Chapter 35: Sisters time shall we?

I was sitting beside Rachael driving off to god knows where. That's not really a problem but the way she's been speeding on the road, recklessly breaking all the road rules like she's going to get us killed made so much uneasy.

"Fuck you bastard. Shove the fucking law into your Goddamn ass" that should be the sixth driver Rachael is yelling and cursing at, even after scratching his car.

"Rachael please Slow down a bit" I cautioned Rachael for the untempt time.

"And What's the fun in that?" Rachael snaps at me then scoffed.

"THIS IS MY BROTHERS CAR. I DRIVES ANYHOW I WANT" she screamed out through the window.

She shuffled music on the Media player and settled for some particular trap song. She increased the song to the highest volume, singing along with the lyrics, more like screaming. Tripling the speed of the car, she was now flying on the road. She seemed to be enjoying herself while me I was crushing with nervousness thinking she'll either get us killed or get us in trouble.

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