Chapter 57



Dave shouted but the overcrowding students gave him no ears and instead kep on inching towards him. 

He caught Marcus mutter something, his lips moved silently but Dave concentrated and understood what he lipped. 

'Want my help?..'

Dave didn't waste his time.




There was only a Flash and a whistle as Dave disappeared from the centre. The crowd was left awestruck as the cheers increased. 

Marcus stopped inside their class and Dave fell down on his knees. 

"Don't you dare....Go that fast." 


Marcus snickered at his friend. He slowly walked over to the bench in the middle and sat down on the chair.

Dave was on his limit as he stood up to scold his friend. But he stopped when Marcus said.

"You remember bruv??. Those times"

His eyes were shining as Marcus smiled at Dave. His handsome smile

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