The Billionaire Takeover

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The Billionaire Takeover

By: Airende OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After losing his girlfriend and humiliated by Jade's family, Kraig met his only surviving family, his life turned drastically around. A new girl Wynn and a huge bank account, but the secrets of the past starts to resurface. Kraig's life used to be quiet and simple when he was broke but now, everything seems overwhelming and worse his life is at stake. What happens when his new found girlfriend is not what she seems to be, and an old enemy seeks vengeance. Will Kraig give up everything for a safe, simple and broke life or will he takeover the city?

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198 chapters
Chapter 1
Tires screeching!A car pulled up in the school's parking lot, and its quirky old sound made the students stared at the car with disgust. "Who's that?" "It must be one of the freshmen. What a car!""That shouldn't be called a car. It's from the nineties, and it should remain there." They erupt into laughter. Their gazes pierced through the windscreen, and they maliciously stared at Kraig, who was embarrassingly sitting in the driver's seat.Kraig's heart started to tremble. He could feel his heartbeat suddenly increase, and it wasn't just because of the other students but his beautiful fiancee, who was angrily seated on the passenger side.Jade's eyes were reddened, and her head lowered as she squeezed her hands on her long coat. Kraig couldn't bring himself to say a word."Turn it off." Jade abruptly lifted her head, and her gaze tensed up for a moment there The veins on her temples were throbbing as she tried to control the rage flowing through her veins.Jade's eyes trailed Kr
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Chapter 2
The weather in winter was cold and the atmosphere was always dark, but that didn't stop Kraig for trying to find the perfect hairstyle for the birthday party, afterall, he needed to look good.He stared at his reflection diligently, and carefully, he parted his hair into different angles. Somehow, he felt he wasn't styling it perfectly, and Henry, his roommate, who's a perfect hairstylist by talent, have refused to help him."After what happened in school earlier, you still want to attend this party of hers?" "We made up. It's normal for couples to fight. And perhaps, she's still grieving remember." Kraig response was supposed to make Henry give up on his attempt to persuade him from not going, but somehow, it felt like an excuse he gave himself. He shook his head disregarding the negative thoughts and then smiled at his reflection. "You seem to have forgotten that nothing good happens when you visit that house." Henry warned him, but it made no difference to Kraig."Today is Jad
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Chapter 3
The hall fell silent, and all eyes were on Juan, who was kneeling before Jade. Kraig's unease grew; he felt suffocated and unable to breathe."Jade, on this special day, I present to you these gifts from the depths of my heart." Juan smiled as he took Jade's hand and kissed it.Kraig felt anxious. He was just about to speak up, but when he saw the color of red creep Jade's cheeks, the muscles of his bottleneck stiffened. She was grinning in excitement as her gaze was fixed on Juan.They were staring at each other affectionately. Juan held on to Jade's hand and walked to her other side, his hands slowly wrapped around her waistline, and his free hand snapped in the air at his servants, ordering them to present their gifts.The servants opened the gift on the table as others were cleared out.In each box were different presents, one of each was a 'Gulf Pearl Parure Bracelet' worth over 13 million dollars.Amongst other gifts was a Bulgari snake diamond necklace worth millions.After Ju
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Chapter 4
Kraig slowly regained consciousness, his eyes fluttering open to an unfamiliar and exquisitely decorated room.For a moment, he thought he was still trapped in a dream. But as he tried to move, a sharp pang of pain in his arm reminded him that this was, in fact, reality.Kraig was confused as he struggled to make sense of his surroundings. The room was vast, adorned with luxurious furnishings and intricate artwork. It exuded luxury and elegance.'Am I dead?' A sudden fear shuddered him as his eyes welled up.He tried to remember what had happened yesterday. He recalled being thrown out of the bar, and that was it, nothing else."Was I hit by a truck? Was I shot?" The words left his mouth, making him feel even more miserable."Why did I end up like this? I didn't even graduate from college..." He cried out, but then-"Mrs. Rosa..." He heard a voice, and suddenly he froze for a moment.Quietly, he rose from the bed, his limbs feeling heavy and unsteady. As he stepped out into the hallwa
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Chapter 5
As he opened his eyes, he found himself lying in the same room as before, only this time, it wasn't strange.He sat on the bed, and as his eyes trailed the room, a heavy sigh left his lips as he thought-'All these are mine!' The DeVille Empire was not just any ordinary business conglomerate; it was a global powerhouse that spanned multiple industries. From real estate to technology, banking and pensions, their influence reached far and wide; their wealth was beyond imagination.Kraig's mind raced with a flurry of emotions. Disbelief, confusion, and curiosity all vied for his attention. He couldn't wrap his head around the fact that he was part of a wealthy family.There was a sudden feeling of anxiousness that crept underneath his skin. He didn't know if he could handle it all.Suddenly, the doors opened, and his thoughts were quickly buried when he saw his grandfather walking inside. "You must have been really shocked. I'm sorry for that." Kraig tittered, "What's there to be sorr
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Chapter 6
Kraig walked into the grand entrance of the biggest shopping mall in the city. It was a place he had never dared to enter in the past, but now as the heir to the DeVille group, it began to seem like nothing was impossible for him.In his right hand was his black card. His grip tightened on the card as his eyes wavered around the store in amusement.With just a glance, one could tell that each suit in the departmental store would cost more than 50,000 dollars. As Kraig was about entering the store, a middle-aged woman dressed impeccably in a tailored suit walked to him and asked, "Excuse me, are you the new cleaner?" Kraig snapped out of his thoughts instantly as his gaze fell on her. "Pardon?" He was surprised.The lady seemed annoyed by his response. Her lips warped in a sneer as she raised her voice, "Are you here for the cleaning job?" The other customers were alerted by her tone, and they watched anxiously."Job? No, you must be mistaken; I'm not here for any job. I'm here to
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Chapter 7
Kraig's confident smile wavered as Mrs. Montgomery erupted in a loud laugh, her mocking tone filling the air, and her finger was pointed at Kraig as she said-"Stealing a card, are we?" Mrs. Montgomery sneered, her voice dripping with disdain. "Lily, call the security immediately! We can't let this thief roam freely in here."Lily's face shuddered, her lips parted at Mrs. Montgomery's words."What are you waiting for, Lily?" Jane snapped at Lily.When Jane saw that Lily made no effort in trying to call security, she scoffed."You don't have to; I will call them myself.""Ensure he doesn't run away before the security gets here." Mrs. Montgomery said, and instantly she called security."What is going on here?" A man's deep voice yelled, making everyone turn in his direction.He was dressed in a luxurious grey suit, and his aura was that of someone with authority.The man seemed impatient and stepped forward oppressively, "What's going on here?" His deep voice threatened, and his gaze a
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Chapter 8
Wynn climbed into the car, settling into the plush leather seat, and took in the luxurious interior.Kraig closed the door and quickly made his way to the driver's seat. The engine purred to life as he started the car.The air in the car was silent, exuding a great amount of tension. Wynn kept stealing glances at Kraig. It was obvious to her that something was off about Kraig but she didn't ask him.She've been doing a lot of thinking, for a man like Kraig who didn't had much to his name to become this luxurious in few days, then he must have hit a jackpot. Wynn sighed as her thought about Kraig became clouded with another. She looked out the window. Her countenance as though she was lost in her thoughts.And for some reason, the glimmer in her eyes disappeared. Kraig noticed this, but he couldn't figure out anything to say. His throat tightened unable to adjust to the silence.After a while, he said with great difficulty, "Wynn," His voice filled with a hint of hesitancy, "I hope
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Chapter 9
When Kraig heard Juan's words, he turned to Wynn and held her hand and then said,"Don't we have something to do?" Wynn did not understand what Kraig meant, but she nods her head, "Of course." Jade's throat tightened, unable to digest what was happening. 'Was it the fact that Kraig was dressed elegant or that he was with Wynn that tortured her.' There was no guessing, as Jade was overwhelmed by the fury that was coursing through her veins."Is this your way of exerting revenge Kraig?" Juan asked causing Kraig to stop in his tracks.Swiftly, Kraig turned to look at him. Juan's words didn't affect his countenance. He looked just as dignified, exquisite and daunting.Jade pursed her lips and took a deep breath, unable to believe that Kraig was over her.'Thst can not be!' She thought."I did not know you could go to the extreme just to get your ex back." Juan wrapped his hands around Jade's waist from behind.Kraig was satisfied with the fury in Jade's eyes and he taunted her further
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Chapter 10
It was a regular day on campus, all the students were in maths class.As much as Kraig listened diligently, he was unable to stay focus. He couldn't help but notice that Wynn was staring at him. Since the incident at the parking lot the previous day, he had been trying his best to ignore her, but he knew that Wynn had many questions, especially about how he had suddenly come into wealth.The classroom fell silent as the teacher left, and it was then that Wynn seized the opportunity to approach Kraig. She leaned in and softly asked, "Kraig, would you like to go for lunch with me?"Kraig hesitated, his eyes avoiding Wynn's, and then replied, "I'm heading to the library, Wynn."Wynn's expression turned somber as she pressed further, "Kraig, I know you've been avoiding me. Can you please tell me what happened to you? You used to be... well, nobody."Kraig stumbled over his words, unable to provide a satisfactory answer, when suddenly, one of Juan's friends, Peter, swaggered over to them
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