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To escape the clutches of the evil queen, Linux. Aether, the world's strongest sorcerer sacrifices himself to keep the Yggdrassil safe. His sacrifice yields him fruition as he reincarnates in a world full of Awakened individuals. He reincarnates as a orphan boy who is blessed by a unique entity. With the world's changing, Aether / Arthur has to challenge the winds of change while growing stronger to face the Queen again.

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Chandeliers hung from the surface of the ceiling, their lament light showering the room, offering it a mellow outlook. The room itself was made for kings and queens. The gold ornaments lacing themselves with the silk fabrics of the curtains. A bed is placed at the middle of the room and at the foot of it, was a soft cushion placed on a chair. The mirror on the opposite side of the room reflected what was happening on the bed itself.Two people were atop of the mellow mattresses, from afar it might look intimate but it wasn’t. One was a brute, the other a prey, two different genders were locked in a staring contest. The female, having her legs on the either side of the male. Her whole body mass settled atop of the male, her crimson hair pulled to one side exposing her neck, she had full lips which were tugged into a smirk, mischief dancing in her sanguine eyes. “ Aether, the greatest sorcerer. Are you ready to yield the Yggdrassil to me? You have nothing to lose at this point” Her cho
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After leaving the dining hall, Arthur walked through the large corridors of the orphanage. His hands were pocketed in his pants while he walked albeit slowly. He wasn't in any rush to get anywhere.❛From Arthur's memories, this world has what they call hunters. A special group of individuals having the power to awaken innate abilities to fight monsters. This is not that different from my world, but it seems in this one, only few can awaken and some awaken as children's but Arthur has not yet attained his awakening yet. Troublesome. ❜ Aether thought, as he puppeteered Arthur's body.He knew if he forced himself to regain all of his power at once, the body would not be able to withstand the power at all. He needed to play it smart and play it cautiously.Just his day.As he was walking, he bumped into something, it wasn't hard it was mellow in some places, delicate and squishy. Arthur wondered when did walls have, a soft texture. He looked at what he bumped into and understood.Charcoal
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Arthur felt the pain shoot through him. He was forced to spit out some saliva, as the recoil ricocheted across his body. He tugged his hand and darted back a bit, he went in unprepared.“Is that all?”He heard her say.Arthur gritted his teeth and thought of ways to attack while keeping in mind that he was weaker than when he was in his prime as such no matter how much combat experience he has, his body was the deciding factor, the line drawer.『Weakness Acknowledged:Skill Awakened: Blood OrchidPerks: Increases stats with every stack, and can be stacked only five times before cooldown. 』A notification note alerted him of the current development. Arthur raised an eye and decided to try it out. “Blood Orchid”『 Strength: 15 (+6 - First stack) Speed: 13 (+6 - First stack)Vitaliy : 0 (+6 - First stack)Intelligence: 20 (+45 Aether) (+6 - First stack)Endurance: 15 (+6 - First stack)Durability: 10 (+6 - First stack) 』Arthur saw the sudden increase in stats. Interesting, he smirked
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Min-yin stared at Evangelist with wide eyes. Awakening just like Argus? That was something big, on top the Thunder Goddess, Evangelist entertained a child's requests? What was the world coming to?“You offered him a fight?”Min-yin watched as Evangelist nodded.“So what was the outcome of the fight?”Evangelist looked at her nearly empty cup and looked back at Min-yin. “I lost, he managed to make me use my left hand to block his attack after I said I won't.”The latter was stupefied beyond belief, an A-ranked hunter lost to a mere child? No matter what kind of prodigy he is, it should've been a squash match. She found herself licking her lips subconsciously, a strong man. Arthur was indeed becoming a strong man, Min-yin had to keep her fangirlish side under control.However, her gestures weren't missed by Evangelist, she just shook her head. She knew how her friend could be once she starts her fantasies about her knights in shining armor rescuing her, the damsel in distress. “Min-yin,
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When morning came, the orphanage was bussing as the children were excited of what will be happening today. Their elder siblings had the means to become hunters, they were sources of inspiration to the younglings. Ikki, sat at the table drowning in the attention he was getting.“Woah thats so cool, so do you like shoot flames?”“Ikki is so cool!”“I bet he's going to win this all. No one is stronger than him.”“Definitely.”Ikki didn't know if he should cry tears of happiness or punch his chest and yell to the world. Eyes sparkled, as his ever big ego was inflated beyond proportions. “Damn right you know I will.”It was in that point, Arthur descended to the dining hall and everything became quiet. Arthur had changed his attire, consisting of black jacket with a white shirt, black pants and black boots. He pulled the chair and sat down.Arthur quietly, ate his breakfast, he didn't meet any of the other's eyes preferring to ignore them in sake for keeping the tranquil ambience in the di
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The results of the first phase was announced and each of the combatants got their respective points, with Arthur attaining the highest score. Easily besting all the others by a huge margin, second to him was Mineta and third was a girl named Horneva.The exam takers were in the lobby they had been in when they arrived, and were given a few moments of refreshing in order to prepare for the second stage of the exams. Arthur, sat at the end of the room, his table vacant of the luxuries the others had. He did not mind though as he only had one thing in mind, and that was to pass.“Let me see.” Arthur mused to himself, he attained several rewards from when he won against Evangelist and didn't cash in on them, plus he wanted to know what the Ring Of Archeon could really do aside of just summoning a katana for him to use in combat.He swiped his hand across the air and the notification windows appeared.『Sorcerer Supreme: Aether Fie-Yin Current Alias: Arthur Enryu Ranked:? Title: He who t
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Arthur slid down the tube that was connected to the pendulum they were standing on minutes ago. He wondered, what kind of enemies he would face, as this was a gate simultaneously replicated to the utmost detail. His other side, Aether leaped with joy, his heart soaring through the heavens as he thought about the possibilities of encountering adversaries.The first thing he witnessed made him dread ever being excited.The place he was in was a huge dessert with nothing but sand for as far as he can see. The sun was unforgiving and it rained its hot beams of light directly on Arthur sapping away his strength bit by bit. Arthur groaned in discomfort, this was going to be a long phase.He picked a random direction and started walking in it, he was trying to clear the gate as fast as possible so that he could escape this dreadful landscape.Growl-He stopped dead in his tracks, Did he just hear growls? Arthur looked around him, trying to see what was the source of those hostile sounds. To
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❝ Arthur has not only managed to dominate the Coyotes but dominated the gate King, His swords are miraculous, are they part of his awakening? ❞ The commentator bellowed out, as the broadcast repeated Arthur's clearing of the second phase. The audience was cheering for the boy who was passing everything with superb colors. Even guildmasters and guild representatives were showing keen interest in Arthur.❝ Would you look at that, Mineta Oʼrlos has cleared the stage as well and he is now face to face with Arthur. The two prodigies are about to collide, we will get a view of what they can do. In Qi, Arthur completely bests Mineta but from what we just witnessed, Qi doesn't determines the skill. ❞ The commentator said yet again, and the crowd reacted in Accordance to the enthusiasm of the commentator..Arthur stepped forward, his eyes looking directly at the person across him. He knew nothing about Mineta aside from the fact he was the one who had the second highest Qi reading in the exam
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Horneva stood against the gate King, a mighty crimson eagle with red mane and a large beak showing its size, to top it off, it had flames brewing from within its maw and it cooed loudly, sending ripples of heating omnidirectionally around it. The heatwave annoyed Horneva as it left her skin hot.“Tsk!” She clicked her tongue and reached into her pocket, thus far she had been using only her hands and now that this monstrosity had annoyed her, she was itching to put an end to it. Horneva threw the cards up, and they started to levitate around her.Ire burned in her eyes as she grabbed the Queen of spades and threw it with direct precision at the eagle. The eagle witnessed this and shifted most of its weight composition to the left wing, twirling its massive body around with incredible speeds creating small air pressurized circles as it evaded the card.Once evading, the Eagle opened its mouth and from within shot out a ball of searing hot flames atop of Horneva. The girl though wasn't w
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Ikkie stared at the bloodlusted oculars the woman had, and he grinned even more putting himself in a battle formation. His right leg was inched forward, while the left was pushed back parting the soil in the process. The kneecap area was then bent to give him a strong propelling platform by exerting all the force needed on his 'hind leg. Ikki' s hand's were positioned on his left side as if a samurai drawing his sword.Tch!From his tailbone, six bushy yet fiery tails made from heat and aura sprouted flying through the wind. Golden arm guards formed from the very same essence coalesced his hands and arms while a crown formed from the head of a fox appeared on his head. To wrap up the transformation, a large dragging katana originating from the same essence settled in his palms.The battlefield was quiet, no movement made between the two combatants. The stale yet evaporating atmosphere could be cut by a knife from the tension, even the bloodlust emitted from the two individuals was so
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