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Logan was awoken when the loud noises returned to the room. He let out a scream to call his lovely mother because after looking around, he was unable to locate her. Right away, she showed up and he quit crying. " As she patted him on the back, she said, "Hush now, my little sweetheart." He raised his head to look at her and smiled before getting back to sleep and falling asleep. Mrs. Brown slowly chuckled because she found it funny. She quietly left when she realized he was already asleep and went to the kitchen to continue cooking. Adrian and Cross entered the room as soon as she left, stealthily pinched the infant, then fled the room. Logan awoke with a resentful grin on his lips as the pinch sting. He let out a heartbreaking cry as soon as his lips curled down, attracting Mrs. Brown's attention, who rushed into the room right away. Goodness Logan what occurred.." she said with feel sorry for as she took a gander at the unfortunate youngster who was destroying as he cried. His tears had already stained and reddened his face. She rocked him as soon as she picked him up. Hush baby, mummy is here; do not cry or else mummy would also cry." That seemed to have worked because he immediately stopped crying and stared at his mother with a confused expression on his adorable face. Mrs. Brown laughed when she saw his expression change. Logan exuberantly giggled as well. He was always happy when he saw his mother happy.

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"Kill her!!!" He shouted as a multitude of dim rogue vampires and rogue werewolves promptly hurried after an intensely pregnant lady.She ran, opening a portal that would lead her to the world of humans. Yet, tragically for her, the mavericks and rogue werewolves promptly followed her through the entry before it shut. She was able to run past them, but she fell down again and couldn't. Fortunately for her, a passing woman noticed her and rushed to her, where she discovered that she was both pregnant and giving birth!The woman assisted her in giving birth to the child, but she was unable to survive. Tell him how much I love him and ask him to please take care of himself. "He is so special, people are after his life and mine too," the woman managed to say with all her strength. His name is K. Logan.A dragon tattoo on the newborn baby's skin could be seen in the dark.She cast a spell, and the green light that was on the newborn baby's forehead immediately vanished.Afterward, she surr
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, "Logan! ", "Fifteen Years Later" "Logan! "As she entered the kitchen, Mrs. Brown yelled, "Time for school." "Logan was already assembling his breakfast. Mom, I'm done," he said as he got out of the diner and grabbed his bags right away.He was clad in a large hoodie and black pants, and a beanie concealed his long, dark hair in a messy bun.As Mrs. Brown began to leave the house, she said, "Good, let us get going then," and Logan followed. Her heels were making sounds.The two of them got to the vehicle and she quickly went into the driver's seat as Logan stuck to this same pattern and went into the back. " She called Logan. " "Yes, Mom," he softly replied. As a child, Logan had become reserved and reserved."Darling, I hope no one in your class bullies you again," I said. She inquired. " He lied, not wanting his mother to be concerned about him. "No mother, I am not being bullied.""Okay, that's great, honey. Please let me know right away if you're being bullied, okay?" He gent
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"Presently Logan Brown, I would rehash, eliminate the beanie and the hoodie.." he expressed gradually in a profound, Harsh voice.As he slowly tore off the hoodie and beanie first, Logan realized he had no choice but to expose his face and hair as it rolled down his back. The class was filled with gasps and side conversations. While the boys stood in awe, the girls were on the verge of collapse. They saw an alien being standing in front of them! He had more beauty than a Greek deity. His long lashes and cherry red lips and child blue eyes and furthermore his distinct stunning made him stick out. , He had the appearance of a woman! excluding his lengthy hair that reached his thighs. Logan just stood there, avoiding eye contact with the rest of the class by bringing his eyes to the floor. "Okay, silent class," said Mr. Jones.Mr. Jones said, "Remove the hoodie now," and Logan nodded and slowly removed the hoodie. Everyone was able to see the tattoos on his body at that exact moment, whi
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He returned to his class feeling down, Mr. Jones' lesson period had already ended. As he ventured inside his class, all consideration was gone to him once more, yet he kept away from them and made a beeline for his seat. With a silly grin on his face, Edward and his aides approached him as he settled down.He called slyly, "Hey boy." I had to speak up because I just knew that that hoodie concealed something. I didn't realize that you had a beautiful face.." Edward said as his flunkies snickered.Logan just buried his head in his book and didn't say anything. Edward said, "Hello, I am talking to you," grabbing a strand of his hair. Ouch..Please let go of my hair, you are harming me.." he figured out how to say. Despite his wailing and pleading, Edward continued to grab his hair. He at long last relinquished his hair. " "Get ready to always face my wrath, so far as you are in this school," Edward said as he laughed as he returned to his seat with his aides following behind.When Logan l
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"Great morning ma'am.." Mrs Brown welcomed. " "Good morning, everyone," the principal replied. I truly want to believe that you know why you are here?" The principal inquired. " "Yes, ma'am," his mother answered. Okay, let's get right to the point: your son has been kicked out of this school," the principal said." Why ma?" Mrs. Brown responded, "You did not even ask why and what happened that made him get the tattoo."The principal stared at her for some time "OK, what caused him to get the tattoos?' She inquired. Ma, when he was a young child, he was in a fire accident that burned his back and scared him. So he was being derided in view of the scar and the best way to cover it up was with tats to stay away from him being harassed and taunted once more.." Mr Brown lied.Before she spoke, the principal gave her a long stare before she asked, "but..your son said he was born with it." Mrs. Brown repeated, "He always tells people that because he is embarrassed to tell them about the scar
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"Where should I go now?"as he cried even more, he thought to himself the same thing. What should I do? Logan murmured.His thoughts returned to his mother, who had just passed away a few moments earlier."Why is everything so bad in my life!!" He yelled once more as fresh, hot tears fell from his eyes."Why me?" He said it again with pity. It was all a joke, so he stood in front of his house for a while hoping his father would let him back in.Nothing took place for a split second, thirty minutes, or two hours!His dad didn't open the entryway and let him in. He realized then that his father was not joking and that he was actually serious.He felt a twinge of pain in his heart because his mother's death had left a huge void that no one could fill.He wept bitterly again, saying, "Oh God."It was inconsequential waiting around, his dad was at absolutely no point ever going to open the entryway in the future at any rate. Mr. Brown had always treated Logan badly and hated him since Loga
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"The dragon tattoo on your back? Have you ever considered the reason why you were born with it in contrast to other people? Logan stopped dead in his tracks as the elderly man spoke.He gradually went to the elderly person and strolled towards him.He was beginning to accept the elderly person gradually."Do you have an adequate justification for that?" He asked as the elderly person gestured in confirmation.Please get in the car and allow us to travel to a hotel. "I would briefly explain in the car," the elderly man stated.Before he agreed to enter the vehicle, Logan gave him a prolonged stare. He was still unsure, but he had resolved his doubts. Since he had no desire to live, even if the man wanted to kidnap him, that was fine. At least living was now pointless. He didn't care about what would happen to him because he was chased out by the people he called his family and his mother, the person he loved the most, had passed away.Logan responded, "Okay."As he opened the car door
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He said, "Oh," as he opened the door."You are here with the bags" he added.The butler replied, "Yes, young Master, please, if you don't mind, I would come and keep it in your room."As he opened the door wide enough for the butler to enter, he stated, "Of course I don't, please come on in."The butler said, "Thank you," as he entered the room with the bags. He then properly stored it before leaving the room. He glanced at Logan, whose swollen eyes indicated that he had been crying."I would withdraw now, kindly partake in your visit at our lodging" the steward said as he went away from the entryway."I will, thank you," Logan said.The butler advised, "And, if you need anything, please do not hesitate to inform us."Logan's response was, "I will, thank you."The butler said, "Alright then," and he started to leave.Logan let out a sigh and leaned back against the door to close it.After that, he went to get a bath. He went under the shower after taking off his clothes.As the shower
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Chapter 9: The Reunion
"My son," the man repeated, his voice choked with emotion. He took a step closer, his eyes filled with a mix of joy and sorrow. "You've finally come home."Logan's heart pounded in his chest as he looked at the man before him. This man, who bore a striking resemblance to the picture he had seen earlier, was supposed to be his father. A flood of conflicting emotions washed over him, uncertainty warring with the desire to believe."Who... Who are you?" Logan managed to stammer, his voice barely above a whisper."I am Kayden Wyatt, the King of Lycans and your father," the man replied, his voice quivering with emotion.Logan's eyes widened, and he felt the weight of the truth bearing down on him. Kayden Wyatt, the King of Lycans, was his father, and he was standing right in front of him.Grayson, who had been standing beside Logan, stepped forward and placed a reassuring hand on Logan's shoulder. "It's true, my boy," he said softly. "Everything your mother told you was the truth. You are
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Chapter 10: Trials and Triumphs
As the seasons passed, Logan settled into his role as the prince of the tribrid Lycans with a sense of purpose and determination. He worked tirelessly to strengthen the bonds between his pack members, ensuring that they felt united and supported. Under his leadership, the kingdom thrived, and prosperity graced the lands.Logan's training continued under the guidance of Grayson, who helped him harness the full potential of his tribrid abilities. With each passing day, Logan grew stronger, and his powers expanded, making him a formidable force to be reckoned with. He embraced his wizardry, commanding the elements with finesse, and his werewolf strength and agility became unmatched. The vampire side of him granted him heightened senses and agility under the moon's glow.But amidst his triumphs, Logan couldn't shake the ache in his heart caused by Lurline's absence. Despite the years that had passed since their forbidden love had come to light, he still longed for her, and a part of him w
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