Chapter 0 [Auxiliary Chapter]

(This Chapter contains only Information about the mechanism of The Cheat Seed world. You can read it if you want or skip now and like back later if something confuses you. I also have my eyes on the comments as well, so if you have a question you can ask me over there)

The Inborn Seed of a Human mattered the most in this world. Humans Awaken their Seed at the age of 16 when they finish high school. There have been exceptional cases where the User awakens the Seed Himself/Herself without the help of the Awakening Spell Circle.

The Awakening Spell Circle is usually prepared by Top Mages of the Entire Continent, which not only helps in Awakening the Seed but also gives the Awakened User a Perk. The Perks are divided into 5 groups. 

Common - Awakening Chances more than 50%

Rare - Awakening Chances more than 25%

Unique - Awakening Chances more than 15%

Legendary - Awakening Chances exactly 9.99%

Cheat - Awakening Chances 0.01%.

The Chances for Awakening a Cheat Perk was Extremely Low as there has been only 1, who had Awakened the Cheat Perk ( More About the person in future Chapters ). 

Now as For the Seed, it is also categorized into 5.

PEASANT - Low-Level Users, who had no talent in Fighting. Occupation: Farmer, Worker, etc.

NOBLE - Average Level Users, Has an average amount of talent in Fighting. Occupation: Soldiers, Knights, etc.

UNIQUE - Medium Level Users, Has a good amount of fighting power and Talent. Occupation: Mage, Summoner, etc.

MONARCH - Good Level Users, Has a great amount of talent and Fighting power. Can apply for the Position of the Monarch/King/Queen. Occupation: King/Duke/Marquis etc.

LEGENDARY - High-Level Users, Has the best amount of Talent and Fighting Power. Only Users, who have the authority to defy the King only If the King is in the wrong. Defying wrongly would be charged as Treason. Occupation: Guardians of the 5 Continents.

The Above given Information is not supposed to be taken as Final. There has been plenty of cases where PEASANT Seed users had become soldiers and NOBLE Seed users crowned in the Past. 

The Occupations as Stated above are an evaluation of the commonly occupied position by the Different seed users.

(What I mean is, It is not necessarily true that a PEASANT Seed user must be a Farmer or a worker, He/She can be more than A Farmer or A Worker and Vice versa. Note that every person who awakens any type of Seed is considered to be a Revoker.)


Another Factor that has Impacted the performance of a Revoker is The Soul Level, Again it is classified into 6.

Novice - Common while Awakening

Expert - slightly Common while Awakening

Monarch - Slightly Rare while Awakening 

Dominator - Very Rare while Awakening

Saint - 1 in a Billion while Awakening

God - Literally 0.000000000001 while Awakening.

The Soul Level Of a Revoker can be Increased by Training and Defeating Demons from dungeons and XP Farms. Dungeons are very Common and Are also Ranked according to their Difficulty.

D - Very Low-Level Dungeons usually for Beginners

C - Amateur Level dungeon

B - Moderate Level Dungeon 

A - High-Level Dungeon 

S - Insanely High-Level Dungeon

SC - God-Level Dungeon

S and SC rank dungeons are very rare and very tough to clear. If a Dungeon is left Stagnant, Eventually the Demons break out. Every Dungeon has a time limit of 7 years and if not cleared within the given time limit, Dungeon break occurs and Monsters break out causing Havoc.

XP farms on the other hand are completely different. High-Level Monsters are caught alive and are chained and drugged, which causes Paralysis and Subdues movements.

Revokers are then allowed to enter and attack the Demon.

The price to enter a Room is Insanely high depending on the level of the demon. The minimum amount to enter a Room varies between 50 million gold to 10 billion Gold as the Maximum amount can be in Zillions.

The advantage of this is that the User can Level up very quickly without much work and are also allowed to fetch the drop the demon drops on death.


In the Case of Demons, they are also ranked.

Demon Soldier - Very low-level Demons. Found In Almost every Dungeon up to B ranked Dungeons.

Demon Noble - Average Level Demons. Poses a tiny amount of threat to Beginner Revokers. Found in D rank Dungeon as Boss Monster and Minions in B and A-ranked dungeons. 

Demon General - High-Level Demons. A big threat. Boss Monsters in C Ranked Dungeons and Minions in B, A, and S ranked dungeons.

Demon Monarch - Very High-level Demons. Can Control Lower Demons at will. A Massive Threat. Boss Monster in B and A-ranked dungeons and Minions in S and SC ranked Dungeons.

Demon God - Highest Ranked Demons and A Higher existence. Can control every demon present at will. The biggest threat to Humanity. Boss Monsters in S and SC ranked Dungeons.

Demons can be captured using artifacts. Artifacts are ranked from D to SC. Some Revokers sell Demons to XP Farms for large bundles of money and some keep them and Tame them for Battles in the future. 

Once Tamed Correctly, The tamed demon can utilize its full power and Become one with the Tamer/Summoner. 

This means The Tamer can transform into a Beast Form once the Bond between the Demon and Summoner reaches its peak. 

The more the power of the demon, the more the power of the Beast form. 


The Earth has 5 continents. 


The Crown continent, The biggest and the most populated one too. The King has the highest authority here along with the Legendary Seed users. Has several XP farms and Dungeons varying from D to B. So it is quite peaceful here and most of the human population live here. 


Second Best Continent, Has dungeons ranked C to A and a lot of XP farms. The Richest Continent. Nobles to Legendary Ranked Users present.


Perple is also known as the Mine Continent. Has a lot of mines. Mining and excavation take place here. Main Currency supplier along with Materials for Artifacts and Other necessities. Not much population and Low-level Dungeons present.


Filled with demons, caused due to multiple Dungeon breaks. Demons Soldiers to Demon generals present. Dungeons stopped spawning due to the excess population of Demons.


The last and the most dangerous Continent. It had 3 S-ranked dungeons and 1 SC-ranked Dungeon. 2 of the S-ranked Dungeons were cleared by Legendary Revokers. 

The other 2 dungeons had 5 more years for the Dungeon Break. This Continent had the highest number of Dungeons. It had numerous D-ranked Dungeons as well. 

Even though being named Dangerous, this Continent was also named 'The Trainee Continent' as Newly Awakened Revokers were brought here to Train themselves for future battles.


The Once In 2 years Revoker Galactic championship takes place in Krozon along with the presence of the King. 

In this Championship, Revokers are pitted against each other to prove their strength and demonstrate their unique skills. On winning the Championship, The winner is given an RGC( Revoker Galactic Champion) cup along with the cash prize of 10 billion gold. The runner-up gets 5 billion.


Author Notes

This was all about the TCS world and it took me a millennium thinking about this. (Lol). Have great Hopes for this Novel and I hope you guys would like this too. That's it, I am off to thinking ideas for the next chap. Have a Good Day.

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