The Almighty MAEL ZE’EV

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The Almighty MAEL ZE’EV

By: Blue Sky OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Unknown to me, I wasn’t the worthless piece of shit my in laws view me to be. I was the strongest member of a secret clan who lost his memory while on a mission. Years gone had given my enemy the perfect time to destroy all I left behind. But now I’m back, and every single of those who crossed me would feel the wrath me; The Almighty Mael Ze’Ev had in store for them all. …………… “Pick your poison Joe, you can either step down and remain honored, or be stubborn and watch me wipe the floor with you.”

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  • Blue Sky


    If you read my story, you really won’t regret it. Trust me, I cooked up something beyond your expectations in this book. Find out what and drop your reviews. Xoxo :)

    2023-10-19 07:51:22
  • evahouston01


    Updating schedules author?

    2023-10-14 11:02:43
  • Majestic Dave


    one of the best Urban book that I've read. please continue with ur update, bro, author

    2024-01-31 20:21:30
  • Joanne


    update more chapters…. I love it, it going greate

    2023-10-10 12:50:28
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57 chapters
Chapter One
Chapter One Mael stood by one of the booths in the restaurant he works for, wiping on the wooden counter with a stainless napkin when a middle aged man came from his behind. “You’ve been cleaning this table for the past how many minutes now and you’re yet to finish?” He filed out in a scolding tone, morphing a frustrated look with his hands coming to rest on the sides of his waist.The couple occupying the booth vacated nothing less than a minute ago, and he was instantly sent to clean it up. That he obliged and was already getting rebuked.“I’m sorry, Mr Smith.” Mael apologized politely with a head nod, wiping the table a little faster. “You should be the one apologizing to him old man.” A woman spoke up, seated on a chair with his legs crossed in front of Mael. She had the booth gripped for her presence. Mr smith glanced at her, a bit taken aback by her words. She sure wasn’t talking to him or meddling in an affair that doesn’t implore her concern. “Excuse me?” He batted his la
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Chapter Two
Chapter Two Mael arrived at the city bank, stepping out of the cab that aided his transportation after settling his bill. The card flipped within his palm, he glanced down at it and at the enormous building in front of him. He leaped into motion, approaching the entrance, quite focused he wasn’t conscious of his surroundings. He strode briefly in a hurried pace, arriving at the gate his gaze collapsed on a familiar figure beside a strange one. He halted on his tracks, blinking his eyes to be sure of who he saw and he wasn’t dreaming. It was his wife, she walked with a strange man cracking a wide smile to whatever the man was telling her. They soon neared the gate and caught the paled gaze of Mael assessing them. The glee within her eyes instantly faded as she turned sour at the sight of Mael. “What are you doing here?” Blair asked, eyeing him from the tip of his scalp straight to the end of his toe in a disgusted look. Mael scoffed inwardly, getting over the harsh reality of her
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Chapter Three
Chapter ThreeMael sat down in a muted silence, observing the hustling process of the bank when a beautiful slender woman walked up to him. Her presence webbed his attention when a tender voice whispered an “Hi!” To his ears. Mael turned to her, smitten by the friendly smile on her face and her welcoming expression. “Good afternoon, I’m-““Apologies for intrusion in your statement Sir, but whatever it is you are here for should not be discussed here in such a prominent section. Follow me, permit me to take you to a much more solitary area.” She spewed with such politeness and respect, her palms a gesture to her words. Mael shot to his feet, his huge frame instantly dominating hers. He could hear her stifled hummed at his height and size before turning around, leading them away from the section. She took him into an elevator that climbed up to the first floor, both spilling out to a more serene room with stellar designs and exquisite views. Mael was walked into an office, and the
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Chapter Four
Chapter FourMael enjoyed the look of stupefaction gracing Mr Smith’s face. The once jeering man now had his muscles drained and face soured at the cold statement sentenced by the restaurant’s manager. Mael savored the scene, eyes tending to Mr Smith as he whirled to face their manager, his expression bearing a quizzical reference.“Mr Helms. What warranted that statement?” He questioned in the most polite way possible. “I apologize for whatever mistake I might have made or trouble I may have caused, but please- I implore you greatly to take your sentence back.” His palm clasped together, falling to his knees as he appealed the man’s attention. Steve who believed the manager dwelled currently in a foul mood, and a bit insecure to his contribution in minor losses of the restaurant deemed the manager pulled out records and was removing the unfits. The supervisor was clearly the proof, he swirled towards Mael. Gripping on his arms, aiming to pull him away from the scene strutting the
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Chapter Five
Chapter FiveMael definitely wasn’t expecting the fit of laughter bursting through his friend moment after his utterance, his eyes were closed with mouth widely parted as he cackled out loud. A palm rubbing on his stomach. Mael seemed a bit mortified, befuddled on what got him reacting like that. “That’s one expensive joke, Mael.” He spoke in between his laughters, the chortling beginning to die down after awhile as he resumed a better stance. Mael frowned, he couldn’t believe the whole outburst was just a bodily response to his suggestion. “It’s a what if, not a joke.” He corrected, evident in his tone how much offended he was. “You can’t be for real, Mael. There’s no way that is not a joke,” he countered, the tittering yet to died out his face. “I mean exactly where were you planning to lend two million dollars and give to me or lend to me, if you wouldn’t even borrow it, where did you plan to see it. You can cut out the serious act now, I know you were joking and I’m humorous e
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Chapter Six
Chapter Six Mael got himself detained to a hotel, while he hunched on the bank lady’s words of phoning him later whenever his request was carried out. The night swept by quickly and a new day stood gloriously in sight of the sky. Mael was waken up by the ringing of his phone.It was the bank lady.“Mr Ze’ev. Good morning, Sir. I’m deeply sorry for taking long before calling to give the demanded feedback.” The tender voice responded, sounding apologetic and genuine.“The purchase for the company as being made and as of now, you’re the official owner of Lynx’s Enterprises.” The woman formally announced, exultancy tainting her words. Mael smiled to himself, pleased by the information received. “Thank you.” “Although, a document awaits your signature at the company. Which means you’re going to need to pay a visit.” The lady informed him, “It’s just to finalize your ownership. I will be waiting for you there, if I should arrive late. Just ask for the president, and wait there with him
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Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven The President concurred without any impediments, he proceeded to bringing out his phone as he dialed into it. He was phoning another commander in the company. Mael listened to their conversation, acting ignorant to the guards whispering to him and trying to earn his attention, so they could beg for forgiveness.“Alright Mr Ze’Ev. Shall we go inside, Bella Norville as been issued a sack letter that will delivered to her office in two to three minutes. We should go find out the name of the second one through her before she departs our premises.” He clued out to Mael. Mael nodded in agreement, striding to motion as he marched behind them all entering the company. The exterior was beautiful, but interior looks magnificent. He had his eyes roaming around while his feet followed The President as he took him past the wide and large floor of the building, ignoring the eyes casting him shallow glances. They arrived at an elevator, and an escort from The President opened it f
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Chapter Eight
Chapter Eight Mael groaned, body vibrating against the chair he was seated into, wired needles sticking into opened spaces of his arms, the wired helmet flickering with lights as undergoes the procedure to regain his memory. Images from his past flashed through his past, faces popped inside his head. Starting from one strange blurry face, becoming more clear and familiar, transcending into additional faces that were all becoming familiar. Voices came in next, then scenes, memories of his past came rushing back. Hitting his brain like a hammer sinking a nail into a wooden surface, pain shot through his body as he endured the impact. “Rise it up to hundred, he should go through the pain once and for all. And that should also be my punishment for him.” The female doctor relayed to Victoria who stood behind the machine, gazing at a struggling Mael with a pitiful face. She did as she was told. “Argh!!!!!!!” Mael screamed out loud, everything rushing in at once, all lost memories impr
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Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine Mael walked into the hall holding the event, glancing around for an empty seat before locating one close to the left corner of the hall. “That’s a perfect place to seat.” He pointed at the vacant table, voicing out to Lena as he gestured towards the seat. “Yeah that’s cool.” Lena concurred, following as he led them through the decorated path that leads to the seat. They arrived, and like a gentleman Mael pulled out a chair for her to sit, which she took after flashing him a smile. He went around, occupying his own space before flagging down one of the serving waitresses, instructing her to assort their table with the necessaries. Food were brought in and served on their table, as well as drinks; different types of meals and drinks, wines inclusive. Mael could feel his stomach grumbling at the savory sight of meals. He waited for them to finish setting up before grabbing a cutlery, spreading a napkin over his lap, another on his neck, before dishing out a meal to di
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Chapter Ten.
Chapter TenWhile deeply mortified, Neil turned around with head lowered in shame as he stalked out of the scene. He walked past Blair and her boyfriend’s table. Both who seemed stunned by the situation, they weren’t expecting the outcome. Blair especially had her eyes scrutinizing her ex husband, there was something weird and strange about him. It was as if their separation hit a switch in his personality. He stopped worshipping her feet, and wasn’t dense like he usually is. And the change in his personality messed with his appearance, even while claded in cheap clothes, his face card wasn’t denying and actually standing out. His well contoured face, defined jawline and a sharp looking eyes from afar. His hair remained messy, not too long but full and matted his head with the right amount. He has always been an handsome man, she just wasn’t into look and wanted money. Blair couldn’t help the attraction seeding into her just by looking at him, for a split minute she actually was
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