Ch 36: Neva causing trouble

"Hey look do we have to move like this at Nighttime, I mean the morning time sounds more lovely to walk during," Hobert complained to show a very clear feeling about walking during nighttime.

"Hobert shut the hell up," Marcus says to him as the two of them walk on their two legs side by side the horse carrying the young Neva.

“It kind of you to lead me the horse, needing not to use my legs on whatever journey we are to partake in,” Neva says in a cheerful tone that annoys the vampire, Marcus. “You can shut your mouth as well, I don’t want it to open unless I give permission."

“As you order sir my lips are to be sealed.” She said in a mocking tone that he had to deal with it not wanting to have further discussion with her.

Now there is silence among the three for the time being as they move in the middle of darkness.


< Sometime later >

Hours later three had walked that the sun was at the time was starting to rise to brighten the new day. Well Marcus had to keep on going
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