Ch 37: Genaro the Gladiator

The man with the expensive clothes said this to Marcus as if to not think who he is speaking to like that. He turns and releases Neva from his grip at the same time.

“I would rethink your words carefully as I don’t like the tone you're throwing at me.” He let the man know by how serious his tone was.

‘Human?.” The man repeatedly found that to be a weird way for someone to work that out, then again there came a strongly sinister feeling from this person.” could it be that you're not human.”

“Does that matter to know, I’m giving you a warning that you should take heed of, before opening to say something that can get yourself killed,” Marcus warns the man, allowing his eyes to be seen red under the hood covering his face.

Those there saw it and felt the need to keep themselves away from him.”Ah that makes it clear to me you're an undead vampire then may that be quite the unexpected crossing of the path with your kind.”

At the time Hobart makes his way over to offer some help to Neva to g
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