Chapter 35: A new racheal

Antonio's P.O.V,

I was standing at the entrance of the Basement, watching in satisfaction as Matoe, Jayden and Liam were dealing with the Motherfucking Maximo.

They were all matching down the fucker with thier boots, punching him everywhere like a punching bag. At first the fucker was cursing at my brothers but right now, he's begging for mercy.

His voice can be barely even heard cause they've beat the life out of him.

He could only grunts in extreme pains.

Every hits he receives from my brother's sent his bones breaking.

His blood was stained all over my brothers' face and body-Jayden especially.

As they've completely broken the fucker almost to a dying point when he could barely breath, I asked them to stop. I didn't want him to die just yet. Hell that'll be too easy on him.

While Liam and matoe retreated, Jayden decided to go more gore on him.

He reached out of a battle axe and slammed it against the bastard's wrist. A loud ear piecing screaming from him Hollered around
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