Chapter 66

"The winner is MARCUSSSS!!!"

Booming voices of people and the commentator crammed his thoughts when the referee on his left proclaimed his name while raising his hand. 

The system's voice had been hauled back to the corners and he jerked his head back to reality, shutting his domain in an instant.

Right now he was standing in the arena accompanied by the arbitrator and a lofty, voluminous swarm of city folks. It had been like that for 5 minutes. 

If his eyes were accurate, then the king was quivering when his tread hindered near him. The Monarch had stridden out of his VIP lounge and had made his route down to the combat arena where he collected Marcus's scrutiny with shivering knees.

The winner was deemed to be rewarded and valued by the king after a battle. Now all Raymond was speculating beside Marcus was how to perform his part there as promptly as feasible.

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