The Dark Intentions of the Secret Heir

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The Dark Intentions of the Secret Heir

By: Affry Siadari CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Aiden is the heir to the Gasdon family, a powerful family in the country. He changed his family name to his mother's family name, his mother's death made Aiden feel something was wrong, and wanted to find out about it. He goes to a small town and gets married, helping his wife in her business until it becomes big, but what does he get? Aiden is divorced and his wife prefers a rich man who doesn't even know that Aiden is the sole heir to a fortune!

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  • Vis Narabella


    This story make me curious what gonna happen next. Great!

    2023-11-29 13:12:50
  • Yurriansan


    Interesting book, can't wait for the next

    2023-11-14 08:54:11
  • Kirana Raja


    can't wait for more...good read

    2023-11-14 02:15:05
  • The_Moon


    I like your story

    2023-11-13 23:04:42
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150 chapters
Chapter 1
"Aiden! Look, I found out that you've corrupted $10,000 of company funds, how dare you!" Maria, the secretary of Gina, looked at Aiden with anger in front of her and threw the document on the table. "Me, corrupted?" Aiden was confused by secretary’s accusation. "But since the CEO is a tolerant person, she'll give you a chance, sign the divorce papers, then we won't call the police and you can leave," The secretary changed her face, continued with an arrogant look. Aiden frowned, but soon he understood. Even though he knew full well that it was Gina's brother who corrupted the $10,000. He looked at secretary, replied calmly, "secretary, tell Gina that if she wants to divorce me, she shouldn't use such a cheap and nasty plan." The secretary sneered, “Stop talking nonsense, Aiden. We both know that you don’t deserve Gina anymore, why can’t you be nice and sign that agreement?” "Gina will now get $100,000,000 financing from Hamilton family . If you were smart, you would have l
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Chapter 2
“Regret? For what? For getting rid of a useless loser?” the secretary laughed, she thought Aiden just told a funny joke.But Gina remained silent, she felt Aiden was so different today.In her mind, Aiden was just a coward, he couldn’t be so calm and stable to sign.Although the result was what Gina wanted, but the process was so different from she thought."You apparently don't show your sadness?" Gina asked.Aiden shook his head. Why would he look sad?"I'm just doing what you told me to do, do you want me to cry and beg for our divorce to be called off?" Aiden replied casually.Aiden's answer made Gina a little angry, she didn't expect that Aiden would easily give up their marriage.What they had done over the years seemed pointless to Aiden. "OK, tomorrow I will be waiting for you at the court to officially ratify this divorce agreement."The divorce was about to become official.Aiden walked away from the company, his life now free and Gina, that girl was enough to embarrass him.
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Chapter 3
At the municipal court, Aiden walked around with no expression at all. While the two girls who came out with him were smiling very happily, Maria and Gina even gave Aiden a smug look. As Gina came out, the band's music sounded very melodious. Gina was surprised when flowers from the sky fell right on top of her. The beautiful flowers and music made the atmosphere relaxed and happy, a man came and held Gina's hand, "Congratulations darling, you are free," said the man. Gina smiled brightly and Aiden who saw that felt indifferent and looked away, there was nothing interesting to make a party this big. "Ah... Steven, thank you." Gina smiled cheerfully, and from the sound of her voice it could be heard that Gina was very happy about the divorce with Aiden. Steven hugged Gina gently, then looked at Aiden with a mocking smile, he was sure that Aiden must be very angry right now. However, Aiden didn't even glance at Steven at all. Steven felt angry that Aiden was ignoring him, even tho
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Chapter 4
"What?" Maria immediately closed her mouth, she was very surprised to see what happened in front of her. She thought Aiden was a normal guy.But now, look what happened? She thought they should get married, if Aiden married that girl, he would definitely take revenge on Gina and Steven.Aiden who heard that finally remembered clearly who the girl in front of him was, he smiled wryly and sighed softly."Sorry Luna, I can't marry you." Hearing Aiden's reply, Luna's heart seemed to be slashed, hurting deeply. Luna then couldn't hold back her tears, she burst into tears and Aiden could only look on in silence.Luna then looked up with an angry look, "Why are you doing this? Why are you so mean to me!?" Luna then shouted out her anger.But what could Aiden do, he only conveyed his feelings. Luna looked back at Aiden as she wiped away the tears on her cheeks."Are you sure you're rejecting me again?" Luna asked and Aiden's gaze was very cold."You already know." Luna then laughed sof
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Chapter 5
Hearing Aiden's words, the man laughed out loud. "You're just an abandoned heir of the Forest family, you have no qualifications to marry a princess of the Winston family."Aiden only smiled briefly at that, which was very dismissive. "Hm," Aiden replied and the man continued laughing."But I wouldn't mind kicking that woman out of the Winston family. I have many sons and daughters after all."Really? Aiden leaned back against the wall and listened to the man continue his insulting ramblings, do whatever he wanted."Do you understand, Aiden?" Aiden caught a glimpse of Maria who was still waiting. He didn't care what this man was talking about."You're so-""I don't think we have anything more to say," Aiden said and cut off the call. Aiden sneered to himself, so shameless.It was boring just to have to talk to a man like him who didn't even care about his own children, the very selfish Lord Winston.On the other hand, Lord Winston saw the call that Aiden had disconnected. The
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Chapter 6
After leaving the court, and being released from Maria's restraints. Aiden was confused about where he should go now, there was no place he could go yet.Aiden remembered that he had told people to find a place to live, even though he was the richest man in the city, it would be difficult to find a house and it would take a lot of time.Aiden looked around, it looked like he had to go to the hotel, there was no other way. Aiden moved from where he had been.But after only a few steps, his phone rang. Aiden picked up the phone and looked to see who else would be bothering him.Aiden saw Lisa Maddison's name on the screen, it was Aiden's mother's best friend. Aiden frowned slightly and picked up the call. Was there something Aiden should be worried about? When the call was answered there was no sound at all until Aiden finally said, "Aunt Lisa, what's going on?"Aiden ...." Aiden was still focused on hearing what Lisa had to say."Yes, Auntie," Aiden replied, feeling that the ca
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Chapter 7
Aiden was stunned and finally nodded, he had to do something for them all to accept him happily."I'll do it." The man was happy to hear it but Aunt Lisa disagreed and shook her head saying no.However, Aiden smiled, this was so Aunt Lisa's husband could feel at ease with Aiden's presence. "Are you sure?" asked Aunt Lisa and Aiden nodded."He's a big boy, it's only natural that he's looking for a job." Aiden looked at the man with an expressionless stare while Mia was still upset at the decision her parents had made. "Well, I have an acquaintance who can help you." Aunt Lisa then looked at her husband-Darren, she moved back closer to Aiden.Aiden watched Aunt Lisa, wondering what she would say next. "I still don't like it!" she interrupted as she went into the kitchen.Aiden saw that, "Auntie has a school friend who works at the Sunshine Hotel, you can go there to work, okay. I'll tell her later."Aiden had his own plans, but seeing his aunt's concern, he didn't dare say it,
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Chapter 8
Aiden watched Gina who came in very arrogantly, even getting angry for no reason at all."Why, what are you doing here?" Aiden didn't answer and intended to leave, but Gina stopped him.She looked at the plate in his hand and stared at Aiden with an almost laughing look. Gina quickly touched the plate Aiden was carrying."Take it off," Aiden said and Gina smiled and dropped the plates.A loud noise was heard, and some began to look at Aiden and Gina. Aiden looked at the plates that had fallen, then Gina smiled with satisfaction."Opps, I didn't know you were a waitress," Gina raised one eyebrow and smiled wryly."You-""Or did you deliberately come here to ruin my engagement? You're jealous of me aren't you?" cut in Gina in a contemptuously arrogant tone."Phew, are you thinking that far ahead." Gina who heard Aiden's harsh words with her started to roll her eyes."Then what's your purpose here? Oh... wait, after we divorced you became a waitress?" Gina then laughed out loud.
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Chapter 9
Aiden looked at them coldly, the guards also fell down feeling the pain from Aiden's actions.Steven and Gina chose to remain silent, they also didn't know why Aiden could be that strong? This was something beyond their expectations."I'm warning you not to bother me again, don't look for strange reasons to make trouble!"Suddenly Steven and Gina were shocked, they seemed to be intimidated by Aiden. "You're talking smugly now?" asked Gina and Aiden didn't answer at all.Steven glanced at Gina, "Was he really good at fighting before?" whispered Steven and Gina shook her head."I didn't even know he could do it." Steven looked at Aiden's figure now, he seemed to be saying that he had won."Don't get too cocky just yet, it might just be a blessing coming down on you!" screeched Steven and Aiden looking at the bodyguards who couldn't even get back on their feet. Aiden coldly said, "Can't you accept your defeat?" Steven clucked then glared sarcastically."Phew, lost? You should
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Chapter 10
"I told you, it's not my fault and why are you still looking at me like that? You think I can't protect myself?" "You don't know who he is? Don't answer," Steven threatened in a whisper to Aiden. Aiden didn't like that and quickly walked away. What had Steven done to get so close to him, Steven glared. Just taste what you're about to receive again, Steven thought. Sam raised one eyebrow ignoring Aiden's words completely. Aiden chuckled, there was no point in talking either. It was better to fight people who would give him a hard time. Aiden stared coldly at Sam and his guards. Steven waited for this, would Aiden be able to defeat Sam's bodyguards whose strength and agility were unrivaled as the best bodyguards. Sam gave his instructions again and the men in black walked over to Aiden, Aiden looked at him calmly. Aiden took a stance then quickly threw something at one of them with lightning speed. "Ah!" One of them screamed and fell down, Aiden coolly looked at his target. Eve
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