning training and that was why they were here playing ball thirty minutes before school started for the day, though they had been running in the field for almost three hours, since five thirty that morning.Danny fell into the end zone, sco
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9. Danny's POV
(16 years old)Danny was still holding the stupid guy in a headlock when he saw Lennon walk through the crowd, taking in what was happening there. Lennon cleared his throat, tapping the guy who was pulling his hair, for some reason, the guy thought it was okay to touch his hair. He was already feeling the pain in his scalp, but there was no way he was letting the guy he had in a headlock go. He was a huge asshole.“hey!, That wrong!”, Lennon told the guy he had tapped.The guy scoffed, “ ask him to let my friend go!”, He shouted.Danny laughed in pain, over his dead body. The one under him tried to push him off, but he pulled the arm tightly, hearing the snapping of bone. The guy cried out in pain.Great Danny, you just dislocated his arm, he chided himself. It wasn’t his intentions, but it could happen sometimes when he pulled too much. He was trained in defensive techniques and could handle just about anyone that messes with him.If there was one thing his father had taught him to
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10. Danny's POV
“I’ll catch you guys later!”, he said standing up and picking his plate up. He was halfway out of the cafeteria when he noticed that Lennon was walking behind him. He rolled his eyes, that was the thing with Lennon, he would grumble and complain but would always be beside him at the end, that was why he loved the guy to pieces.“ They called your father”, Lennon muttered.Danny winced, that was very bad. He had expected the guy to be a big boy and handle his shit by himself, not involve his parents. Well, the guy was not, so much for a wide mouth.“ you don’t have to be there, you know…” Danny told Lennon.One thing about his father was that the man had the tendency to transfer his aggression to just everyone in the room, and he did not want his father to scold Lennon for allowing the fight to happen like Lennon was his overseer.Lennon hummed in response but still continued trailing behind him.He sighed. They walked to the principal’s office, and he almost didn’t believe his eyes
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