The Con Captain's Nightmare

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The Con Captain's Nightmare

By: Siobhan O'Shaughnessy OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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In the parking lot of Ifewood University, students were trickling in and out of the Mozambique hostel for female students.  James Keenan, a charismatic postgraduate student of business known as a "Campus Bad Boy," was infamous through his undergraduate days as a con man, sly, and a member of the university cult, The Eagles.  His piercing eyes rove up and down the road as he tries to select his pick for the night. The Eagles were throwing a party on the outskirts of town tonight.  Most students had returned home as school was officially on summer break.  James sat in Shane's car with Gabriel, Austin, and Shane, all members of the same cult, smoking, and each man nursing his own thoughts about the party tonight. Beatrice Kenan was coming back from the library, dressed in a simple yellow tank top, blue jeans, and denim canvas. Her bag was strapped to her shoulder, and her mind was in turmoil. She wondered, How on earth could she fail the simplest of her courses? Professor Bam must definitely be a certified bastard to have failed her. How is she ever going to pass this course without succumbing to his threats and advances? Just as she thought of picking up her phone from her bag to call her friend Yvonne, she came into James's vision. Who is she?  Definitely the one.  As far as James was concerned, the night was set for the Eagles. None of them could have imagined what destiny planned for the future, as love, betrayal, and deception set the pace in this love triangle.

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Chapter 1: Campus Charmer
In the bustling parking lot of Ifewood University, students were flowing in and out of Mozambique Hostel, a female dormitory. James Keenan, a charismatic postgraduate student of business known as a "Campus Bad Boy," had always thrived in the spotlight. His reputation as a con man from his undergraduate days still echoed through the campus, and he had recently gained prominence as a key member of the notorious Eagles Fraternity.The Eagles were known for their ominous tactics, and they were much feared on campus. James, along with his friends Shane, Gabriel, and Austin, all shared this menacing reputation. The sun was setting, casting long shadows across the pavement as they sat in Shane's car, puffing away on cigarettes and nursing their thoughts about the party that was about to take place on the outskirts of town. With the summer break officially in effect, most students had returned home, leaving only a handful behind.As they shared stories and exchanged laughter, James's piercing
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Chapter 2: Whispers of the Night
On the other side of town, James was also contemplating the evening's plan. He knew that Beatrice might have second thoughts about the party, and he was determined to ensure she joined. He wasn't one to take chances, and he wanted her to be there.With a confident resolve, he picked up his phone and called Beatrice. As the phone rang, he hoped to put her mind at ease and persuade her to get ready for the night.Beatrice's phone buzzed, and when she saw James's name on the screen, her heart skipped a beat. She took a deep breath and answered, "Hello?""Hey, Beatrice," James said with a reassuring tone. "I hope you're still up for tonight. I'll come to pick you up at 8 PM. It's going to be a night you won't forget."Beatrice hesitated for a moment, the sound of James's voice sending mixed emotions through her. But she replied, "Sure, James, I'll be ready at 8 PM."After ending the call with James, Beatrice felt her apprehension grow. Going out with someone she had just met, and starting
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Chapter 3: An Unexpected Twist
As James and Beatrice continued their conversation, sharing their thoughts and experiences, a unique connection seemed to develop between them. The dimly lit room and the cloud of smoke and conversation around them began to fade into the background as they forged a deeper understanding of each other. Suddenly, as Beatrice opened up about her struggles, James seized the opportunity to express his true intentions. He leaned in slightly, his tone sincere. "Beatrice, I have to be honest with you. From the moment I laid eyes on you in that university parking lot, I was determined to get to know you better. It's not just about tonight, but I'm genuinely interested in dating you." Beatrice's eyes widened at his unexpected confession. She hadn't anticipated such a direct approach, and the situation felt surreal given the backdrop of the party. A mix of emotions swirled within her – surprise, curiosity, and a hint of excitement. "James," she began, "this is all so sudden, and I wasn't expec
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Chapter 4: It is Time
Amidst the increasing chaos of the party, James seemed determined to provide Beatrice with a haven of serenity. His friends, fueled by alcohol and spirited debate about the football match between Chelsea and Arsenal, had grown loud and boisterous, their voices filled with passionate arguments about which player was no longer needed in the team. The cacophony in the room was almost unbearable. Throughout the night, James kept Beatrice tucked away in a quiet corner, away from the noise and commotion. He shielded her from the drunken debates and the raucous behavior of his friends. Despite the bizarre atmosphere of the party, Beatrice had to admit that James's gentlemanly actions were a welcome respite. As she looked around, she couldn't help but notice the peculiar behavior of some of the other guests. Two couples seemed entwined like chords, their amorous displays reminiscent of travelers who had just stumbled upon food in a desert. The surreal nature of the evening continued to unfo
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Chapter 5: Unseen Rivalry
Two nights ago, a fierce clash between the Eagles and the Falcons had erupted at a party. The altercation had left two members of the Falcons with broken arms and bloodied faces, marking a violent confrontation between the rival gangs. The news of this brawl spread like wildfire across the campus, intensifying the existing tension between the two groups. Beatrice, however, was oblivious to this violent incident. She had spent her entire day in the library, immersed in her studies, unaware of the brewing rivalry outside. Later that evening, she met up with James for their date, unaware of the storm that had recently engulfed the campus. Beatrice and James's date continued to unfold, and there was no indication that James had been involved in the fight with the Falcons the previous night. He exuded charm and composure, showing no signs of a recent confrontation. But the legend of the con master had already reverberated throughout the university, leaving students in awe of his enigmati
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Chapter 6: Unmasking the Scheme
In the days following Beatrice's revelation about her failing grade in the "Local Government and its Parastatals" course, James and the Eagles were determined to uncover the truth behind the situation. It had become apparent that Professor Bam's intentions might not have been as straightforward as they seemed. The group felt a sense of responsibility to protect one of their own and ensure justice prevailed. James, who had a reputation for his astute investigative skills, took charge of the mission. He held a meeting with his fellow Eagles, outlining the plan to delve into Professor Bam's actions. The collective fury within the group was palpable, and they were ready to uncover any wrongdoing. The first step was to gather all of Beatrice's graded assignments, essays, and exam papers. The Eagles discreetly approached other students who had taken the course and asked them to provide copies of their graded papers for comparison. The idea was to determine if there were inconsistencies in
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Chapter 7: Free as a Bird
Beatrice's worries had melted away, and she found herself contemplating Professor Bam's strange plea to stay away from his family. This enigmatic statement had left her with questions, but she had decided to set those concerns aside as she awaited her meeting with James later in the day. At 4 p.m., James arrived, and as he caught sight of Beatrice, he was struck by her radiant presence. She was swaying from side to side, her jet-black hair cascading like a waterfall, and a joyous smile gracing her face. He couldn't help but be captivated by her, realizing that she was truly a heart-stopper, a game-changer in his world, if only the complications surrounding them could be averted. Impulsively, Beatrice ran up to him, and James caught her in mid-air, their eyes locking in a shared moment of affection. He gently planted a kiss on her forehead, his voice filled with warm playfulness. "I can tell your exam must have been a breeze," he remarked, his eyes reflecting his admiration. Beatric
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Chapter 8: Unspoken Understanding
James, the campus rogue with a reputation for being a ladies' man, found himself in uncharted territory the moment Beatrice entered his life. Their first encounter had been nothing short of electrifying, and as he got to know her, he realized that his whole agenda had taken an unexpected turn. James was not one to back down from a challenge, and when he decided to set his sights on Beatrice, he initially saw her as just another conquest, a passing fancy in the ever-revolving carousel of relationships. His friends were well aware of his intentions, as he had made no secret of his amorous pursuits in the past. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, he found himself taking a different approach with Beatrice. As he spent time with her, he couldn't help but be captivated by her innocence, her youthful outlook on life, and her gentle disposition. It was as if she had cast a spell on him, making him want to protect her, even though his initial inclination had been to consume her like he had do
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Chapter 9: Shane's Revelation
The day following her emotional encounter with James, Beatrice found herself grappling with a jumble of emotions. She had been adamant about not wanting a relationship during her first two years of college, intending to focus on her studies instead. Yet James had entered her life like a whirlwind, making her question her own resolutions. What was it about him that kept pulling at her thoughts? In an attempt to clear her mind, Beatrice decided to take a trip to town and do some shopping. She also wanted to stock up on some of the famous local snacks that Ife City was known for. It was her way of grounding herself and temporarily shifting her focus away from the enigmatic James. As she strolled through the mall, she was suddenly taken by surprise when she ran into Shane, a fellow student she had briefly met at the Eagles's lackluster party. Her initial reaction was to pretend she hadn't seen him, but Shane, with his confident demeanor, approached her without hesitation. "Do I not des
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Chapter 10: Dark Night Unravelled
As Shane continued to reveal more about the events of the lackluster party and his feelings for Beatrice, the atmosphere grew heavy with tension. Beatrice had been taken aback by the revelations about James and Professor Bam, and now she was faced with Shane's confession.He leaned in, his voice low and sincere. "I left the party that night because I couldn't bear to watch James monopolize your company. Beatrice, I like you a lot, and I've been holding back because he made the first move. But let me be clear: there will come a time when you and James will have your differences. It's just a matter of when, not if. And when that happens, I'll be here waiting." Beatrice's eyes narrowed as she listened to Shane's words. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. His admission was not one of genuine affection but rather a calculated plan to step in when James was no longer in the picture."You're willing to just pick up where he left off?" Beatrice retorted, her voice laced with disgust.
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