The Despicable Son-In-Law’s Secret

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The Despicable Son-In-Law’s Secret

By: Twine Twin OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"You are parasite! You are the biggest disgrace in my family! I hate you so much!" For three years as Camille Abraham's husband, William always endured all the insults that were given to him. He suffered everything, but the only thing he could never accept is Camille's cheating. Now he won't put up with all those humiliation, because he is not that poor son-in-law anymore...

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319 chapters
The Parasite
“Faster babe…” The sighs of two people could be heard colliding in one of the rooms in the Sky High Corp office. They are Camille and Brandon.“More…” Camille closed her eyes while holding back a feeling of pleasure she couldn't define. Soon she will reach her peak. The same thing seems to be happening to Brandon. The man who was enjoying the game lifted Camille's waist so he could move faster.Check! The sound of the door being opened suddenly brought them to a halt. Camille and Brandon were very surprised. The man who standing in the doorway with a lunch box in his hand felt surprised too.Bang! The food that the man had made with all his heart fell to the floor, that’s made its contents flying out. William Aldrick is the husband of Camille. His relationship with his wife was not going well. He is a poor man whose origins Camille does not know at all.While Camille Abraham is one of the daughters born to a prominent family. Although not belonging to a high-class conglomerate, Abraha
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The Sole Heir of Mount Empire Group
“Stop all your madness, Camille!” William couldn't take it easily.“Tonight I will be hosting a banquet. You will meet the girl tonight. She is as disgusting as you because of that you deserve to be together." Camille doesn't care about William's feelings. She only cares about herself.Camille is a beautiful and popular woman in the city of Akhonto. She has a perfectly smooth body which is ideal. Many men who want to make Camille as his wife. She is also smart and comes from a rich family. At a relatively young age, she has occupied a position as one of the important executives in the company. Camille is the dream of many young girls in Akhonto. But all that was shattered when she married William. William was a big disgrace to Camille. People who used to praise her turned sneer at the unfortunate fate that befell her."I don't have any business with you anymore, now you leave my room!" Camille kicks her husband out.William seemed to swallow his saliva for the second time. “Camille, p
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Looking For Someone's Identity
“I want you to look up information on a person. She looks like my wife."“Wife? Are you married?" Aiden sounded surprised again.“Aiden! Now is not the time for you to ask me so many things.”"I'm sorry, sir!" Aiden immediately apologizes before William lashes out. “I will quickly find out information about your wife. But before that, may I know who your wife is? It makes my search easier, sir!”“She is the daughter of one of the Abraham families in the city of Akhonto. My wife's name is Camille Abraham. You can see photos on the internet. I found a girl who looks like her with violet irises. Soon you find the girl, Aiden. I wonder why she looks so much like my wife.”"Okay sir!" Aiden nodded obediently after William hung up the call keeping his pocket in his pants.*“I am very honored to work with you, sir! I will make sure that your investment will be good with increased profits.” Jordan Mcqueen talks to Aiden online. Aiden, who had been given permission to replace William's work w
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The Fact About Camille and Daphne
"I'm sorry, sir!" Jordan Mcqueen stammered. He immediately directed William to his room. William walked proudly. The man sat on Jordan's chair which Jordan couldn't argue with. Jordan's secretary brought plenty of food and drink to entertain him. “No need for further ado! I want you to immediately give me the information I need.”Jordan immediately turned on his device. He showed William the information in question. Actually, the Jordan company is not a detective or hacker company, but a pure investment company. However, Jordan Mcqueen is one of the most influential people in the city of Akhonto. He can do anything including find information on the woman William is looking for easily."If you're looking for a violet-networked woman with a face like your wife's, there's only one answer sir!" Jordan started his presentation. “That woman's name is Light Daphne Abraham. He is your wife's cousin.""so they're not twins?"Jordan shook his head. "You know that your wife is the only daughter
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Back to Abraham's Family
William now understood why Camille's demeanor was so different from the one he had met the first time. It wasn't Camille he had been looking for, but Daphne. His cell phone ringing stopped his activities. From his wife. William did not think long to immediately pick up the phone from Camille.“Where are you now, huh? All the family is waiting for your presence. Never try to act William!” Camille's words were full of yelling and anger. After that the woman turned off the phone without William being able to explain something.William exhaled. He immediately went to Abraham's family home following his wife's orders. He also wanted to make sure even more."Hey illegitimate child, you have no right to set foot in this house. You don't even have the right to call me your cousin." A boy who looked like he was seven years old was insulting a five year old girl."Why are you so mean to me? My mom says we are a family.”"No! I don't want to admit you as my family. Quickly get out of my sight! M
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Divorce and Engagement
“I juts Doing what I should have done a long time ago for the likes of you.” William's eyes filled with hatred.Damien limped awake with the help of his wife. The man wiped the blood that came out of his mouth. "you are Human who don't know manners! You are good at using your hands without knowing any manners.” Agatha hissed in disdain looking at William as usual.William smiled slyly. "Oh really? Is good manners for people like you teaching your son to insult elders and use harsh words that such a small child should not say. Oh, I'm so worried seeing his fate that is very night to have bad parents like you guys.""Enough, William!" Mrs. Abraham stood up from her seat. She didn't like it when her beloved grandson was looked down upon. What's more, being insulted by a poor man like William. "I didn't invite you here to make a scene."“Please remind me that you guys are always starting fights with me, grandma. You guys always start insulting me.”"God damn it! You are ungrateful human.”
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William's Regret
William, Daphne, Zeva and Mrs Marco come home to a new house given by Mrs Abraham as a small gift for their wedding. They didn't watch the event until it was over because they had already been kicked out. They don't seem to mind too much. The most important thing for Daphne and her family was that she could get money for her father's treatment as soon as possible."Mom, is this our new home?" Zeva stared at the hut in front of her. William looked sadly. That place couldn't be called home. the hut was uninhabitable."Damn it! They are too much. How can they give a bad house like this? Even animals want to live in this place," William hissed angrily.But Daphne and Mrs Marco didn't seem to mind too much. They go inside the house. Although angry, William still followed his wife. Zeva was in William's arms. The little girl immediately got close to him after he helped her."Uncle, will you be living with us from today?" Zeva asked William as he lay Zeva down on the bed. Luckily the house s
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Go to the hospital
Daphne woke up when she heard some noise around her. Slowly she stretched her body. Daphne glanced at the clock it was seven in the morning. She gets up. It's time for Daphne to get moving. Daphne left the room. She was stunned when she saw that the old hut was a little tidier than last night. No dust. Some of the holes in the clothes had been patched up with old paper and broken pieces of wood.Daphne left the house. She saw William was busy making wooden chairs. "Hey," William said wiping his own sweat. The man didn't wear his shirt to reveal his solid muscular body. Moreover, William now smiled welcoming Daphne. "How was your sleep? Did you have a nice dream, Daphne?”"What are you doing?" Daphne also asked William without answering the man's question.“I tidied our house to make it livable. Yeah, despite all my efforts it still can't be said to be worth it. Sorry Daphne, I'll try to make it worth it slowly."Daphne frowned. "Were you up all night?""Actually, I slept for two hours
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Back to Mount Empire Group
Mr. Marco underwent successful surgery. He was past his critical period too. Even so, doctors do not recommend that many family members visit. Mrs. Marco looked at her daughter and son-in-law. "You guys must go home! Let me accompany your father here, Daphne.”Daphne shook her head. "I also want to be beside my father, mom."Mrs. Marco stroked her daughter's cheek. “Daphne, you've been in the hospital too long. Zeva was also tired and wanted to rest. After all, isn't your husband have to working tomorrow?”“Daphne, your mother is right. We're going home now. Tomorrow you will take care of father. am I right, mom?” William intervened. Daphne glanced at the man briefly then nodded her head. They finally came home.Zeva fell asleep immediately when she got home while Daphne was still silent for a long time. William who saw it approached his wife. He gave Daphne hot chocolate hoping that Daphne would relax and sleep."There's no need to think about your father's condition, I'm sure he's f
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A Mess On The First Day of Work
Daphne's first day as a waitress was nearly going well. She recorded the food according to the order by the customer. She is also good at cleaning tables and mopping floors. Her hair is tied up so that it looks neater so it doesn't interfere with her work. She couldn't expect the supposedly useless William. Although She really wanted to be in the hospital accompanying her father."Good afternoon, sir!" Daphne greets customers in a friendly manner."Hi Daphne. Nice to see you again, how are you?" It turned out that the customer was an acquaintance of Daphne named Andreas."I'm well." Daphne tried to smile kindly."I heard you married Camille's ex-husband." Andreas spoke again. the whole town of Akhonto knows her after the scandal she created six years ago. it was hard for Daphne to hide her private life."Yeah, that's how it is." Daphne answered as it was. What more could she say."Daphne, I'd like to order food. Can you give me a menu?"Daphne nodded her head. "Here you are.""Uhm, ev
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