How to trash someone!

"Gotta give them a show for their money, Ya know?"

Marcus laughed at the trembling figure of Gabriel. 

The life in his face was completely flushed out just like the air inside when the balloon pops. 

Gabriel stood in his place trembling, the man in front of him was the same guy whom he had challenged in the morning. And it was coincidentally Marcus too??. 

Gabriel's mind screamed at him. It screamed at him asking how Marcus had survived his attack and how his hand broke. The Double punch he gave him was a child's play for Marcus. Gabriel remembered how he had felt when he punched the man in front of him who claimed to be Marcus. 


"No! step back" 

Gabriel fumbled with his words when he saw the Man he thought was a wimp walk towards him. He struggled to drag his body back through the floor. His hand

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