Monster X Monster: Power of a God

[Combat level prowess is being calculated]


[Calculation complete]


[Combat prowess: Higher God]


"Phewww, I sent him flying huh"

Marcus covered his eyes slightly from the sun which was glaring at him.

Not like the incredible brightness of the sun was able to do anything to him or his vision.

He just wanted to pretend that his eyes hurt.

Marcus whistled as he saw PII's inanimate body crashing down. He slowly began smiling as he sensed something.

Being the one who created PII and the one who dominates over him, Marcus was able to sense the sudden spike of power gain PII had received.

He could feel that his puppet had gained some crazy power up.

"It's going to get more fun now, haha"

He let out a small chuckle as he stretched his hands.

He performed some lunges to stretch out his legs as well. "Pheww, I guess it's time for him to land"

Just as Marcus said this, PII's body crashed into the ground. The landing definitely created a crater as a lot of earth and d
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