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By: Victor Onumonu OngoingFantasy

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The East is rulled by the dragon family who give them hope, and progressive leadership, but then disaster strikes. War is looming ahead, intelligent cyber defense systems have been compromised, and the East loses their leader and their crowned prince so suddenly. Would this be the final destruction of the East or are the willing to accept the other prince, a traitor who is at the time participating in the superhuman games for the victory of their enemy. Jaachi is the last hope of the East. He is not only a Cyber wizard, he is also the last dragon prince, but only if he chooses to embrace his destiny

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Chapter one
The academy of dragons had become a shadow of itself. In the days of old, the days of the dragons, each classroom was filled with dragons, people who could shapeshift into dragons whenever they wanted to. Now, the classes where filled with ordinary people, people who still believed in the last dragon family, the Ilorukus. East Hendosia was still at war with their arch rivals, the West, and the last dragon family had very little of the dragon blood left in them, they could not shapeshift into dragons again, they could only bend fire, and yet the people believed. They believed in the Ilorukus, they believed in the East, they had to believe. It was either that or submitting to the demands of the west. They were ahead of the seven other kingdoms of Kahkis in everything, including technology. They were a prosperous people, but the prosperity did not come because they had a family of dragons, the prosperity came because the people believed. A gliding drone picked up on Ms. Mao
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Chapter two
The Ochia sat at dinner with his family in a cozy little dinning room. The intricately carved dinning table had only six chairs, four of which were occupied. Iloruku sat at the head of the table with his first son by the right and Ejiofor, his younger brother, a general in the East Hendosian army by his left. His Queen, the Odoba sat opposite him by the end of the table serving out delicacies from china bowls as a servant speedily cleared off used plates. “If my first son always mirrors the emotions of his father, am I not to believe they posses troubling information I am not aware of?” The Queen said as she passed desserts around. “Even my brother in-law seems aware of this”. Ejiofor smiled. Even at 55, he was still very handsome. With his movie star looks and well planned dress sense, it was easy to dismiss him as being shallow but a careful observation Would reveal his absolute selflessness and caring nature. He hid it well though under a veneer of care free witticism. “What?” H
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Chapter three
Jaachi was having a tough time at the tournament of superhuman. At first it had been a blessing to him that he could control electronic devices through his mind, as well as control fire, but once the other contestants got wind of that, they began jamming all the computers around him, and it was really messing up his dragon. He thought back to the days his father had been excited to have him use his power for sport. Now all the Ochia thought about was the affairs of the kingdom. In the days of old, the Ochia would be here to cheer him on to his victory, or tell him he was a winner all the same if he lost. Now the Ochia was probably busy with his favorite son Nikku, doing things he loved to do, things that concerned the kingdom and in no way had anything to with Jaachi. He understood, it was normal, you could never have it both ways. East Hendosia had gained a great king, and he had lost a father. After doing very poorly in his first round against a controller of time, Jaach
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Chapter four
At the ELOE meeting, the clerk was reading the minutes of the last meeting and Ejiofor found himself strangely about to dose off. Present at the meeting were the twenty seven members of the ELOE including it’s president. Three army Generals including himself, an air force General, navy General, the secretary of counties and the director of the cyber military, an institution of the government set to combat external aggression through the use of artificial intelligence. The droning voice of the clerk stopped and Ejiofor could feel the sleepiness vanish quickly. The secretary of the ELOE got up to address the meeting and everyone was immediately alert. His address was straight forward and direct to the point. He was explaining the state of affairs of the country, and from his factual representation, things were not looking good at all. The cyber military had been unable to combat the virus eating away at the intelligence, the drones at the border could no longer detect enemy fighter j
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Chapter five
Nmaka was sitting in her favourite part of the house, the balcony. This time, she was not trying to imagine Nikku’s arms around her, she was just enjoying the night’s breeze. She had decided to leave the entire Hendosia, to travel out of Africa, maybe relocate to Canada or France. Her stay in East had finally come to an end, she could feel it. For five years, she had been engaged to the crown Prince of Hendosia per say, her entire life had been structured around her engagement to Nikku. She attended charities because that was what future Queens were expected to do, did not go on shopping sprees because she feared that would make the people think she was frivolous. She purposely socialized, more than she would normally have, for deep down she was just a shy quiet girl. But since she did not want the people to think her a snub, she attended parties and gatherings – only the ones befitting her status and still she remained unmarried, merely engaged, not really having Nikku yet not being
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