Arcane Exorcist

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Arcane Exorcist

By: Lord of Hallows OngoingFantasy

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Following the discovery of a formidable grade of Primes dubbed, 'The Colossal Prime', Adam and his crew stumbled on a grotesque being, found unconscious in the Abandoned Sector of New Chrisland City. This being turned out to be an adolescent male, who for some reason had a strange case of Mana Contamination. After being asleep for a Long period of time, the formerly unconscious youth suddenly regained consciousness with no memory of his life. Thanks to the help of Xavier, he was able to regain a tiny fraction of his memory, which included his name, Jeremy. Learning what happened humanity fifty years ago, Jeremy decided to fight with humanity against the ever expanding and evolving beasts known as 'Primes', a group of vicious monsters that solely prey on humans. Not long after this, the so called 'Colossal Primes' reappeared, laying waste to human civilization. Jeremy alongside humanities greatest forces, went into all out war with the Primes, with Humans coming out victorious in the war. This victory came with a huge cost, as half of Earth's population was destroyed but thanks to the Survivors resilience, humanity stood tall, restoring balance to their world.

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  • X-Legacy


    This is nice. The synopsis could be better though. Love the build up, reminds me of a lot of my favorite characters. Great Character building .........

    2022-07-03 23:23:06
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[7:00 P.M], Abandoned Sector 5, Outskirts of New Chrisland City. Ash, soot, and smoke haphazardly littered the air, extremely polluting it with its unpleasant odor and color, while several scorch marks and giant craters designed the earth, brutally destroying multiple buildings in the area, horrifically reshaping and devastating the abandoned landscape. Three youths, each dressed in black, cautiously made their way through the demolition site. Among them, a female figure added a unique dynamic to the group. Their choice of coordinated dark elegance distinguished them as they traversed the rough terrain, their purposeful stride evident. Amidst the debris and remnants of the demolition, the trio moved with a blend of caution and determination. Their observant demeanor suggested a deliberate exploration and investigation of the area, hinting at a shared objective. Their matching black outfits weren't just a sign of them being a team; they also brought an interesting vibe to their p
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Special Grade
“Alright, what are we waiting for, let’s go already,” Adam said, rolling his eyes. “No problem man,” Drake said, igniting the car’s engine. Without further hesitation, Drake drove the car, exiting the Bureau’s Headquarters at high speed. While inside the car, Adam glanced into the side mirror, trying to check on Cassie. This didn’t go unnoticed, as Cassie seductively winked at Adam, pulling her bright brown hair in a childlike manner. Seeing her sudden change of attitude, caused Adam to scoff as he removed his attention. “Seriously, did you just scoff at me?” Cassie exclaimed in annoyance. “What is it now Cassie?” Drake inquired, rolling his eyes. “Hey dumbass, I wasn’t talking to you, Damnit!” Cassie angrily erupted. “I’m talking to Adam!” … Despite her incessant rants, Adam remained indifferent as he slowly got lost in his thoughts. “Are you even listening to me?” Cassie inquired. “Just cut it out, Cassie!” Drake complained. “Fine!” Cassie angrily snorted. “Phew…… She has
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Awakening [1]
The Next day,[7:00 A.M],Medical Department,Bureau of Exorcism HQ.The departure was filled with all sorts of heavy medical equipment’s and personnel’s, all dressed in white lab robes. In one of the wards, a young male could be seen presently on life support. By his side was Adam, who was staring solemnly at him.“Wake up!” Adam said, frowning furiously.Suddenly, someone walked into the ward. Judging by the white attire the person wore, one could tell he was a doctor.“It’s you Doctor Francis” Adam said.“Adam, you’re back” Francis commented in awe. “You were here all night” He added.“Don’t worry about me, what’s your report?” Adam asked in his usual manner.“Well, the only good news I can give you is that, he’s alive” Francis said, shaking his head in disappointment.“No improvement” Adam thought to himself, “What about his Mana contamination?” He promptly asked.“Also about that, we haven’t seen anything like this” Francis frightfully said.“What do you mean?” Adam curiously inq
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Awakening [2]
[11:00 A.M],Bureau of Exorcism,New Chrisland City.Two males were seen furiously walking towards The Medical department, pushing everyone who was in their way, aside. These two guys were none other than; Xavier and Adam. After a couple of minutes, they arrived at the Medical department, and without further hesitation both men walked in, where they immediately met Francis, who was seemingly expecting their arrival.“Francis!” Xavier impatiently yelled, grabbing Francis’s attention.“Executive Xavier, Adam, Finally you’re here” Francis said with a smile.“We came as fast as we could” Xavier said.“We could’ve gotten here sooner If someone had used their ability” Adam said, glaring at Xavier.“Huh?” Francis confusedly said.“Don’t worry about what he said” Xavier awkwardly replied, caressing his hair softly.“Alright. Like I said earlier, the boy’s awake” Francis said with excitement.“What are we waiting for, let’s go check on him!” Xavier exclaimed, clearly causing a ruckus.“Xavier,
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Awakening [3]
“So even if I die, my death won’t be meaningless” Jeremy said, cheerfully smiling.Hearing this, Xavier couldn’t help himself, as he began to laugh hysterically, “I like this Kid!” He exclaimed.“One question though?” Jeremy said.“What is it?” Xavier curiously inquired, staring at him.“How do I become an Exorcist?” He asked.“That’s easy. Once you pass the entrance test, you’ll be further tested, to check if you’re really an Awakened. Once that’s over, you’ll receive an approval from the Board of Exorcist’s, alongside your Identification Card” Xavier proudly said.“Alright, that shouldn’t be hard” Jeremy brightly exclaimed.“But there’s just one slight problem” Adam said.“Which is?” Xavier and Francis inquired simultaneously.“How can he take the Test when he can’t even remember his name?” Adam asked indifferently.“Oh, that’s right!” Jeremy commented.“Hmm, I didn’t think about that” Xavier said, stroking his chin.“Well, there’s another way for him to become an Exorcist without g
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My Exorcist ID
“I’m gonna kill him one day!” Xavier angrily exclaimed as he suddenly vanished.An Hour later,Jeremy’s Ward,Medical Department.Francis was presently giving Jeremy a physical evaluation test. Jeremy was still putting on his dark blue tang top with cargo shorts.“Alright Jeremy, you’re completely fine and we’ll discharge you in a couple of minutes” Francis brightly said.“That’s great!” Jeremy excitedly replied“Can we come in” Xavier’s voice boomed into the room, grabbing both Francis and Jeremy’s attention.“Yes you can!” Francis replied, prompting Xavier’s entrance.Immediately, Xavier and Adam entered into the room. Adam had a black colored bag in his right hand, while Xavier was being Xavier, wearing an awkward smile.“Yo Jeremy!” Xavier said, waving casually at Jeremy.“I’m great” Jeremy replied.“Hey Adam!” He added, waving at the stoic youth.“Hi” Adam reluctantly responded.“Francis, is he ready to go?” Xavier curiously inquired.“Yes!” Francis promptly answered, slowly exit
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Squad Mates
“Whoa, my Exorcist ID!” Jeremy brightly said, waving his Card on the air.“Yup, now you’re officially a Tier One Exorcist” Adam responded.“Tier One?” Jeremy confusedly asked, wearing an awkward look.“Oh shoot, I forgot to explain the Hierarchy of Exorcist” Xavier said, lightly smacking his head.“There’s a Hierarchy?” Jeremy inquired with his interest piqued.“Yes!” Adam immediately replied.“The world of Exorcist’s is classed from Tier One to Six. Every Exorcist starts from Tier One, and as their skills and power increases, they get promoted” Xavier explained.“Is they anything after Tier Six?” Jeremy curiously inquired.“Yes!” Adam promptly replied.“Those people are called Freaks” He added, staring solemnly at Xavier.“Wait, are you calling me a Freak?” Xavier erupted, yelling at Adam.“Yes. You’re freakishly strong!” Adam said in his usual manner.“Well that’s true!” Xavier boasted.“I think I understand. So what Tier are you?” Xavier said, staring at Adam.“I’m a High-level Tie
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Squad Mates [II]
Few Minutes earlier, Bureau of Exorcism HQ. Xavier was seen conversing with three youths, roughly same age as Jeremy . One of them was clearly a female while the latter’s were males. Judging from the uniforms they wore, one could tell they were Exorcist. “Does everyone understand?” Xavier inquired, wearing his usual awkward smile. “Yeah….. I guess!” The Girl shyly stuttered, nervously gripping the end of her jacket. She had long black hair, bulgy but dull eyes and an average body build. The only thing that wasn’t regular in her body, was her enormous boobs. She wore a “Harry Potter” styled glasses and for some reason, she looked a lot like Adam. Seeing her reaction, Xavier couldn’t help but chuckle, giving her a warm pat on her head, “There’s no reason to be nervous Stella, he won’t bite you” He said, obviously referring to Jeremy. “I… I know” She replied. “I thought a squad is supposed to be made up of only three Exorcist” One of the guys stoically commented. “That’s true Yo
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New Humans
“Long time no see…. Adam!” Taejin said, staring the stoic guy in front of him.“Right back at ya…. Taejin!” Adam replied, staring the blindfolded guy.“So you’re still a Tier Three Exorcist” Taejin said.“It’s because of some obnoxious bastard!” Adam replied, obviously referring to Xavier.“Where are you guys heading to?” Adam curiously inquired.“We’re heading to Reclaimed Sector 2…. Apparently, a few Grade-A Primes found their way in there” Taejin promptly replied.“How about you guys?” He curiously added.“Abandoned sector 3…… Demon-Class Grade-B” Adam answered, casually walking towards the SUV.In a Region, they are areas referred to Sectors. These ‘Sectors’ are divided into three separate parts, which includes; Occupied Sector, Reclaimed Sector and Abandoned Sector.The Occupied Sector as it’s name implies, are the areas of the region that have been reclaimed and rebuilt to inhabit both Awakened and Unawakens. A clear example is New Chrisland City.The Reclaimed Sector, are areas
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New Humans [II]
Meanwhile,Reclaimed Sector 2New Chrisland City.Taejin slowly pulled out his Katana while taking a classic martial art stance, with the top of his blade pointing at Regal.“No need to be alarmed, I’m not going to hurt you” Regal said with a mischievous smile.“What the hell is he…. Is he a Prime or a Human?” Taejin thought to himself, staring wickedly at the maniacal being in front of him.“You might be wondering what I and my buddy over there are. Well, I will answer your question…. We are both” Regal commented.“We are both Human and at the same time Prime…. We are the New Humans!” Regal promptly added.Regal had several distinct features that made him both beautiful and weird; He had a Spiky long white colored hair, pale white skin, bright crimson eyes which resembled blood and razor sharp teeth’s and claws.“What the hell are you?” Scott frightfully inquired.“Are you dumb or something?” Regal confusedly inquired.“I just told you what I am!” Regal viciously added.“That’s right
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