The Emergence of Raphael Gauthier

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The Emergence of Raphael Gauthier

By: THE EAGLES OngoingUrban/Realistic

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"Remove this penniless piece of trash from our sight. Miserable college dropout! Shameless thief! Son-in-law my ass!" Penury, Love, Hatred, Betrayal, and Wealth collided! Raphael was accused of being a THIEF! He was termed a son of a promiscuous mother! In a designed scheme against his late mother; Raphael was disinherited and his inheritance willed to his younger step-brother. His late father shamefully threw him and his late mother out of the family house. Raphael's mother, due to depression from the scheme against her, died of a heart attack and left him all alone against the world that mercilessly despised him. Raphael lived in undescribable penury, humiliated by his rich family in-laws, whom he worked under in a five-star hotel as a part-time Room Service Agent. He fell prey to their organized scheme that dirtied his image and had him arrested. Raphael was betrayed by the ones he trusted and shamefully got dumped by the one he exchanged marital vows with. Raphael battled against every obstacle that stood in his way to ensure he exposed the scheme that allegedly stained his image and ensured his oppressors pay dearly. He vehemently fought hard to clear up his late mother's image as a "Slut" Would he successfully achieve his profound life goals when he finally got bestowed with wealth? or would the hunger for revenge limit the progress of his ambitions? Find out in the intriguing chapters of “The Emergence of Raphael Gauthier.”

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  • Youngblood


    This is a solid story. Good work author ...️

    2023-12-29 21:23:34
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    My gosh... multiple characters just reading the released chapters. I really can't wait for more. Great job author. Definitely waiting for more chapters

    2023-12-24 07:49:43
  • Ibitoye Benita


    I couldn't just stop reading multiple chapters. Great story I must confess! Kudos to the author

    2023-12-23 04:47:17
  • Bose Oluyemi


    Powerful Story! Well written. I give my flowers to the author; The Eagles

    2023-12-22 21:44:55
  • fwesh E


    Just finished reading the tenth chapter. This book is damn suspenseful and beautiful

    2023-12-22 21:02:38
  • Emmanuel


    Finally! I have read the book worth the while. Please more chapters

    2023-12-22 20:46:31
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178 chapters
“Urgh!” Raphael groaned out deeply. Hot sweats dropped off Raphael's head and profusely flew down to his bearded cheeks, his face stiffened, whilst wearing his tattered worn-out white and black work outfit. He had been working tirelessly for over seven hours since he resumed work in the morning as a part-time Room service agent at one of the most-rated five-star hotels in Paris; Stamford Luxury Suites, an establishment he had graciously worked for about six years. His legs were aching in deep pain, he could barely see clearly as the stress from work's demands had somewhat blurred his vision. His stomach grumbled terribly. He hadn't had anything to eat since that day broke forth, not even water to quench his dried throat. Any attempt to get himself fed whilst at work would precipitate a hefty series of humiliations from his family in-laws who were the esteemed managers of the suite where he worked. Other staff could be overlooked but Raphael would commit a terrible sin if seen eat
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In a couple of moments, a police cruiser drove into Stamford Luxury Suites residence and screened its brake a few miles away from the reception.The siren kept blaring out as three hefty 6"fit tall cop men headed towards the lobby where the suspect was being held.“Cops. This is the shameless pauper that stole our guest's $10,000, please do the needful as officers of the law,” Mr. Laurent swiftly informed the cop men whilst stylishly winking at them.“Yes, have him arrested!” Mrs Emma, the guest, Andre, and Marcel simultaneously consented.Raphael randomly gazed at their faces as they continually blurted out their false accusations. “No officer. They're lying against me. I stole nothing” his voice repeatedly resounded in self-defense.“You have every right to remain silent as anything said could be used against you in a court of law,” one of the cop men recited with his right hand placed towards his armed gun.“Take him out once at once! He's a shameless penniless thief!” All accompli
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The cop men created a bit of privacy when they behold Laurent and Emma walking towards Raphael, they knew they were the ones trailing them from a distance.The cop men winked at them, they clearly understood they would want to have a moment with their acclaimed son-in-law before his detention.“Newsflash? I'm certain y'all plotted all these against me,” Raphael blurted out in confidence.“How could y'all be so cold-hearted to falsely brand me a thief? Huh?” He couldn't help but inquire, veins appearing on his forehead in fury.His family in-laws smirked and tutted their lips in ridicule. “Pauper, we advised you but you were so adamant and stubborn. Now look at you. Everyone believed you're a thief,” his father-in-law unleashed his heartfelt pleasure to Raphael's predicament.“You brought all these upon your impoverished self, stay off from our lives and walk away from our daughter, but you blatantly refused to buy our candid advice all these years,” Emma aligned with her husband and m
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Being Raphael's fifth anniversary he had saved up some considerable cash to purchase a warm gift for her, but he had already used that to bail himself.Would he rather sleep in prison and miss being with his wife on their fifth anniversary or bail himself and explain to her what truly transpired?He had little or no choice and the better alternative was to have himself bailed. He flagged down a cab heading toward his family-in-law's route.‘I hope she understands?’ he kept mumbling in his heart as the cab arrived in front of Laurent's residence. He calmly alighted and paid off with his last cash.Within moments he found himself at the Moreau's entrance door, he could hear one of Westlife's hit tracks blazing off from the living room. “It's already party time?” he said and squeezed the door open knowing it was hardly locked before 6 pm.Raphael's eyes glared at his family-in-law who were seated comfortably in the living room.From their gestures, it seemed like they were patiently wait
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Raphael without further ado narrowed his eyes to grasp a better view of the man standing in front of him, from his stature, he could deduce he was in his early 40s, about 6"1' tall with a well-shaved goatee. ‘Young Master? What does that even mean, huh?’ The persistent questions ran across his mind whilst standing to his feet. “Please who are you? Why did you call me such? Have we met before?” he continually questioned, staring deep into his face. The strange man quickly knelt before him with his hands lifted towards him in absolute honor. “Young Master, my name is Benoit. I'm your grandfather's senior butler. I'm…” he was about to complete his words when Raphael quickly turned and ambled away from his presence. “Young Master?... Please don't depart,” He quickly mouthed as he noticed the strange outlook after he mentioned working for his grandfather. Raphael kept mute with a frowned face, his arms akimbo. Benoit still ran in front of him and knelt once again. “Are you pissed off t
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Raphael had to inquire as everything was unfolding faster than he could ever imagine.Less than an hour ago he was shamelessly dumped by his ex-wife and potentially replaced by his step-brother.Here he's in front of his grandfather he hadn't seen for about seven years offering a mind-blowing sum of cash with an exalted position in his champagne production company. Like for real?“Yes, my boy. First thing tomorrow morning. I'll have you announce to the rest of the management and staff your new position.”“I've dreamt and hoped for this day when I'd make you this offer. Don't say no my boy,” Jacques Claude Gathuier politely requested as he embraced his grandson who was still engrossed in a shocking state.Raphael's demeanor is a pictorial representation of; “Excitement and disbelief” from the little his late mother told him; he knew his grandfather was a man of his word. He wasn't bluffing either with his offer.“My boy. Our Winery business has been growing. We're amongst the top 10 fi
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“Good Day Ma'am. You sent for me,” a certain firm male voice with embodied shoulders, 6 '1'' fit, well-bearded responded beside the parted door. “Meet our newest Internship staff or whatever he calls himself.”“Do have him settled immediately. I wouldn't hesitate to send him back to where he's from if I find him lazing around,” The HR vehemently instructed whilst unleashing a slight glare at Raphael who seemed calculative, smirking in his heart.“I'm Pierre, the assistant logistics manager. Welcome to The Lion Winery Industries. Were among the best first 10 winery companies in France.”“Please. Kindly ignore every unsettled word you just heard from Mrs. Elise,” he politely introduced himself whilst striving to make Raphael feel a bit comfortable.Raphael parted a soft chuckle across his cheeks. That was the first genuine smile since he stepped foot into his grandfather's company.Every staff he's met has been condescending right from the receptionists on the basement floor to The HR
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“Don't let me repeat myself! Why are you all standing idle and who's this funny dude?” Mrs Louise impassively mouthed, glaring her eyes against the three. “So sorry Ma'am. He's the new intern and I needed to put him through…” Celine said in a frightening state. The atmosphere without a doubt felt the blaring weight of her voice. All production staff stiffened their faces and maintained their work posture. “And so what? What's my damn business with who he is? Come on, he's just a mere intern. Your luck is that the other two junior staff are supervising the production process. I would have had you and Pierre dealt with,” she said with red in her eyes as she stormed out from the production department. Her tone was stern and cold. Celine kept an apologetic gesture. Raphael and Pierre boldly stood staring back in her face. Raphael's heart was filled with lots of scoffing as he beheld her displaying her Hollywood condescending tantrums. “Who's she?” Raphael unavoidably asked his two new
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BOMBSHELL!Laurent, who was almost lifting his feet to make his path towards the stage, sat back in shock. The staff rolled their eyes in uncertainty, their eyebrows raised in more confusion. Like what the heck is going on? Mrs. Emma held her husband's hands, her heart began racing in building shock. “Honey? Huh?” she hastily asked but got no response. Raphael majestically made his way towards the stage. He had been in the inner room behind the hall without anyone's knowledge. His demeanor was completely top-notch and exquisite. He didn't look anything similar to how he has been for the past six years. He painstakingly dressed up in a fashionable navy blue suit and classic white shirt with well-polished Testoni black shoes. Neatly shaved beards. He had always been good-looking; the only challenge he had was penury. Wealth was oozing from his outlook. Laurent, Emma, Marcel, and Andre all stole frightening glances at him whilst he stood beside Mr. Guillaume in an elated aura. It wa
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They have never witnessed a miserable day as such. A few staff had already started recording the incident as Andre and Marcel's confessions were duly videoed as evidence of Raphael's innocence.“What they said was nothing but the truth. We were responsible for his unjust arrest. We teamed up with his ex-colleagues who were gullible enough to betray him. We also worked with the guest who visited the hotel just to accomplish one mission: indict Raphael and have him disgraced,” Mr. Laurent couldn't stare into the faces of Raphael, Mr Guillaume, and the rest of the staff as he gazed downward in profound shame. Mrs Emma held her husband as she couldn't control the rate at which her hands were profusely shaking. “We needed Raphael to divorce our daughter at all costs. We were tired of a penniless son-in-law and had to do all it took to make him lose his job and leave Chloe. We had already chosen a wealthy suitor for her and Raphael was bent on standing in our way," she explicitly expressed
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