The underestimated son-in-law dominates

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The underestimated son-in-law dominates

By: Author dimple OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Edward was dumped, insulted and cheated by his wife and her family. he was known widely as a piece of trash whose only purpose is to clean and serve his wife's family. One day, Edward undergo through a massive change but Stella, his wife didn't care untill after the divorce, Edward became the only son of the richest man in San Francisco and other huge countries. But people are yet to find out the source of his unknown wealth which originated from things surpassing the supernatural.

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    Amazing novel

    2023-04-12 01:05:09
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When Edward was tossed Out of the Eliss's Family It was raining cats and dogs in South Hampton City. Even the dark sky felt like it was going to crash on the city. There was a man covered in blood collapsed in the living hall of the Eliss's family's manor. After the tragedy unfolded, everyone left, leaving him alone. He was hanging onto his last breath on the floor as he remembered all that he had gone through in the hands of his wife and mother-in-law. All because he was born and brought up in the countryside, he was known as a poor good for nothing who couldn't even bring his family honours. He wished he was at least cherished by his wife the way she cherished her cat, he would have nothing more to ask for. His chest constricted as his blood formed a pool around him, mixing with the rain. He knew this was his last and he knew his wish would never come to pass because it was too late. He couldn't believe he was going to die just by being pushed down the stairs by his mother-i
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“Did you have an appointment with him?” The female receptionist spoke like someone being forced to do so ,the resentment in her voice was as clear as day.“Yes” Dominick spoke.“He isn't available, you can leave now” The female receptionist said completely ignoring him as she attended to a gorgeous young woman who just walked in some seconds ago with a much older man beside her.The young woman was gorgeous, though. Flawless skin that looks almost porcelain. High cheek bones, the hollows rosy. Eyebrows a little darker than her hair, framing long lashes and her stormy gray eyes.She was no one else but Edward's - Dominick's supposed wife. She stood next to a man who was old enough to be her father without feeling even a smidge of shame or embarrassment.“We want to book The gold VIP Dine room” The man who was standing next to Stella is the first son of the current president and ofcourse the female receptionist recognized him immediately so she went ahead with the procedures and payment
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The mop stick was broken into two.Laura moved back in shock, this was the very first time her son-in-law had ever showed such hostility towards her. Normally, Edward wouldn't say or do anything even if he was thrown into a prison for a week so that he could reflect.“” Laura stuttered watching silently as Dominick walked towards his room with a deadly aura lingering around him.Immediately he was out of sight, Laura got back to her senses as she yelled at him, calling him all sorts of names, anything at all that could make her feel better.Dominick who was inside the store room Edward had slept in all his life. Dominick couldn't help but cringe immediately a mice ran passed his legs.There were even more, cobwebs attached to the wall, curtains and ceilings, spiders almost everywhere. How did Edward even survive in a place like this?.Dominick shook his head as he grabbed unto the documents tightly as he walked out of the store room into Stella's room which was neat and
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“Hah!, At least I am a cleaner of this huge organization with my boss paying me up to $30,000 per month but what do you do?, As the president's eldest son, you waste public funds on material things and married women” Dominick spoke with venom. “You!.....” Colours drained from Kelvin's face immediately he heard what Dominick said. How did this good-for-nothing know about his secret!? The fact that he collects public funds and increase taxes in order to earn more money. And more money meant more women. Not even Kelvin's father who was the president knew about this yet..... Kelvin clenched his fist. “I wouldn't lie, you both are a match made in heaven, one doesn't feel ashamed making her husband a cuckold and the other doesn't feel ashamed of fucking someone's wife. Who knows how the media and your father, the president would feel after listening to this, I heard that he's quite old,, probably after discovering your interesting secret, am sure he'd have a heart attack since the poor
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When Dominick arrived at the Strip club where his younger brother Daniel was having a nice time. He packed his car at the nearby garage before walking in completely empty- handed.It turned out that before Dominick arrived, Daniel had bought the club exclusively with a huge amount of money. So at exactly 08:00pm when a club supposed to be rowdy and lively, it wasn't, instead it was deserted.Well, except from Daniel and his friend as well as six to seven strippers who were giving them a perfect exotic dance.And when Dominick walked in, up to thirty guards from many angles rushed towards him, trying to stop him from entering but Dominick wouldn't be called a martial grandmaster if he couldn't take care of them and In just thirty seconds, they were all scattered on the floor unconscious!Dominick walked towards the door and sent the door flying out with a kick.That single act of his was enough to shake Daniel and his friends as they stood up alarmed, their fingers moving towards thei
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Immediately Dominick reached Stella's home, he found it unbelievably quiet and that feeling alone made him very satisfied.He placed that b*tch where she rightfully belongs.“You b*stard!, How dare you do this to your own wife!” An elderly man's angry voice could be heard from inside the house.“This disgusting son of a b*tch dared to make Kelvin go against us, Grandpa, I think we've been too lenient with him that's why he dared to shove such disrespectful attitude on our faces” Drew, Stella's cousin spoke with venom.“What reason did you think I would do that to my own wife?” Dominick spoke coldly.“What do you mean!!?” Hailey, Stella's sister asked as she gritted her teeth.“What I mean to say is, Do you know the sin she committed?” Dominick said as his lips curved into a smile that was not a smile.Mr Scott who was clearly the patriarch of the Scott family took into account what was going on and after a few minutes of silence, Mr Scott spoke firmly “I know that you might be hurt a
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A second ago, Old Mr. Scott almost punished him with the family's rules. In the next second, he asked Dominick to stay for lunch. That made many people confused about his behavior.Dominick did not refute and simply sat together at the same table as Hailey, Drew, and the other grandchildren of Old Mr. Scott. There were definitely many luxurious private rooms in the hotel. Still, Old Mr. Scott preferred the banquet to be lively and arranged for it to be in the grand hall.Dominick walked towards old Mr Scott before speaking respectfully, “Grand… Old Mr. Scott, I’ve always been respectful towards you for the past three years, and I’ve been serving you wholeheartedly too.”“I promise you, as long as alec does not provoke me in the future, I won’t do anything to him.”“I only have one request. I hope you will agree to Stella getting a divorce with me!”According to Edward's past, He ( Edward) had taken care of Old Mr. Scott for the past four years, more than alec had ever done in his enti
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Up to 7 men cladded in black suits walked in carrying huge materials which were made of diamonds and gold.Old Mr Scott and the others were shocked to see the shiny jewelries and other materials in front of them.“Is that not The Mona Lisa painting that is equivalent to 1 billion dollars!”“Ten million dollars in cash!”“Five boxes of jewelries”“Look!, That is the Ming Dynasty Vase Equivalent To 22.6 Million Dollars!!”People were moved to Tears as they stared at the exquisite materials that even the president couldn't buy randomly. It turned out that someone bought it with a snap of his fingers just for Old Mr Scott.Old Mr Scott was so excited as he turned towards Hailey, “Hailey dear, Drew informed me a few days ago that you are dating Mr Damien, The Richest bachelor in San Francisco”Though Mr Scott didn't complete his statement, one could tell what he was thinking with just a glance.It was indeed True that Hailey was dating Damien, The Richest bachelor in San Francisco but Hai
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“I’ll call the cops and let them deal with it! Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Stealing something worth over hundreds of millions of dollars will warrant a jail term of 60 years and above!” Drew spoke confidently.Before Edward could open his mouth to speak, Drew had already dialed the police's number, explaining to them what he thought had happened.Fifteen minutes later, two uniformed police officers arrived at the Hotel. Drew and Stella, who were waiting, immediately walked up to the police officers when they saw them.“Sirs, I was the one who called the police.”One of the police officers asked, “You must be Miss Stella Scott, right? You said that Edward has stolen millions of dollars, is that right?”Drew nodded and said, “Yes, Edward is a live-in son-in-law, and we are about to get divorced. He stole some items worth more than seven hundred billion dollars. He even hired six hooded men to bring it into this hotel!”“Sirs, please quickly arrest him!” The police officer who
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