Chapter 15: A New Beginning

The sun set over the tribrid Lycan kingdom, casting a warm golden glow across the landscape. It was a fitting scene for the final chapter of Logan and Lurline's extraordinary journey—a journey that had spanned love, unity, challenges, and triumphs.

Logan and Lurline stood hand in hand, overlooking the kingdom they had built together. The air was filled with a sense of completion, but also the promise of new beginnings.

"Our time as rulers is coming to an end," Logan said softly, his gaze fixed on the horizon. "But our legacy will endure."

Lurline leaned her head on his shoulder, a content smile on her lips. "Our legacy is not just the kingdom," she said. "It's the love, unity, and hope we've instilled in the hearts of all those who've come after us."

Logan nodded, his heart full. "Our story will be told for generations," he said. "A tale of love that changed the world."

As the years had gone by, Logan and Lurline had continued to be active mentors, guiding the next generation of leade
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