Ch 78: One who welcomes death

Rosetta gets closer to the kneeling Abraham as she intends to end his life in the most brutal way she can think of doing right at this moment. Opening that mouth, making it extend, and letting out the tongue that reached and wrapped around the man's body lifting him into the air.

The vampire was going to bring his body over for the mouth to bite down on it tearing Abraham in half while the upper half of the body gets devoured as the other will most certainly be left on the grounds.

Abraham couldn’t do anything from the loss of blood weakening him already in the shortest of time. It is at this moment that the man understands this is where he will meet his end after living this long in this world.

Any person would find themselves overwhelmed with fear of wanting to stay alive, but for a man like Abraham, it was someone who welcomed death no matter how it was coming.

Lucky a fist came right in time to slam into the side of Rosetta's face freeing the man from her hold as his body hi
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