Marcus's fist didn't connect with Gabriel's destroyed face, Instead, it grazed his skull. But that was enough to shatter the clouds around them and sent Gabriel blasting down. His height reached the maximum and Marcus was paused in the air just for a second but soon felt the gravity act on him. They had reached a height where eagles flew. 

Gabriel's limp body sliced through the air, down into the arena with a terrifying force. Marcus was right above him, diving headfirst. 

The Crowd went panic mode altogether when they saw two black spots plummeting down into the earth. Gabriel's Unconscious body would have burned if it wasn't for Marcus manipulating the air around them. 

The speed at which they were falling was still the same when Marcus aimed Gabriel's body at the king and poked him with one of his fingers. He created a transparent air path with his other hand and manoeuvred Gabriel's still body to the g

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